Not Mine.

Lucas was making his way through the throngs of people gathered for the parade, doing his best to stalk Christina and the young Kramer girl without bringing too much attention to himself, when he spotted the lovely church lady, Mrs. Sarah Parker, off to the side. The husband, the local sheriff, had his arm wrapped around her shoulder. To most, it would seem just some loving gesture, but having dug up a little more research on the woman he knew there was much more to it. There was some dark skeletons in that family's closet.

Upon spotting her, he stopped for a beat, then smiled, walking toward the couple. He was already going in that direction but he made sure to lean just close enough to make more of a difference.

The husband didn't know him from Adam but her eyes brightened and she blushed when their eyes met.

"Evening," he told her, in passing.

He knew that was enough.

From behind him he could feel the little jolts of anger and jealousy bouncing off the husband, but more so, he could feel that wide smile beaming at him, following him as he continued on his way. Her heart had skipped several beats, her blood rushing.

She was like a little girl with her first crush all over again.