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Konohagakure no Sato

Naruto sighed and rubbed his temple in frustration as he tried to recall how he ended up in his current situation, which involved rooming with a person that had been his enemy just a week ago. What was her name? Guren, was it? Yeah, the Shoton(Crystal Release) using ninja that had been Orochimaru's subordinate had interfered with his team's assigned mission to capture the Sanbi no Kyodaigame(Three tailed Giant turtle) , which had been released upon the Yondaime Mizukage, Yagura's death. Apparently, Orochimaru had wanted the Sanbi to be sealed into a child that had strange powers named Yukimaru so he could be used as a weapon.

'Good thing I put a stop to that, no one deserves to go through what I did. I wouldn't wish it on anyone…except maybe Sasuke….and Sakura.' Naruto thought in hindsight before recalling the mission debriefing that led to this problem.

Flashback no Jutsu!

A nervous Naruto fidgeted under the scrutinizing gaze of the Godaime Hokage, Senju Tsunade. In the background, you could see a bored Kakashi, an equally nervous Guren and a clueless Yukimaru.

"So Naruto, you're telling me that you invited a kunoichi that had until a week ago served under Orochimaru, an S-classed missing-nin, into our village just because you felt like it?" Tsunade growled lowly as a tick mark appeared on her head, causing Naruto and Guren to gulp nervously as the former waved his hands in denial.

"Ummm…no. You see, Yukimaru didn't want to come with us unless we brought Guren along so I decided to invite her back to the village with us since she no longer had any reason to return the Oro-teme."

"And you were promoted to Jounin squad leader when exactly during your mission? And Kakashi! You were the squad leader during this mission, why did you let him go ahead with this…this…whatever this is!" She shouted in frustration causing Kakashi to sigh as he straightened up from his laid back position.

"Well Tsunade-sama, at that current point in time, I believed what Naruto proposed to be perfectly reasonable since these two possess unique abilities in their own rights. Guren has a unique Kekkai Genkai which allows her to manipulate crystals to her will, I believe she called it Shoton." Kakashi drawled causing Tsunade to examine Guren in slight fascination. "While Yukimaru showed an ability to control the Sanbi to a certain extent much like the ability the Shodaime had over the Biju (Tailed-Beasts)."

The last statement was what caused Tsunade and Shizune to snap their heads in the direction of the aforementioned boy, who was currently examining the pictures of the previous Hokages on the wall.

'Could he be a descendant from the Senju clan? If so, then why hadn't his parents or grandparents brought him back to Konoha before?' A thousand thoughts ran rampant through the blonde Hokage's mind before she shook them clear to address the situation at hand first.

"Damn you Naruto, I swear only you can cause me this big of a headache just by completing a mission…" After a few seconds of deliberating, a grin crept onto her features. Naruto swallowed nervously as this grin was usually followed by something that ended badly for him. "Fine! She can stay in the village provided she has the mandatory one month probation period before taking up any ninja duties…"

Naruto couldn't help but sigh in relief when she said that, that wasn't so bad-"and she and the kid will be living with you."

'And she and the kid will be living with you.' The words echoed in his head continuously before he took the easy way out by fainting.

Flashback no jutsu KAI!

Thus leaving our spiky blonde haired hero where he was, sitting on his couch rubbing his temple in frustration. Guren had not been bothered at this at all since she had to room with worst people when she started working for Orochimaru , Yukimaru had been jumping for joy when he heard that he would be staying with his father and mother figures.(Yukimaru is about 10 in this story with Guren being 22 and Naruto 17.) Of course he had stated this out loud causing the mentioned figures face's to erupt into furious blushes.

'Not that I mind being with her, I mean she has a great figure and those soft-GAH! I've been spending too much time around Ero-sennin, I'm starting to think like him!' His thoughts were interrupted by a soft tugging on his sleeve, looking around he spotted a happy looking Yukimaru.

"Hey Naruto-niisan! Can you bring me for a tour of the village, I really want to see where the place where nii-san grew up in!" Yukimaru said with a wide smile on his face causing Naruto to chuckle and ruffle his hair.

"Of course I will Yukimaru! Just let me change into something more comfortable first alright, you go and tell Guren that where we are going ok?"

"Hai!" With that, the purple eyed boy bounced away to his mother figures room to inform her of their plans, leaving Naruto to go through his wardrobe for some casual wear. Shrugging in indifference, Naruto just pulled on a black T-shirt that conformed to his athletic build and a pair of dark blue jeans. To complete his outfit he wore a burnt orange jacket over his shirt before leaving his room to find Yukimaru.

What he did find however caused his jaw to detach and drop onto the floor along with a massive blush to cover his face because before him stood Guren in a forest green kimono that clung to her figure, showing her every curve. Guren was also in a similar position, with a blush on her face and even a small trail of drool escaping her lips as she laid her eyes on Naruto's solid build.

"Ahem, right… Yukimaru told me that you were headed out to tour the village so I thought I might as well tag along since I am going to be living here from now on." Guren coughed to cover up her hand wiping away the drool from her lower lip. "I hope you don't mind me coming along with you guys."

"Oh sure, I mean it's like killing two birds with one stone! Just give me a second while I lock up." Naruto replied as the traces of his blush faded from his face. "There, all done! I guess we will start of at the main gate before moving in a clockwise direction towards the Hokage tower, we will stop for lunch at Ichiraku's ramen stand before finishing the tour. How does that sound to you guys?"

"It's fine with me, since this is your village so I trust your judgement on these matters." Guren shrugged nonchantly before a small blush appears on her face. "And you look quite handsome with your hair like that."

"Umm thanks, you too. I-I meant that you look beautiful with your hair down and the kimono looks great on you as well…" Naruto replied with a blush as well as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly. Yukimaru just looked at the two blushing young adults in front of him in confusion, shrugging as he didn't really care , he just settled for grabbing their hands.

"If you guys keep standing there then we won't be able to see the entire village by today!" Yukimaru pouted cutely as he tried his best to pull the two in the direction he remembered the large wooden gates were. This action pulled the pair out of their respective dazes as they were yanked along by their hands by a determined looking Yukimaru, shaking his head, Naruto just grabbed both of them close to him and getting a blush from the blue haired lady, before he shunshinned them to the gates.

The remainder of the morning was spent walking around the east side of the village which happened to be the clan grounds, Naruto animatedly pointed out the different clans that resided in Konoha along with their abilities. Yukimaru was in awe at seeing so many buildings and people that had abilities like his nii-san while Guren admired how well maintained the clan grounds were as well as chuckling as Naruto retold some of his memories of his friends from the respective clans. They were quite as they passed the abandoned Uchiha clan grounds, Guren having heard about what happened with Sasuke from Orochimaru and Kabuto, wisely kept quiet about it.

Once they had reached the Hokage tower, Guren was deep in her own thoughts she barely registered Naruto was calling on her name until she saw his hand waving in front of her face.

"Guren-chan? Are you alright?" Naruto asked, unknowingly adding the suffix to her name which of course caused the beautiful blue-haired woman to blush slightly.

"H-hai, what was it you were asking Naruto-kun?" She replied, also unconsciously adding the suffix to his name. Naruto just blinked at her before grinning widely, which strangely caused him to resemble a fox.

"Yukimaru said he was getting hungry as well as tired from walking around the entire morning so I asked you if you wanted to go grab a bite now?"

"I don't mind. I am quite tired myself and could do with something to fill my belly since I haven't eaten since last evening." As if to confirm her statement, her stomach chose that moment to rumble out loud. This caused her to blush in embarrassment and Naruto to chuckle lightly before guiding them down to Ichiraku's for lunch.

"Hey Oji-san! Three bowls of Miso ramen for me, what do you two want?" Naruto exclaimed as the three sat down at the ramen stand. After contemplating for a few moments, Yukimaru had decided on a Chicken ramen while Guren chose a bowl of Beef ramen with a side of Dango. The three of them conversed lightly while waiting for their food to arrive, mostly about what they had seen this morning and funny things that they had seen. When the food arrived, the three of them broke apart their chopsticks and muttering a quick 'itadakimasu' before proceeding to eat their meal.

Both Guren's and Yukimaru's eyes grew wide upon tasting the heavenly flavour that could only be associated with Ichiraku's ramen, since both had tasted the crap that was known as food in Otogakure( Hidden sound), this was the best thing they had tasted so far. Before Naruto was done with his first bowl, two resounding bangs and a synchronised shout of 'one more please' were heard causing Naruto's and Teuchi's eyes to grow wide at seeing someone other than Naruto inhale ramen at that pace.

As Ayame came out the back to deliver the second helping of ramen, she finally noticed the woman and child that sat beside Naruto in the ramen stand. Her eyes too grew wide upon seeing the two inhale their ramen at what was dubbed the 'Naruto pace' of ramen eating and couldn't help but whistle and comment on it.

"Wow Naruto, I didn't know you got married and had a kid already. They sure are similar to you in aspects to their consumption of ramen heehee!" Ayame giggled. While Yukimaru ignored this comment as he was too focused on devouring his second bowl, Naruto and Guren literally spat the broth out of their mouth with matching blushes on their faces.

"WE'RE NOT MARRIED!" The duo shouted as one causing a sly grin to appear on Ayame's features.

"So you do admit he is your child then?" This of course caused Teuchi to roar in laughter, Guren to pass out from images of Naruto and her doing the 'act', Yukimaru was already asleep and Naruto to groan in annoyance as he now had to carry them back.

Upon reaching his doorstep, Naruto created a kage bushin to open the door to his apartment as well as his bedroom. His other clone had already placed Yukimaru in his own room while the original placed Guren gently onto his bed.

"Damn today wore me out more than I thought, I'm-yawn- starting to feel a little sleeee…" Naruto had slumped down asleep onto his bed beside Guren before he could even finish his sentence. Unknowingly, the two seemed to let out a small smile as they unconsciously moved closer to each other in their sleep.

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