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Tonks smiled to herself as she strolled up the walk to her home outside Godric's Hollow. She enjoyed these rare missions she was assigned. In her mind, the only good aspect of the day when all of her children were attending Hogwarts was that, per her agreement with Harry, she would return to being an Auror instead of some sort of contractor, which was something she very much desired. But nothing at all compared to the feeling of going home to her family. She had missed them terribly over the last four days, and she was sure they felt the lack of her presence, even though Harry was an outstanding father.

She opened the front door, looking forward to a long shower and sleeping in her own bed, both of which she intended to enjoy with her husband. And in the morning she could surprise the kids. Too bad they wouldn't be awake now, but it was too late for them to be out of bed.

Which is why she was so surprised to hear high-pitched shouts of "Mummy!" before she was hit with two small warm bodies.

"Jamie! Teddy!" Tonks exclaimed, kneeling down and embracing her sons.

"Mummy, we missed you so much!" cried Jamie, laughing and jumping.

Teddy nodded solemnly and hugged her again. "Please don't ever leave again, Mummy."

"When I got your Patronus, I decided it wouldn't hurt them to stay up late just this once," came a deeper voice. "They've been asking for you every night."

Tonks looked up and grinned, taking in the welcome sight in front of her. Harry smiled down at her, their small daughter on his hip holding out her chubby arms for her mother. Tonks disengaged herself from the two boys and stepped over them, pulling Lily into her arms. "Hello, sweetie," she said, kissing her forehead.

"Mummy," whispered the toddler, her head buried into Tonks's shoulder, arms and legs firmly wrapped around her. Lily was in a clingy phase.

Harry hugged both of them and leaned in to kiss Tonks.

"Wotcher, Harry," she said, smiling widely. With two strong personalities, they'd had their fair share of conflict over the years, even splitting up for a short time after the war, but their marriage had never been anything but happy, and those green eyes still made her heart skip a beat.

"Hello, love," he responded. He stepped back as if to admire the pretty scene laid out before him. She held Lily tightly, her free hand resting on Teddy's head as each boy was wrapped around a leg. Closing her eyes, she soaked it all in.

"Mummy, where did you go?" Teddy asked curiously.

"Oh, I had to go work somewhere, like Daddy does sometimes," she explained, crouching again awkwardly as Lily was still wrapped around her like a jacket. "But I'm here now, and I'm not going anywhere. What did you do while I was gone?"

"We made brownies with Grandma Molly and she let me lick the spoon and we spent the night at Gram's house and we went to Dad's work and saw Mr. Kingsley and I got in trouble at school for pulling Dom's hair and we went to Uncle George's store and he gave me canary creams," Jamie told her with rapid-fire delivery.

"He gave you what?" Tonks repeated. She didn't generally approve of George's products for her children, though she owned several herself.

"I took the canary creams away," Harry assured her.

"Uh-huh. After we tried to ride your broom," Jamie continued blithely.

"You did WHAT?" Tonks questioned in alarm, wondering what kind of trouble her lively son had gotten into this time.

"It was Teddy's fault 'cause he broke the lamp Aunt Petunia gave Dad," explained Jamie, patently unaware of his father's hasty shake of his head.

"I did not!" Teddy protested.

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Stop," Harry said sternly, pulling Tonks to her feet and prying Lily away. "Anyway, Mummy's home, and now it's time for bed." Both boys started to protest.

"Tell you what," Tonks began, one hand on either of her sons' heads. "Go upstairs with Daddy and get ready for bed. I'm going to take a shower, and then I'll come tuck you in."

They considered her for a second, then agreed, running up the stairs noisily. Harry followed with Lily after giving his wife another kiss.

After a quick shower, Tonks went to Jamie's room. They all had their own but tended to congregate in his room for a story. Sure enough, all three kids were in his bed. Harry sat on the edge, finishing something from "The Tales of Beetle the Bard." Tonks leaned against the door frame, waiting for him to finish, and considered her children.

James Sirius, often called Jamie, was seven (and a half, he was wont to add). He was the spitting image of his father, with the dark, messy hair and exact same features on his thin face, except for his wide, dark blue eyes. In personality he was all Tonks – loud, fun-loving, full of laughter, and affectionate. He had more than enough mischievousness to live up to his names and kept both his parents running. George was his own personal hero, branding the eldest Potter child as the "next Marauder." Jamie was also very protective of his younger siblings against outsiders, though he ruled over them at home.

Theodore Remus, known as Teddy, was four and the opposite of his brother in nearly every way. He had Tonks's heart-shaped face and thick brown hair with the high cheekbones of the Blacks and brown eyes like his grandmother. He was quieter than Jamie and could be stubborn and prone to moodiness, like his father, sometimes adopting a mulish expression Tonks recognized quite well. He was also quite intelligent even at a young age, already a competent reader and writer, and loved nothing more than to read a book with Hermione. Much to Jamie's annoyance, Teddy adored his older brother, following him everywhere and copying his every move.

Lily Charlotte was the lone Metamorphamagus out of their children, though at the age of two her morphs reflected her moods rather than her choices. After Teddy was born, Tonks promised Charlie she would name her next child after him and when they found out it was a girl, she picked Charlotte as a joke and it stuck. Normally, she alone had Harry's almond-shaped green eyes as well as the auburn hair of her namesake, though the first time she copied Tonks's pink hair to go with her green eyes, Harry and Tonks couldn't stop smiling. Lily had a sweet disposition and was generally perfectly happy as long as she was in someone's lap or arms. Armed with her mother's dimple, she had been a charmer from birth, with Charlie in particular wrapped around her finger.

Tonks broke from her reverie when she realized Harry had shut the book. He looked at her expectantly, and she took his place on the bed. She hugged and kissed her children, whispering to each that she loved them and thrilling when they said it in return. All three were sleepy-eyed.

"Sing to us, Mummy," Jamie requested softly.

She smiled and began the song she had started the day they brought Jamie home:

"Come with me and we'll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you'll see
Into your imagination
We'll begin with a spin
Traveling in a world of my creation
Look and see
We'll defy explanation."

As she trailed off, she saw that each child was fast asleep. She stood up, and Harry wrapped his arms around her from behind.

"Canary creams, Harry?" she asked quietly.

She felt more than heard his chuckle. "I never intended for him to keep them, but confiscating them as a punishment was much easier than sneaking them out while Jamie was asleep and hoping he didn't notice."

Tonks merely smiled, paying more attention to the beauty of her sleeping children than his explanation. "We make pretty babies," she murmured.

"Mmm-hmm," he agreed. "You know Williamson and Allonby have a bet at the office as to when you get pregnant again."

She laughed softly. "Have them babysit these three and they'll drop it. They're my life, but I cannot imagine adding another one of our children to this house. McGonagall has already claimed she'll retire before she teaches any offspring from the two of us. Besides, I just got back into working part-time. I miss it."

"And how was your mission?" he asked.

She clicked her tongue, frowning. "It was successful, and that's all you get until tomorrow. You know the rule: no work at home."

"Yes, but I have to know: was it ...?"

"We didn't find a single thing linking Draco. I told you, Harry, he's laid low ever since he was released from Azkaban, he and Narcissa in that big house."

"Good." Harry pulled her closer, burrowing into her neck. "I'm glad you're home, Dora. Four days without you tried my patience."

"Take it up with the Head Auror. He's the one who sent me on this mission, claiming he needed my unique skills."

"Have you asked him about it?"

"Well, I tried seducing him on his desk, but that didn't work." She grinned impishly; their love affair had been the makings of legend around the Auror department since Harry's first day as a trainee, furthered by several years of a successful partnership before Tonks left the department when James was born. "Then I snuck into his bed every night, and that didn't work either."

"Maybe you should try again tonight."

"Maybe I will. You take Teddy and I'll get Lily?" she asked, turning her head to see him nod.

After they settled each child in their own beds, the couple headed to their bedroom. Harry fell onto his back on their bed, his arms spread to the sides, looking at his wife with longing.

Tonks stood at the foot of the bed with an amused expression. "Did you miss me, love?"

Harry nodded emphatically. "Unbelievably."

She slipped off her trousers. "Did you have a hard time, all three kids by yourself?"

"So hard."

She pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor. "You know, I've been thinking about this moment for four days."

Harry's eyes gleamed. Though the births of three children and the advent of her thirties had left her with more curves than before, Tonks worked hard to maintain a slender frame, and even after more than a decade together, she and Harry still delighted in each other like teenagers. "Have you, now?"

She loosened her bra and let it fall away from her. "Definitely. Climbing into bed ..."

"And then what?"

Tonks tugged her knickers to her ankles and stepped out of them. "Pulling you close ..."

Harry sat up. "Sounds good so far."

She climbed onto the bed and slowly crawled toward her husband. "And ..."

"And ...?"

She whispered into his ear, her breath tickling him. "Falling into a dead sleep until the sun is high in the sky."

Author's Note: And that is truly the end to this tale, pink-haired green-eyed baby included. I really want to thank Sav, Marco, Kris, & Fred for all their criticism, encouragement, inspiration, & ideas. Otherwise I never would have finished.