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Silver and cold

"I, I came here by day,
but I left here in darkness
and found you, found you on the way.

Now, it is silver and silent.
It is silver and cold.
You in somber resplendence,
I hold..."


In The dead of night - Prologue

The ship slowly glided down into orbit and attached itself to the massive steel anchors of the landing zone. It could have been a breathtaking sight, if he was not so overwhelmed with fear. The gigantic gas planet hovered above them glowing with gas layers as bands of vibrant colors, orange and purple and red, like some radioactive striped cat. The landing zone itself was striking and beautiful, tall and thin metal rocks surrounded the landing site, like huge razors tearing through the ground and the sunrays glittered and danced between them like through mirrors.

"Airlock in 40 seconds." the announce system declared with electrostatic indifference.

Ayase shrunk into his seat, breathing so fast that it made him dizzy and he felt like vomiting. To think that only few weeks ago he was walking on solid ground under blue skies and the only worry on his mind was a test he had to take in statistics which he did not had the chance to study properly and had a very reasonable chance of flunking.

But that was before they came in the middle of the night, knocking on his shabby apartment's door. Like a nightmare come true, a black squad appeared at his doorstep and they pointed guns at him.

"Are you Ayase Yukiya?" the commander of the force asked.

"Whhaa?" he mumbled half asleep, glaring at the black clad soldiers without a single shred of understanding.

"Voice identification conformed." one of the soldiers said, looking at his tablet.

"Yukiya Ayase…" said the commander of the group, looking at him coldly "I arrest you under the authority of the Union. You are charged with treason and I have ordered to bring you to the court of justice."

"What?" Ayase could not believe his ears, but the hands that grabbed him were hurting, harsh and ho so very real.

He was yanked out of his apartment, only dressed in skinny pjs, in the dead of night, not a single soul saw how they pushed him down the elevator and led him to the dark street, wet with rain. Near the pavement waited a massive black hammer, its engine was on and its heat spread ominous fume to the chilled air.

"Get in." was the last thing any of the soldiers bother to tell him, and a hand shoved him onto the leather seat, after that he was ignored completely.

The windows of the hammer were blacked and nothing passed through them, not ever streetlights. Ayase tried really hard to concentrate and follow the curves and turns on the road, hoping to calculate how far they have gone from his apartment, but the driver was speeding and he was too nervous so he soon lost track.

The ride through the city was extraordinary silent, giving the fact that he was surrounded by a dozen of overgrown strangers. He could not see faces behind their masks, but their body language clearly stated that they were bored. How could this be? Are they so accustomed to picking up innocent folks out of their beds in the middle of the night and driving them to hell knows where. Where were they heading? When will they take him back home? How much time will this ride last? Ayase knew there was nothing he could talk out of them. There was nothing he could do to stop this insanity, so he kept quiet.

Strangely, he didn't cry, he was too much in shock for that matter but at that time, the only thought that still nagged his head was- who was going to feed duke, his goldfish, that he left behind so carelessly.

The first night in his new hellish life he spent in a dirty humid cell, where rats' shadows ran on the walls and a sound of dripping water from some loose tap accompanied his thoughts the whole night through. Needlessly to say, he did not get too much sleep, he tried as hard as he could to remember what he could possibly had done to be considered a traitor. Every aspect of his life he pushed out of memory and analyzed every move he made, and every person he ever talked to, any post he ever published on his social-network wall. Everything seemed so ordinary banal, even borderline boring and he gave up at dawn.

'This is a mistake.' he concluded. 'A foolish, random mistake…' Ayase sighed deeply, convinced that tomorrow this stupid mix-up will be solved and everything will return to normal. With this thought, the boy faintly closed his eyes and sunk into sleep.

The next morning came as a brutal shock, he opened his eyes and for some few good moments, he refused to believe what they registered. He was not in his bed, not in his room, he was lying on a thin, stinky mattress, covered with a rough raggedy blanket. He stared at his cell's walls until one gourd banged his club on the cell's bars, making Ayase jump into seating position.

"Breakfast." The guard announced and pushed a plate through the bars.

Ayase could only glare at him.

The guard smiled and shook his head "Come on, kid, this may be your last meal, so come and grab it."

Was this advice an act of kindness or cruelty, Ayase could not make up his mind, but he did get up to take the bowl. It was milk porridge and it was too runny and sweet.

Ayase forced himself to eat few spoonfuls, before tossing the bowl away with disgust. A sudden sense of urgency surged in him.

"Get me out of here!" he screamed. He never screamed before. "Get me out of here! Somebody, please!"

"Shut up!" the guard yelled too. "Shut up or I'll make you shut up!"

And Ayase crushed on the dirty floor, crying his heart out for the first and not the last time.

Few days later, he was brought to the court to be judged. He waited and longed for that day. He had prepared speeches in his cell, he polished his arguments about injustice and his perfect flawless past. He practiced his clam that this was all a big misunderstanding and when they came to take him to see the judge he was more than ready, he gathered a fighting spirit that he never thought was in him.

Yet everything went wrong from the start. He thought he'd have a fair chance to speak his voice, but he was shocked to find that the court ran like an assembly line rather than a civilized place of deliberation. He was lined up with all the other accused, and the line moved at a pace of one person in five minutes. This made no sense at all, how could a fair trial be held in under five minutes? But the judge's hammer pounded on the desk in a fast rate. Ayase found himself pushed to the front of the line.

He raised his eyes to the judge, an old bald man that seemed like he couldn't keep his eyes opened. This was not a good sign, but Ayase had no choice, he had to speak now or be silenced forever. He breathed deeply and opened his mouth with determination. "Sir, may I begin with…"

"Huh?" the judge ogled him.

"Sir, I'd like to start by saying that…"

"Make him shut up." The judge commanded the clerks with a yawn.

One goon of a clerk stepped towards the boy and Ayase gulped, he knew that if he goes on he would be beaten or even worst.

"Show me the evidences." The judge continued and a clerk approached his seat with a stack of papers.

Putting his glasses on, the judge glanced at the documents and than he sighed. "Those are serious convictions here." He lifted his eyes off the files and eyed the prosecutor.

"I know, your honor, we demeaned death penalty."

"Death?" Ayase choked on his words. "Please let me see what I'm charged in!"

"Death won't serve us well here." The judge said calmly. "too mundane, don't you agree?"

"Please, let me see the files!" Ayase screamed, pleading with tears.

"What do you have in mind then, your honor?"

"A far more effective punishment, if you may."

"I'm not a traitor!" Ayase started crying again, but he was completely ignored.

"I've heard that in 950A they ran out of candy." The judge smirked and the prosecutor glanced at Ayase and started smirking too.

"I see your point, your honor, 950A it is." The wooden hammer came down again.

The hooking anchors screeched as the ship settled in position.

"Airlock in 20 seconds." The announce system repeated. "Welcome to 950A, everyone."




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