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Look into his bright wide eyes

Filled with horrified surprise

Blood will make your saber red

The dark side now controls your head

You feel such hate

A hungry state

You thrust your saber in their chest

The sacred temple feels unrest

Darkness looms at every turn

And many die by saber burn

Invasion of the brothers and stealing their life

Panic and Anarchy are striving and rife

They are not the traitor

You jedi hater

Is your treachery done

The Chosen One?

Hiding from your pain

Too much to gain

Its fear you earn

You never learn

If death is a must

You suffer blood lust

A frightful sin

To hold within

If hatred was your final prayer

I'm sad that you felt such despair

And to behold your trust to him?

I'm glad that I don't share your skin

A sacred oath that you did break

Must others pay for your mistake?

Remember boy that blood does stain

Not only tiles but also the brain

Now spare a moment of sacred silence

After your bloodied freelance

Hold a requiem of peace

Let all the death and fighting cease