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Listen now child and beware

Or else you'll face a dreadful scare

Lock the door and wrap up tight

And listen out for the sisters of the night

Vader climbs his master's spire

Watching us as we shadow the empire

As we cast our spells of doom

Shadows awaken from their tomb

Visions taunt Palpatine as he sleeps

Cursed is he by the secrets he keeps

Scared is he by the future unborn

As his enemies awaken in the breaking dawn

And our secrets shall not be unveiled

Until they are willing to tell their tale

We shall help those willing to learn

Should their keep be willing to earn

The dancing shadows breaking free

Skywalker fulfils his destiny

But Luke, be cautious and aware

Loving as a Jedi shows you don't care

And as you gaze outside the windows

Always be careful to count the shadows

If there is my shadow and my body missing

Your wits will be your only blessing

And on that note, I take my leave

Always a trick or two up my sleeve

So listen now child and beware

We are seeking to give you a scareā€¦