"Then I'm with you." Cynder said, clearly never going to leave his side.

Realizing there was no way to change the dragonesses mind Spyro began to use his powers to restore the world. After the light consumed his vision Spyro thought he heard Cynder's voice again but it was too quiet to make anything out of it.

As the world began to repair itself Spyro began to feel his powers drain from inside of him. He then thought of Cynder, and how she would be trapped inside the core of the earth. He sent enough power to her to teleport her away.

As Cynder stood there, watching the dragon she loved save the world, she noticed the light that he had sent to her.

"Spyro! What are you doing?" she asked afraid to lose him.

"Don't worry Cynder, I am doing what's right." He said to her.

"But I don't want to leave you!" she yelled back with tears forming in her eyes.

"It's okay Cynder, I will find you again, I promise."

That was the last that she heard of him. Before she could do anything she found herself inside a forest. Looking around she realized she was in Avalar, but was too focused on finding the one she loved.

She tried to walk in search of him but she was still weak from defeating Malefor.

"Sp… Spyro…" she tried to call out to him but fell unconscious.

When she finally came to she recognized a smell. It smelled like the warriors of Avalar. Cynder snapped her eyes open and looked around to see the village, deserted. She was lying by the pole she had been tied up to with Spyro their first time there.

She tried to remember what had happened. She remembered defeating Malefor with Spyro.

"Spyro!" she quickly said out loud searching for him.

"If you are looking for the purple one, he is not here." came a familiar voice.

She looked and found the hermit that they had ran into while trying to help Meadow sitting next to a burnt out fire with his back to her.

"What do you mean?" she asked approaching him cautiously.

"I mean that he is currently still looking for you. He currently does not know of your location but is still searching, even in the condition he's in. You are too precious to him to lose you."

"So he made it out alive!" Cynder asked with some excitement in her voice.

"Yes, he did, and I must say that I am impressed with how you were able to defeat the dark master."

"It wasn't really that easy," Cynder said as she remembered everything that happened before the battle, "Ignitus' death, me and Spyro almost giving into the darkness."

"But you didn't, did you?"

Cynder shook her head, "no, but we almost did."

"Yes just as I thought you would, but there was a power at work that I did not see between you two. And that was love. It was your love for him that brought you back, and he same for him." The hermit said still not facing the dragoness.

Cynder looked around the village and asked, "Where are the warriors?"

"They left Warfang a while ago, they shall be here soon, I best recommend that if you don't want to be found you leave and find your love."

She thought those last words over. They had done enough fighting and she really just wanted to live alone with Spyro.

"Where can I find him?" She asked.

"You will find him in the forest. Go, the warriors are almost here."

With that Cynder turned to run, but looked over one last time and said, "thank you."

She ran off to the forest, to find her love and the life they could have together.