Interlude- The Doctor

Author's Notes: Continuing on from 'Reality'. Makes more sense if you check back, but could also be read alone. Might be confusing, though!
AU after Journey's End for Donna, Jack, Martha and AU after Planet of the Dead for Ten. Slight emphasis on a different genre than the last one. Here we go.

I told you 'call me'. Call me please.

Who the hell do you think you are?

I know you're back tomorrow. I know you're not far away. I could make that arrive right now, but that's not the point.

But you said you'd call me.

Call me. I'm not calling you. Then you'd be totally baffled and you might start an awkward conversation. Probably including the word 'hypocrite'.

Call me. What's so interesting better have only gone back for clothes.

Don't you ever swap me for Torchwood again.

That's glib, I know. Your family, yes, but Jack?


You have every right to, of course.

You might think- 'this is only because Rose has gone, she was forced to swap, so you're going for second best.'

Even I'm not that insensitive! A lot's changed. The reason it worked is not only because was her outlook immature, but I became that too without realising it. You are grounded. And you always will be.

I'm sorry for everything.

I'm glad those two are here, or this would be very awkward.

It's wonderful, isn't it? I don't care who that woman is, she saved Donna! Donna is Donna! Human, and here.

Oh hell, I said 'call me when you want to be picked up'. Bollocks. Sorry.

Oh, and I hope your wrist is better.

Still stands though.

P.S. The Master is here. He doesn't remember anything about the Year That Never Was, so please be nice to him. He might be gone by then, depends when he gets bored of my music collection. He's still irritating. Better than psychopathic, it must be said.

I'm not letting this go.