Gremlins 3: I Know What You Ate After Midnight

Chapter 1: Gizmo's Nightmare

Gizmo was happy. He was living in luxury, without gremlins bothering him. He knew Greta was still out there, but she didn't do much harm. The worst she ever did was grab Gizmo and kiss him for half an hour but other gremlins had tortured him. Like Mohawk. And Stripe. They were dead, so Gizmo would always be away from them. He could remember Stripe melting into thick green goo like a videotape playing in his head, but he couldn't remember what happened to Mohawk so well, even though it only happened three months ago. He was remembering all the time he had with Mr Wing and the faintest memories of his siblings and parents. He could recall his uncle had really long ears and was called something like Flappy and he had a twin brother called Wizmo… he could definitely recall that…

"Gizmo, breakfast!" called Billy, but Gizmo didn't come. He was too deep in thought.

"GIZMO!" shouted Billy.

Finally, Gizmo snapped out of it.

"Mogwai!" Gizmo replied. "Foooood!"

Gizmo shuffled to the table as fast as his little legs could carry him, where a large chicken leg was waiting. Hungrily, he licked his lips.

"Gizmo, are you hungry?" asked Billy.

Gizmo nodded.

"You can have the rest of my beef steak," Billy said back. "Don't save it until midnight; you know what will happen."

"Gwemlin," said Gizmo, deep in thought again.

The Mogwai did not want to be a gremlin, so he gobbled up the chicken and the steak as fast as he could.

After the meal, Kate came downstairs to find Gizmo asleep on the dinner table, food all over his face. He was dreaming of the thousands of gremlins melting into puddles three months ago. The next thing that happened was Gizmo doing a dance to a song in his friend's house. His friend's name was Furball. But then his dream turned into a nightmare. Gizmo fell into a swimming pool at the dawn of midnight and multiplied a hundred thousand times and then food fell into the pool. Every single Mogwai ate a bit of the food. Gizmo closed his eyes as the hundred thousand Mogwai turned into a hundred thousand cocoons which spawned a hundred thousand gremlins – which were all coming for Gizmo! The gremlins put Gizmo under a bright light underwater and gave him some food.

Luckily, before the dream got any worse, Gizmo woke up, shivering and shaking.

"What's wrong, Gizmo?" whispered Kate.

"Gwemlins," squeaked Gizmo. "Coming to get me."

"There are no gremlins, Gizmo! It was all a dream!" replied Kate.

And with that, Gizmo curled into a ball and fell asleep again. Little did Gizmo know that he would meet the last surviving gremlin the next day…