"Did you have a call in, sir?"

"Uh...yeah..." Kakuzu dug his hand into his back pocket, looking at it, searching for his cash. "Ka-Kakuzu..." he stopped and thought. "I think..."

"Kakuzu?" the woman looked back at the warmer, then at him. "It'll be a few more minutes, sir."

"Okay, uh..." he looked up at her. "I'll pay now.."

"Okay" the woman said. She started hitting buttons on the keyboard. She looked at him. "10.70, please" she told him.

"heh..." Kakuzu put a 20 dollar bill and 70 cents on the counter.

"20.70" she said as she picked up the money.

Kakuzu looked up and all around the pizza place, waiting for his change, fingers taping on the counter, impaitiently.

"Kuzu!" he heard someone shout.

Kakuzu looked at where the noise came from and got attacked and hugged by Hidan before he could process it.

Kakuzu chuckled. "Hey, babe." he said as he hugged him back.

Hidan giggled and looked up at him. "I saw your name on a reciept up on the cut table, and I couldn't wait" he told him. He giggled and hugged him tight.

Kakuzu giggled. "I knew you would be." he told him. "You busy after work?" he asked.

Hidan giggled. "Am I ever?" he asked, snuggling close to his chest, hat slipping off slightly.


Kakuzu looked up at the woman. "Oh, thank you." he said as he took the 10 dollar bill, then stuffed it in his back pocket.

"You got 5 minutes, Hidan." the woman said as she picked up the rining phone.

Hidan smiled big, looking up at Kakuzu. "Come on." he told him. He grabbed his hand and dragged him to the door, to the outside.

Kakuzu followed, not being able to say no to his babe.

Hidan dragged him along the sidewalk, past stores, past confused people.

Kakuzu watched him confused. "Hidan, where are we going?"

Hidan giggled. "Just follow me" he told him, not looking back at him.

Kakuzu rolled his eyes, then smiled, loving how Hidan was acting all cute and secretive.

Hidan pulled him around the corner. Kakuzu smirked when Hidan laid his back against the wall, putting his arms in the air, ready for a hug. Kakuzu got in front of him and grabbed his hips. Hidan giggled and wrapped his arms around his neck, tilting his head and kissing Kakuzu softly.

They kissed for a long 3-4 minutes, feeling around each others mouth, battling for dominance, feeling unwanted urges, moaning into each other.

Hidan pulled back and turned his face away. "I-I gotta get back to work, Kuzu..."

Kakuzu kissed his cheek and whined. "Aw, do you have to?" he asked, kissing his cheek again. He pressed Hidan up against the wall, pressing his hips on his. "It was just getting fun."

Hidan moaned in weakness, gripping him slightly."K-Kuzuuuu...d-d...don't...don't do this to me now.." he pleaded, face turning burgandy.

Kakuzu chuckled and kissed his cheek, kissing down to his neck. His hands wrapped around his waist then slid up his arched back into his hair.

Hidan moaned, rolling his eyes back. "K-Kuzu...p-please..."

Kakuzu whined and kissed his ear. "See you tonight, en..." he whispered softly.

Hidan giggled nervously, sweat rolling down his red face. "O-Of c-course, Kuzu..."

Kakuz backed up and let Hidan pick up his hat off the floor, fixing on his head as he stood back up.

"R-Ready.." Hidan stuttered.

Kakuzu chuckled. "Are you now?"

Hidan nodded and started to walk off, stumbling slightly as he did so. Kakuzu just chuckled so himself, watching Hidan, horny as fuck, try to act like he was okay.


Kakuzu looked down at Hidan, who was resting on his chest under his arm, snuggled up close to his chest.

"What is it, babe?" Kakuzu asked.

Hidan was looking at his ring, moving it around on his finger with his thumb. "Why me?" he asked, not looking up at him.

Kakuzu smiled looking down at him. He bent down and kissed his head. "Because..." Kakuzu pressed his finger on Hidan's chin, looking into Hidan's bright pink eyes in the dim light. "I couldn't go a day without you..."

Hidan smiled and looked away. "Oh you don't mean that..." he said, blushing slightly. He giggled and looked back up at him with his magenta eyes.

"Course I do..." He shook his head "...I wouldn't lie to you..." he said.

Hidan smiled. "I love you, Kuzu." he said cutely. He kissed him softly on the lips.

"I love you too, babe..."

Hidan giggled and rested his cheek on his chest again, face warm on him.

Kakuzu put his hand down back in his lap, still looking down at him.

Hidan felt him looking down at him.

He looked up at him.

"What?" he asked, confused.

Kakuzu smiled down at him, not saying a word.

Hidan blinked confused. "Stop looking at me like that..." he told him, darting his eyes away. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" he asked, looking back at him.

Kakuzu just shrugged, looking back at the TV. "Nothing..."

Hidan whined "Kuzuuuu," he sat up more. "What is it?" he begged.

Kakuzu giggled, smiling bigger.

He looked over in his eyes. "I'm just remebering the day we meet..."

Hidan's anger slipped away and he blushed more. "Why?" he asked, looking into his green eyes.

Kakuzu shrugged his shoulders and looked back at the TV. "Because..." Kakuzu stopped.

Hidan just waited, impaitnet.

"Because..."he started. He looked over at Hidan. "I think you're eyes got me..."

Hidan eyes widened and he turned red. He then scowled.

"You fucker!" he shouted, hitting him in the face with a couch pillow.

Kakuzu laughed, pushing the pillow away from his face.

"I'm serious." he said, calm now.

Hidan rolled his eyes and slid back down. He laid he cheek back on his chest, scowling more, arms across his chest. "Whatever...my eyes are fucking pink...how is THAT attractive?"

Kakuzu chuckled and shrugged. "They kinda reminded me of a rose..."

Hidan gasped and looked up at him, smiling big. Hidan scowled and hit him with the pillow again, smiling still. "You corny ASS!"

Kakuzu giggled and jumped on him, pinning his hands to the couch. "Corny my ass!" he shouted playfully at him.

Hidan giggled and wiggled around. "Nyuuuu, I-I take it back!" Hidan cried, squealing after he did so.

Kakuzu wraped his arms tight around him, laying down on him, making fart noises on his neck.

Hidan squealed louder, arms clinging to him. His face was blushing more, in happiness.

Kakuzu giggled and rested his cheek on his collar bone. "Mmmmmm..." he cooed.

Hidan giggled softly as his breath slowed. He looked down at Kakuzu resting on him.

Kakuzu closed his eyes, taking in his scent and his smooth skin.

Hidan giggled and turned redder. "Kuzu?" he asked.

"mmmm...?" Kakuzu whined, rubbing his cheek on his collar bone.

Hidan giggled. "What is it?"

Kakuzu smiled and kissed his collar bone. "I love you..."

Kakuzu groaned, eyes opening, alarm blarring loud in his ear. He looked over at it and reached his arm as far as he could, not letting go of Hidan, who was peacfully asleep, cuddling close to his opened shirted chest, Kakuzu's arm protectively around his shoulder.

Kakuzu laid back down, sighing as he continued to look at the clock. He looked down at Hidan, and smiled looking down at him. He smiled bigger when he saw Hidan's hand, resting on his chest, engadgement ring still happily on his finger.

Kakuzu bent down and kissed his head.

"Time to get up, babe..." he whispered, smelling his hair after he said it.

Hidan whined and rubbed his cheek on Kakuzu's chest.

"Mmmmm, nooooo, no wakey, wakey..." he said. He rolled his face over his chest, resting his head on his other cheek. He wrapped his arms tight around his Kuzu. "Sleepy tiiiiime..." he cooed.

Kakuzu giggled. He wrapped his arms around him. "Come on, babe, it's time for school."

Hidan whined. "Nooooo...it's time for looooove!" he cried, moving his head over on his other cheek, whining softly.

Kakuzu giggled more. "Sounds like you had a good dream..."

Hidan bit his lip and his arms clung to Kakuzu tighter, legs wrapping tight around his theigh.

Kakuzu's eyes widened, feeling that he did, a good dream at that.

"Uh-huh..." Hidan admitted, wrapping his legs tighter around his theigh, moaning softly to feeling of Kakuzu's leg on his crotch. He opened his eyes and looked up at Kakuzu.

Kakuzu turned red. "E-easy there boy" he told him, seeing the need in his eyes. He tried to pull his leg back by pushing down on Hidan's shoulders, only making Hidan moan more. Kakuzu moaned softly, ignoring the urge. He let his head fall back in need.

Hidan whined and moved up so he was laying on him, crotch still on his theigh. Kakuzu turned redder and bit his lip, feeling himself needing it more now.

"Come on, Kuzu..." Hidan begged, kissing his cheek softly, watching his face. "J-Just a-a wittle...lovin'?" he asked. He bit his lip, sliding up his body, looking in his eyes desperately.

Kakuzu whined and lifted his head up to look at him. "B-Babe...i-it's to early for this...a-and a school day..."

"I...I know...b-but...I-I can't go to school like thiiiis..." he whined. He wrapped his legs around his thigh and moaned again, head falling forward beside Kakuzu's head, shoulders shaking.

Kakuzu moaned and let his head fall back, hands gripping his needing body slightly. "Baaaaaaaaabe..."

"Please please please..." Hidan begged, lifting is head up to look at him.

Kakuzu groaned. "I-I-I can't...c-can't do...that...th-this early..."

Hidan groaned. "Pleaaaaaase?" he pouted cutely. "I-I'm begging you..." he put his head down. "y-you know...you know y-you miss it a-as much a-as I do..." he said, trying to convince him. He looked up at him, biting his lip, sweat rolling down his face from the despiration.

Kakuzu moaned and rolled his eyes, knowing he was right, he did fucking miss it...a lot...

Kakuzu groaned and looked at him. "Wh-what about after school?" he asked, trying to make a deal with him.

"I-I got work, Kuzu...a-and I-I can't go to school like this..." he told him. He bit his lip and moaned softly, eyes filled with desperation. "C-Come on...i-it's just...j-just, just a little...th-that's all I ask..." Hidan begged. He buried his face in his shoulder and grabbed his crotch tight in his hand, needing it to help.

Kakuzu groaned, loving his hold, it helping his desicion making. "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe...!"

Hidan moaned in his shoulder, rubbing his boxer covered crotch on his theigh.

Kakuzu's eyes rolled back, trying hard to ignore the urge. But he knew he couldn't.

He groaned, throwing his head back in angst and gave in. He shoved Hidan off him and rolled over on top of him, pinning his shoulders to the bed, making Hidan lose his grip on him. Hidan's arms feel down by his head.

"I hate you..." Kakuzu told him.

Hidan gulped and told him "H-Hate me all you want...j-just love me..." he moaned. "Please..." he bit his lip, looking up at him in need.

Kakuzu smiled, bent down and kissed him hard, forcing his tounge down his thoat.

Hidan moaned and rolled his eyes back as he felt around his mouth. He gripped his back as his back arched up from the bed.

Kakuzu moaned, hands feeling down his awaiting body, slipping them in Hidan's boxers.

Hidan's eyes shot open, feeling his rough hands on him. He moaned into him, begging for more, arching his back to help his boxers down more.

"Kakuzuuu" Hidan breathed softly as Kakuzu parted lips with him to pull down his boxers to his feet, throwing them on the floor.

"E-easy easy boy," Kakuzu told him impatiently as he took his off as well, kicking them off his feet. "Gotta make this quick, okay?" Kakuzu grabbed his hips and hovered over him as he kissed his neck, teasing his entrance with his hard length. He moaned into his neck.

Hidan wrapped his arms around Kakuzu's neck. He panted hard, impatiently, mucsles tensing tightly, legs lifting up to tease himself more. "Ka...Kakuzuuuuu..." he moaned, loving it more.

Kakuzu moaned. "I-I know, babe I know" he whispered into his ear, kissing it softly. "Just wait, just wait..."

Hidan moaned again, loving and hating his tesing. He gripped his back tight, digging his nails in deep. "Kakuzuuu...d-don't tease meeee, please..." Hidan begged. He panted hard, needing it bad.

Kakuzu chuckled, lifting his head up and looking down at his helpless, horny lover.

"Y-You know what I missed most about you?" he teased, smiling faintly, waiting for the right moment to pleasure him.

Hidan looked at him confused, raising one eyebrow. He gulped and asked "What?"

Kakuzu grinned and gripped his hips tight, thursting hard into Hidan, moaning deeply, head falling forawrd, loving his tightness.

Hidan took in a deep gasp, arching forward. He threw his head back, back lifting up off the bed as he moaned loud, missing that loving pain so much. "Ka...Kakuzuuuuu" he moaned deeply, hands shaking slightly, gripping his lover more.

Kakuzu moaned, body shaking hard in need, loving his moan, loving his sounds. He moved his arms and his palms held him up. "Oh, Hidan..." he moaned. He licked his jawbone and kissed down his neck, giving him that pleasurable pain again, moaning deeper as he did so.

Hidan moaned, peircing his nails deeper into him. "Ka...Kakuzuuu..." he moaned, needing it more and more.

"shh shh shh, boy..." Kakuzu warned. "People a-are..." he grunted, thrusting in him again. "a-are still sleepin..."

Hidan moaned. "I-I...I-I don't know i-if I-I...I-I c-can stay quiet, Kuzu" his eyes rolled back as his head fell back, arching more "...i-it's been so long..." he moaned again, legs pressing harder against Kakuzu's side, shaking in lust, loving the pain.

Kakuzu moaned, gripping the sheets tighter. "I-I know babe...just..." He moaned deeper, forgetting what he was going to say next.

Hidan moaned again. He panted hard, trying to keep his moans quite, but loving the feeling of his love. Sweat rolled down his body, from the heat of the love and the weakness in his body. He wrapped his arms around him, hands slidding up his neck, feeling his slick, sweaty body under his palms. He gripped his hair softly. "Kakuzuuuu..." he moaned, body shaking as he moaned.

Kakuzu moaned in response, thrusting harder, moaning louder, but weakly.

Hidan giggled. "D-Don't be shy, K...Kakuzu..." he told him tilting his head slightly in his direction.

Kakuzu groaned and thursted harder into him.

Hidan moaned, gripping his hair tighter in his sweatly hands.

"Oh shut up you fucker..." he told him. He lifted his head and kissed him hard, moaning into him, giving him that love again.

Hidan moaned back, hands losing his grip. He moaned again, body shaking in lust.

Kakuzu moaned into him and thrusted again. He parted their lips, letting his head fall down beside it, thrusting and grunting again in pleasure.

Hidan moaned, toes curling, legs shaking more. "I-I love you...K-Kakuzuuuu" he told him, moaning his name.

Kakuzu moaned. "I love you too, H-Hidan." he said to him, grunting as he hit him again, moaning to his tightness.

Hidan moaned, panting hard, loving the pain, needing it to never end.

"Ka-Kakuzuuuu" Hidan whined. "I-I can't..."

"Shh shh shh, Hidan" Kakuzu warned. He licked his neck, grunting in pleasure.

"Ka...Kakuzuuuuuuuuuuu" he moaned deeply, trying hard to keep his noises quiet.

"G-Good boy, Hidan" Kakuzu encouraged. He moaned, loving the curse of having to be silent, the tension radiating through his body as he held in the loud noises.

Hidan's eyes rolled back and his body shook as he came close to his climax. "Kakuzuuuuuuuuuu" he moaned, a little louder than he expected it to be.

Kakuzu moaned and thrusted into him harder, body becoming weaker with each second that went by. His body just wanted to collaspe, but it also needed to pleasure itself, needed to feel that burst of joy again.

Hidan moaned, needing him to pleasure him faster and harder, but he wanted the love to go on forever, so he didn't want that, he just wanted, he just needed that pleasure of climaxing again. He needed it now.

"Kakuzuu!" he moaned loud, helping him climax.

Kakuzu moaned with the fear of being caught in the back of his mind. He ignored it and continued to moan loud, releasing his seed into Hidan's stomach, moaning his name loud, loving how his name radiated through his lungs and throat, out of his mouth, and into the air.

Hidan panted hard, body weak and sore and happily in love. Sweat rolled down his body, making his shirt stick to his back and his hair stick to his face and neck.

Kakuzu panted hard, arms shaking, legs shaking, unable to move, unable to speak. Sweat dripped from his body, slid down his arms, down his legs, down his back, down his neck.

Hidan's arms and legs shook. Hidan's legs slid down from Kakuzu's side, making them both groan weakly as Kakuzu length slipped away.

Hidan moaned weakly and tried to keep a grip on his back, digging his nails in. But they slid down the sides of his back, nails digging in all the way down.

Kakuzu moaned and his body shook, head falling down. He slowly rested one arm on his elbow, then the other, then eventually laid down on Hidan, cheek resting on his shoulder, panting hard.

"I...I fucking...I fucking hate you..." Kakuzu panted softly.

Hidan panted hard before he said. "I...I know..." he giggled weakly. "I love you too..."

Kakuzu chuckled and looked up at him. He kissed his neck. Hidan gasped softly and moaned weakly.

Kakuzu slid his way up his body and kissed him softly, hands wrapping there way around his silver hair.

Hidan moaned weakly into him, letting him play with his tounge.

Kakuzu broke off the kiss, needing to pant hard more.

Hidan chuckled looking up at the tired boy. "To much...for ya?" he asked, panting between words.

Kakuzu smirked and laid his head back down, wrapping his arms around him, resting the side of his head on his. "Yeah..." he kissed his shoulder. "just the way I like it..."