The eyes shrunk and a giant dragon appeared before Cynder. It was a black dragon with a red under belly. His horns were like Malefor's but were red. The tip of his tail was shaped like a dagger, but much sharper. His spine was covered with red spikes running down his back. "Demetrius." Cynder growled ready to fight.

"Cynder, Is that any way to treat an old friend?" replied the dragon.

"No, but a way to treat an enemy!" Cynder shouted as she let lose a stream of poison at his face.

Demetrius covered his face with his wings and said "how typical Cynder, you always jumped to

conclusion before hearing the whole story."

"I know what your story is. You want me back with Malefor, but guess what, Malefor is DEAD and I have no intention of changing that!" Cynder snapped at him.

"Cynder I don't want you with Malefor." Demetrius replied calmly.

"Oh really? Then what do you want?" Cynder asked ready to attack again.

"I want to be with you, Cynder. You see, I love you." Demetrius replied looking at her in the eye.

Cynder froze in shock. Demetrius was one of the few dragons placed under her by the dark master, obeying every order she gave him, giving himself the rank of third best in the dark army under Cynder and Malefor. Through all they had been through she never knew of any feelings he had for her. "Sorry to burst your bubble but I already have a true love, someone that I love deeply and he to I. besides I don't affiliate myself with anyone from the darkness." Cynder replied.

Demetrius was outraged at this news but kept himself cool. "The Cynder I know would have accepted me, but alas, you passed your test. Your test was to see if you would give up on Spyro. You may join with your loved one again."

"So you aren't real?" Cynder asked a little confused. "My body isn't real but everything else is real, Cynder. I still am looking for you to bring you back to the darkness you belong in. But for now go, your 'true love' is waiting for you. Enjoy whatever time you have together. You never know when it might end."

Before Cynder could say anything else Demetrius disappeared and Cynder was back at the entrance of the temple. She thought over what happened. Was it true that Demetrius loved her? If so she knew he wouldn't stop trying to get her back, even if it meant getting rid of the one that's in the way.

"Cynder!" Spyro shouted as he ran in front of her. She finally snapped out of her thoughts and embraced Spyro with tears rolling down her face. "Cynder, why are you crying?" he asked.

"What… oh, uh nothing, just happy to see you." She lied wiping the tears away.

"What was your test?"

"… Gaul, he was the one I feared the most."

"Well now that we're done let's go see the chronicler." Spyro said as he turned to walk forward.

The whole walk through the temple Cynder couldn't stop thinking of what Demetrius was going to do, but shook off the thought knowing that whenever she was with Spyro they were unstoppable. They both entered the celestial library to find the chronicler reading a book. "Welcome young dragons, I have long been expecting you."

"Sorry to keep you waiting, we were a little busy with your tests back there." Cynder said under her breath.

"Was there something you wanted us for?" Spyro asked.

"Yes, actually there is. First off I wanted to make sure you were both alright."

"We are fine, just enjoying the peace that we finally get." Cynder said as she nuzzled Spyros neck.

"Yes you two do seem to be getting close, just as I always thought you would. I also wanted to tell you something in person."

"What is it?" Spyro asked.

"Spyro it's me, Ignitus."