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Good Enough Reason

She had come out of nowhere.

One minute he had been standing in the shade of a building, one hand in his pocket, the other holding a cigarette to his lips, and the next minute his cigarette was on the ground being squashed under the troublesome woman's sandal.

"Hey, what—"

His protests were quickly cut off by her angry glare and her declaration of "You might as well quit now because when we're married there is no way I am going to put up with you smoking around me or our children."

And then she turned on a heel and walked off down the street like she owned the place, with her hips swaying and the sunlight reflecting off her hair. And Shikamaru was left in a state of shock as he processed the fact that not only had Temari just declared that one day they were going to get married (even thought they were currently not in any sort of romantic relationship to begin with) but she had also mentioned children.

And as Shikamaru imagined himself married to Temari, and living in their own house with two children (a boy and a girl), he thought to himself that maybe a future like that was a good enough reason to quit.

A/N: I haven't written anything in so long...This is my first Shikatema story, what do you think?