"I wouldn't trust him..."

"Why do you say that? He's new..."

"Have you seen him? He looks like death."

Kakuzu sighed and looked back over at Deidara. "Come on, you really think that about him?"

Deidara swallowed his food. "Yeah I do..."

Kakuzu sighed and looked back over at the kid sitting all alone at the lunch table, glarring at anyone that walked by.

Kakuzu stared at him, then got up.

"Kakuzu, where are you going?" Itachi asked, eating a mouthfull of food.

"I'm gonna go talk to him."

"Are you crazy?" Sasori asked. "He's gonna rip your face off."

"Sasori, shut it." Deidara whined, snuggling closer to him while sitting in his lap.

Sasori rolled his eyes and watched Kakuzu walk away, then shrugged. "I warned him."

"He doesn't listen to anyone, so don't take it to hard, puppet boy." Kisame said, feeding Itachi more food.

"Mmmmm..." Itachi mumbled.

Kakuzu watched the silver haired kid as he slowly walked up to him. When he got to the table, he just stood there.

The kid looked at him surprised, then he got pissed.

"What do you want, you freak?" he commanded.

Kakuzu blinked, and got a tad angry himself. "I just wanted to say welcome to our school...you look lonley..."

The kid looked away, turning a slight pink. "Oh, shut up you fucker."

Kakuzu was taken back. He started looking more closely at him. At his black jacket with to many zippers to count on it, his odd necklace and skull shirt, and his gel covered, slicked back hair.

The kid caught him looking at him, and turned to him. "What are you looking at, patch face?" he shouted.

Kakuzu blinked and looked into his oddly pink eyes. "Nothing...my names Kakuzu...whats yours?"

The kid looked down at his table. "Hidan..." he looked back up at him. "can you leave now?"

Kakuzu sighed. "I was just trying to make friends...and if you want to sit with me and my friends" he pointed over to the table with all eyes on him. "I'll be over there...kay?" and began to walk back to the table.

Hidan stared wide-eyed at him as he walked off. He sighed and looked down at his lap. He sighed again and got the courage to stand up ands pick up his things. He looked over at the table, just to see a coversation about something else going on.

Hidan whined softly and gulped. He slowly started to walk over to the table.

Deidara was laughing at something Kisame said, when he say Hidan walking over to them, and his laughter stopped, and he stared at him. Everyone stopped their conversation at the table.

Kakuzu looked back at him and smiled.

"Hey, glad you could come." he said as Hidan put his things down and sat next to him, looking at the table and no one else.

Sasori sighed and tilted his head. "What's your name, kid?"

Hidan was surprised, but looked up at the puppet, eyes twitching.

"Uh...i...it's Hidan..." he mumbled, and looked back down at the table, face a light shade of pink.

"Aww...dannaaa, you scared him." Deidara whinned

"I didn't scare him, he's a newbie." Sasori replied.

Kakuzu sighed as the two continued to agrue. He looked over at Hidan, who's face was still hanging down, some of his ungelled hair falling over his redder face.

Kakuzu smiled and patted his shoulder. "Eh, you're gonna hate it here, I'm sure of it."

Hidan jumped by his touch and looked over at a smiling Kakuzu. He blinked twice and gulped, then smiled weakly. "yeah..." he let his head fall down again. "I hope so..."