The perfect family, a mother who stays at home and cooks and cleans and looks after her children, a father who goes out to his office to work every morning giving his wife no more that a kiss on the cheek and a wave before leaving, two perfect little children a boy being the oldest of course and the star of the football team and the head of yearbook committee and a girl the cheerleader and singer in the church choir, both straight A students and the sweetest young adults, who always use there manners and respect there elders and themselves. Living in a nice little house in a cozy little neighborhood where everyone gets along.

Yeah that's a laugh! Welcome to the 21st century three quarters of the families now are divorced or were never married. OH! By the way, names Tess not Teresa or Terry (whoever would name there kid that needs help.) I'm just plain Tess and that crap about the perfect little family that's me….NOT!

My dad Chris and my mom Tammie got married when my grandpa held him at gun point after he got her Prego at sixteen. I know not the fairytale story ya wanna put your kid to bed to. Yeah they got married in this cute little church in the middle of town two months before my brother was born, Zack. He was cute back then at least that's the fish guts my dad tries to feed me. Lookin back at the pictures I guess he was kinda cute in that baby barf all over you cant stop pooping always has gas ….sorta way….don't know what happened though, my dad said he was smart two.

My folks lived in a well lets just say less than comfy apartment (who am I kiddin it was basically a shack) after having my brother . The door was crooked, the lights flickered, the water was brown and it smelled like rusty old metal and curdled breast milk. It was horrible but it was where they called home.

Since mom had to drop out to raise Zack dad decided to do the same and get a job. Only problem is getting a jobs pretty hard for a high school drop out with ears so pierced you thought that there was no skin left. He ended up landing a job doin yard work for some old mad down the street from them. The man must have really like my dad cause when he dies he left him the house that he lived in. Good thing too because surprise! I came along.

Zack was two and dad was freaking out looking for work having three mouths plus his own to feed. He really considered being a drug dealer for a while but my mother talked him out of it because he was a horrible liar. Let me put it this way if the cops would have caught him he would have broke down crying. At least he didn't need to worry about the rats anymore. He got a job working for some man named Joe. I never new what dad did for work with Joe and I still don't, but what ever it was mom didn't like it. I was fifteen years old when mom and dad hit splits Ville. All I really know about it is mom says its dads fault and dad says its moms fault. Zack says its mine but I don't listen to him he cant hardly tie his shoes, and that's sad for a seventeen year old.

Welcome to the American family. My American family.