Just Playing With Them.

After taking of the priest, Boyd decided he'd walk around and enjoy the show. He already knew Christina and the Kramer's wouldn't be joining those out on the water, he'd witnessed the young kid tampering with their boat earlier. He'd made a mental note to learn more about the young man after that, too. He might come in handy. And as much as he thought he'd enjoy the sight of the beauty out there playing sea maiden or whatever, stalking her through the crowd was even better. She was so caught up with Judy and all her other drama that she didn't even notice.

He gathered with the others near the shoreline, smirking. He didn't know exactly what to expect but he knew there was going to be one hell of a show.

He'd sat outside the church on orders, waiting for the priest who'd found out some information he didn't need to know. Or at least, he didn't need to share. Which, was something he was off on his way to do. Boyd hadn't heard much but got the gist of it. Including a warning message left for the dear Kramer's.

He wasn't going to stand for this kind of thing, Boyd knew that much. Something would be done. Lucas couldn't wait to see what.


Turns out, there was no disappointment. A floating ship set on fire with a hung priest. Now that was some damn good entertainment if you asked him.

Add in the fact only a certain few would see the body, Christina being one of them, and how that would effect her.

Yes, this certainly had been one hell of a day.

He was feeling pretty hot and bothered by the display as he cut through to get closer to the blonde, coming to stand right behind her, leaning forward.

"Now that's the most authentic piece of Point Pleasant history I've seen all day," he said softly.

She didn't seem all that startled by him, a little angry as she turned her head to glare at him then stalk away.

He didn't mind.

She needed to get closer anyway. Things she needed to see where floating along with the wrecked boat.

Not everything the dear Father had with him needed to be kept hidden.


Christina reached into the cool water, pulling out one of the sheets of paper. A gigantic smile crossed his face as he watched her body's reaction. He almost jumped for joy right there in his spot.

When she turned around, she looked... scared, guilt stricken but as though it all made just a little more sense too. She was fighting it, not wanting to believe, not wanting to understand... but they shared a look. A moment.

Lucas smiled and raised an eyebrow. 'Now you get it?' he asked silently. His two hands clapped together a few times, then he looked to the side. His body turned and he began making his way out of there.

They were one step closer to greatness.