Summary: 6 weeks after 1x07. Jason is on and off with Nicole and Tessa genuinely cannot help interfering once again, intentional or not? Let's find out. Pretty simple two-shot.

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Deserving Better

As she sat up from her bed after awaking, a sudden storm of nausea hit her and she was quickly off the bed and into the bathroom to throw up. Her head was pounding and she felt so tired. She assumed she was drunk last night and she was simply hungover so as she freshened up as much as possible, she called the hotel.

"Jason Matthews" was the answer.

"Hey Jason. It's Tessa. I won't be able to come to work today, I'm sick. Sorry." she sighed deeply and closed her eyes as she lay on her bed.

"Oh! I'm sorry, well I understand. Get well soon and call me later when you feel better okay?" the concern and worry remained hidden as he tried to keep it so.

Tessa sighed again and brought a cold, damp facecloth to her forehead. "Thanks Jason. I will. Bye." she hung up and let the phone drop between the blankets she was already nestled in.

The blonde fell into a deep sleep then.

When Jason didn't receive a call from Tessa at 3pm, he called her, no answer. Again, he tried when his shift ended at 5:30pm, once again to bear the voice of the operator. Jason decided to pay her a visit, just to simply check up on friends, of course he repeated to himself many a time on the way there.

He called for her as he stepped inside the quaint beachside cottage of Tessa Lewis. No answer. He entered her bedroom to find her peacefully sleeping under the thin white covers. Her back faced him as he pushed the door open.

Jason noticed her window was open and it was very windy then so he hurried towards it and closed it gently, not to wake Tessa. He turned to find the blonde woman curled up in the covers. Her wavy hair sprawled out on the pillow, her eyelashes remaining on her soft cheeks as she slept.

He noticed faint dark circles under her eyes. She hadn't been getting enough sleep lately. He sighed and accused himself instantly. Jason knew how she felt about him, and yet she seemed to strong when enduring the knowing fact that he was with Nicole. He broke this beautiful woman's heart every single day since the day he had woken up beside her.

The night prior to that had truly been one of the best nights of his entire existence.

They were amazing and Tessa was absolutely unbelievable. The emotions and passion she made him feel were overwhelming and so fulfilling.

Some of the things she had let him do to her, he had never done with another woman. Jason may have stood strong and mighty but he was never that comfortable with women, then Tessa came. His confidence had shot through the roof whenever she honoured him with her presence. That's what he felt. Honoured by why in the world was he with Nicole? He deserved better, he told himself while stroking Tessa's smooth golden locks.

She had told him that he deserved better than what Nicole was giving him. Jason knew that Nicole tried to control everything he did, it pissed him off. He was sick and tired of her games, and then he remembered something else then. His attention turning to the sleeping beauty under his faint touch. She was willing to be there when he needed her, and was sick of Nicole's games. God! This woman was amazing.

He had to admit it. Tessa truly was something. Something else entirely from Nicole: the woman he thought he loved.

No. He didn't love Nicole. Not anymore. That was the realisation as Tessa began to wake.

Her eyes slowly fluttered open to reveal the most beautiful eyes Jason had ever encountered. They were a mixture green and gold...wondrous.

He removed his hand quickly from her hair as she rolled onto her back. The covers moving to reveal her nearly naked body. She wore a white lacy bra and red tartan pyjama shorts.

She stretched and sighed again, still not feeling any better than she had before she fell asleep. Tessa let her head drop to the side and found Jason, perched on a chair beside her bed, attentively watching her. She smiled faintly. "Hey."

Jason interrupted in thought by Tessa's greeting as he baffled at the utter beauty of this creature he so foolishly let go. "Hey yourself. How you feeling?"

Tessa attempted to sit up and as she did, the nausea returned sharply. She jumped out of bed, past Jason and into the bathroom. Jason jumped from his chair and followed her. He knelt beside her and held her hair back.

She finished and slumped back into his chest. His cheek now in contact with her forehead. He rubbed her back gently then moved his hand to hold her waist. "Hung over?"

Tessa shook her head. "I don't remember drinking. I came straight home after work last night."

Jason nodded and they didn't move. He moved the conversation to what he observed earlier. "You aren't sleeping well?"

Tessa smiled and closed her eyes. "Thanks for noticing and no...I haven't." she pulled free of his embrace and stood to brush her teeth and wash her face. He stood too and leaned against the doorframe, as she watched her. "Is everything alright?"

He seemed genuinely concerned about her, she liked that. Not many men had before, and the fact that the man she was in love with cared made it all the more better. "Everything is...fine." she plainly stated as she walked past him, out of the bathroom, through her bedroom and into her living room. She was still only in a bra and shorts but then, she didn't mind, she had worn much less around Jason. He had seen it all before after all.

Again, he followed her to find her looking for something. "I've missed you." as she heard those words escape his mouth as he stood a few good metres apart from her she turned to him instantly. "You have?"

"Of course I have, Tessa." he stepped closer to her. "When I woke up and saw you the my arms was...well it was definitely one of my better mornings." he took her hand and caressed it with his thumb gently as he pierced her eyes with his own.

Tessa pulled her hand from his. "Really? Didn't seem so with you leaving and all."

He sighed and closed his eyes. "I was stupid to. I've been such an ass to you and you don't deserve that." his eyes opened, re-took her hand and the other in his own and kissed each of them softly. "I don't love Nicole, I thought I did but i don't. And i am so incredibly sorry for hurting you. I knew i was and still i stayed with her when i should have been with you." tears formed in her eyes. "I understand if you don't want to be with me, who could blame you? I just want you to know that I'm sorry and...I agree with you, i do deserve better than her...and that's you."

He didn't say anything more, he waited for Tessa to speak. "It's's quite tonight...isn't it?" her voice rasped as she attempted to breathe and her skin became damp.

Tessa's legs failed and collapsed to the floor. Jason caught her before she hit the hard wood. His arms wrapped around her body, his eyes wide with confusion and panic.

"Tessa? Tessa, wake up! Please." pleased Jason, desperately.

After minutes of failing to revive her, he pulled his jacket off, slung it around her shoulders, gathered her up into his arms and headed to the hospital.

The doctors worked on her for an hour before Jason heard any news. "She was severely dehydrated and her blood pressure was very high due to the pregnancy but she and the baby will be fine." the doctor told Jason confidently.

Jason froze and stared at the doctor. "Pregnancy? Tessa's pre-pregnant?"

"Yes she is. About six weeks along now. You're the father i presume?" the doctor peered up at Jason through his glasses.

Jason's gaze was heading towards the room Tessa was in when he thought of the answer to the doctor's question. Six weeks. Six weeks ago was the night he had called Tessa over and... Oh God! "Uh...Yes. I'm the...father."

"Well you may see her now."

"Thank you, doctor." Jason shook his hand, his gaze moved passed him and straight ahead to the room he was headed. He pushed the door open slowly to reveal Tessa holding her knees up against her chest. "Hey." he smiled softly.

"I'm so sorry, Jason." she cried out, burying her face in her knees.

He quickly moved onto the bed and pulled her into his arms. "Shh...Don't be sorry. Everything's gonna be okay. I promise Tessa. We'll figure this out."

She pulled away, looking up at him through the tears. "Together?"

"Of course." he wiped a tear gently from her cheek. "We made this baby together so we'll handle whatever together. Okay?"

She nodded and closed her eyes. "I'm terrified."

Jason nodded against her hair.

They were allowed to leave half an hour later. Jason took Tessa home and stayed the night. She was told to stay off work for the rest of that week to get better and rest up. Jason would call in sick the next day so that they could talk and he could take care of her.

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