Author : Mirumo

Title : How to flabbergast Dr Sheldon Lee Cooper

Rating : PG (except if you think that Sheldon staring at Penny's bust is shocking)

Genre : Friendship. As it happens, there is a romance implied, but it's not obvious enough to put it here.

Length : 446

Disclaimer : Not only did I create The Big Bang Theory, but I also gave birth to all the actors of the show. Please, thank me for that.

Notes : Just a very short and fun idea that crossed my mind, that I wrote at 2 a.m (it's actually exactly 2.02 a.m here in France as I'm writing these words), and that I would really like to see happening in the show.

And as always, go watch Jim Parsons at the Golden Globes.

"Hey, you guys!"

A few mouth-full mumbles greeted Penny as she entered the room and sat in the chair added for her around the table. For a long time now, the young woman had adapted to her nerdy friends' schedule (i.e. the schedule established by Sheldon, which the guys were doomed to follow), and on the nights that she didn't work, she came to 4A ten minutes after the dinner had started, and ate with the four men. The routine had been rolling for so long that Howard didn't manage to welcome her with lewd innuendos anymore, Raj didn't go "Eeep" when he saw her and only calmly stopped talking, Leonard didn't run around her, asking whether she needed anything, and Sheldon didn't huff irritatingly, exasperated by her lateness (since then, he had actually included a 10 to 15 minutes "Penny's lateness" section to his schedule). She just came into the flat, sat down, and listened to her geeky friends talk about subatomic particles or the latest Comic-Con while eating Thai food, or whatever junk they had ordered that day. That was pretty great.

However, this evening, Sheldon first quickly looked at her as usual as she was taking a slice of pizza, but immediately raised his head again, eyes widening. Penny soon felt a glance on her, and saw Sheldon, sitting straight (straighter than usual) in his spot, apparently petrified, staring at her. It wasn't a frightening look, though : she guessed her favourite lanky theoretical physicist would more or less look this jaw-dropped if he ever met Spock in real life. And it was one of the most delightful (and rarest) events in Penny's life : Dr Sheldon Lee Cooper being speechless.

"W ... Wha- What are you wearing?"

The three other scientists raised their heads and looked at her.

"Hey, that's cool!" exclaimed joyfully Leonard.

Penny, without stopping looking (slightly concernedly) at a stunned Sheldon, answered with a bright smile: "Yeah, I saw it and thought of you, and well, I found it was cute, so I bought it."

Leonard, Howard and Raj didn't keep looking at her any longer, and went back to their intense conversation (did Han Solo and Princess Leia have sex in the Falcon Millenium in "The Empire strikes back", or did they not?"), but Sheldon didn't seem to be able to stop staring at Penny in a deep fascinated way. At least, he was looking straight into her eyes (which happened to be a lot more troubling), but he was not examining her bust anymore. Apart from pale pink shorts and white flip-flops, she was wearing a tight bright red T-Shirt, with, scrawled across her chest, an easily recognizable yellow flash in a white circle.

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