Nikita was fast asleep in her bedroom, she was currently residing in the south of France along with her daughter; Simone. The beautiful blonde woman wore simple clothing to bed, and her duvet covered her slim body keeping her warm.

Simone was in her room which was beside her mother's room, she tossed and turned, as she fought off her memories, "No, don't, please?" she mumbled in her sleep, as she felt hands over her, and eyes boring into her.

The blonde woman heard her child scream and ran into her room, sitting down on her bed she gently woke her up.

The young girl threw herself at her mother, hugging her tightly and sobbing in the older woman's arms.

Nikita gradually lifted up her daughter and carried her into her own room, climbing back into bed she held the young girl close to her.

Simone was shaking and clinging to her mother, listening to her mother's heartbeat, she was scared and tired.

The beautiful blonde kissed the top of her child's head, "Get some rest my Princess, I'm here, I'll protect you my baby girl, I promise you" she said softly

The curly haired little girl snuggled in and closed her bright blue eyes.

Everything would be okay, because that little girl knew that her mother would always fight away her demons with her.