The Shadows of the Past part 23

"The Secret of Humanity,"

Ness sighed as he arms were behind his head as he's walking down a corridor of their space craft. Currently they were traveling at light speed toward the next set of coordinates they had acquired from Gigerferal. Apparently this set was on the very edge of this galaxy which was gonna take even more time being that this is quite uncharted territory for all of them, if it wasn't already. Ness had kinda hoped they'd go see other planets while on this little journey. See how other life forms lived. However, Star explained that this sector of space is barely traveled and in space terms is in the middle of nowhere. Ness wanted to mess around a bit but of course everyone advised him not to be himself, and just relax. However, staying in one place has never been his specialty. Ninten was currently taking a nap, the lazy bum. Without his partner in crime it felt empty doing anything worthwhile, and by worthwhile that's stirring up chaos and disarray for kicks. Ness was just about to call it a quits and see if Claus would like to stir up trouble with him. And speak of the devil he just so happened to bump into him.

"Oh, Claus I-oh wait sorry Lucas," Ness quickly apologized upon getting a better look of who he bumped into.

"My bad, I wasn't really paying attention," Lucas apologized with a shy smile. Ness raised an eyebrow at him. "What?"

"What are you up to?"

"Funny, don't I usually ask that? Where's your partner in crime?"

"Sleeping, I was gonna go find your brother and see if he wanted to stir up trouble," Ness said knowing Lucas would object.

"What kind of trouble?" Lucas asked tilting his head. Ness was a bit put off by the response.

"Wow, uh…I was so sure you were gonna say "This is serious Ness, we can't be joking around and causing problems, we gotta stay focus. Plus the stuff you do is just immature!" or along those lines,"

Lucas chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head. "Normally, I would say that. But I've never really pulled a prank before…so how does it work exactly. I've seen it done before, just don't have the imagination for it,"

"Just so we're clear, you're giving me the go ahead to cause trouble?"

"I wanna help, sorta get that much needed human factor about myself,"

"Alrighty then, first target..."


Teddy was currently using a shiny surface as a mirror. He had to maintain his hair at periodic intervals since it simply demanded attention. He brought along his hair gel for just the occasion. Teddy reached for the jar out his bag then sat it on the counter. With a smirk he placed his comb on the opposite side.

"Alright, lets see if this new formula will help make this thing stand up without so much hold every so often," Teddy sighed. He turned his head sharply thinking he heard someone. Teddy shrugged his shoulders then unscrewed the cap off the hair gel.

"Um, is anyone in here?" came a voice. Teddy turned to see Lucas holding the door open for the laboratory wide open.

"Yeah…but wait, you don't have to go the bathroom, do you?"

"I'm human in some ways. Normally my original body would burn off waste and recycle it, very eco-friendly,"

"Okay whatever just wait till I'm done,"

"What are you doing?" Lucas asked getting a closer with a curious look in his eyes.

Teddy decided to humor him. "My hair," he replied.

"What is this stuff?" Lucas asked reaching for the jar of gel and giving it a look over.

"It's gel, helps hold my hair like this,"

"You mean that's not natural?"

"Course not, your telling me your hair is?"

"Yeah, it is. All I need is one of these thingies," Lucas said holding up Teddy's comb.

"Well its been nice talking beauty secrets with you, but I gotta tend to this before the fullness wears off,"

"Okay then, see ya later Teddy," Lucas said placing Teddy's items back down and then leaving the room. Teddy thought the whole conversation odd but blew it off. He reached a hand in the jar then applied it to his head. He rubbed it in thoroughly and gave his hair shape. He stopped the motion to reach for his comb…however his hands remained in his hair.

"What the hell?" Teddy questioned pulling harder to get his hands free. No such luck as it didn't seem to be working out. "What the hell!" He growled as he pulled harder growing more furious by the second. He looked at the jar, but noticed something different. The jar wasn't a jar but a cup of some strange black liquid gel. Teddy was so distracted with Lucas he hadn't noticed. "Somebodies gonna pay for this!"

Outside Ness was about to fall over with laughter and Lucas was trying his best to restrain his chuckles. In Ness's hand was Teddy's jar. "As the saying goes, the hand is quicker than the eye," Ness chuckled as he tossed Teddy's hair gel up and down. "Now one sec," Ness vanished and was back in a flash. "Let's see how Jeff's new toy holds together with hair gel instead of that industrial adhesive,"

"That was…kinda funny when the jokes not on you," Lucas admitted.

"Any requests?"

"I have one…"


Claus was walking down the hall. He had stopped by Lucas's room but was both relieved and shocked to his brother not there. He ventured this a guess of him finally deciding to venture out and stop moping. He was glad for him, and hoped that he was doing anything besides moping.

"Hey Claus," came a voice behind him. Claus turned sharply around to be greeted by a fist coming at him. He sidestepped the attack and twisted the person arm behind their back then brought them to the floor. He was so deep in that battle mindset he hadn't noticed he just pinned Ness to the floor. "…sup…"

Claus sighed, "What are you doing?"

"…experiencing a growing numbness in my arm…and the uncomfortable feeling of your knee in my back…"

"Wouldn't have happened if you didn't surprise me," Claus said letting him go.

"You were surprised?" Ness countered sitting up to roll his shoulder around to get feeling to return.

"What was the point of that anyway?"

"Wanted to test your reflexes. I hear your fast,"

"….okay?" Claus said with a raised eyebrow. Ness reached out his hand for help up and Claus obliged reaching down to help him up. However, he felt an odd sensation when he touched Ness. However, he wrote it off as the nerves in his hand acting up. The sensation of touch can't be perfect with a mechanical device. "Satisfied, sneaking up on Claus is a bad idea,"

"Yep," Ness said walking down the hall. Claus watched after him for a moment still with some confusion. He shrugged his shoulder then turned back around to see Lucas with his hands behind his back.

"Oh geez, what is this try and give me a heart attack day or something?" Claus said with a sigh.

"Claus how many pranks have you pulled on me since we've known each other?"

Claus thought the question random but thought on it. He smirked at his own handy work. "Hahaha, oh wow too many to count. There was that time I got to ride one of the ship through town, the time you got locked out the house in nothing but your underwear and it was cold, also that time I made you believe Nana hated your guts and you went to insane lengths to avoid her, and…wow just too many good times," Claus began to laugh making Lucas smirk all the bigger with a shadow on his face. Claus didn't notice though too much into his fit of laughter. "Oh gosh…my best works. Why do you ask anyway?"

"Because, brother, I feel I have finally gotten you back with a prank of my own," Lucas said proudly. This amused Claus as he shook his head.

"A little late to start playing catch up Lucas dontcha think? Besides you've tried to prank me, it either didn't work, got someone else, or completely backfired,"

"Well not this time,"

Claus huffed as he smiled down at his younger brother pointing out the slight difference in height. "Well then please tell me what this prank is I'm dying to know,"

"I just have one simple question," Lucas said removing his hands behind his back to reveal a remote control. Claus tilted his head at it. "Why are you hitting yourself?"

"Why am I-?" Claus was caught off as suddenly his right hand slapped him in the face, hard. "Ouch, what the heck!"

"Why are you hitting yourself?" Lucas pressed the button again and once again the slap came.

"Ouch, geez!" Claus exclaimed in shock as he could not control his right arm. Lucas pressed the button again for another slap. Lucas's laughter grew as the scene played out in front of him continued. He watched Claus slap himself over and over, and from far off another person's laughter filled the air. "Ness-ouch! Ooo you are so-ow, Lucas cut this ou-ow! Lucas I am so serious this isn't-ow. Oh my pork I can't feel my face…"

"This will never get old," Lucas stated as he pressed the button at least ten more times watching his brother's face go red, from both rage and the hand print. Claus moved to attack, but with the onslaught of slaps and the lack of control in his right arm, he could do no more than threaten.

"I will kill you both-ouch!" Claus looked like he was having a horrible day. "dhat dime I dite my dongue…"

"Yep, I'd say the scores all tied up now," Lucas said turning to walk away while stuffing the remote in his pocket. Claus glared at him as he walked off like he was big time. Claus would've reacted and totally destroyed him, but his face hurt and really could use some ice.

Lucas turned the corner with a triumphant smirk as Ness gave him a thumbs up. "Great job,"

"That was kinda fun,"

"What did you do again?"

"I had you put a neural override chip on Claus's right hand. Since it's robotic I was able to block the signal to the brain and I have complete control over it with this remote. Handy little trick,"


"Well this was fun Ness, never thought I'd say that about something like this,"

"We should try it again some other time,"

"Yeah we should…" Lucas said with a longing smile. Ness caught the look in Lucas's eyes despite him quickly turning away. "I'll see ya around okay," Lucas said then walked away. Ness made a move to go after him but decided not to. Whatever it is that he's going through his brain he must be coping with it in his own way. Ness decides to go and annoy Ninten awake.

Lucas walks down the hall for a moment until he comes across a steamed Jeff is covered in some strange junk all over his person. Jeff eyes him dangerously. "Where. Is. He?" Jeff growled.

"Actually, I had a favor to ask you first," Lucas said. Jeff calmed considerably as he gazed at Lucas with a raised eyebrow. Lucas placed his hands behind his back as he began to dig his toe in to the floor.

"This is gonna either sound really weird or really crazy,"


"Jeff I give you full permission to my body," Jeff's eyes grew bigger than his glasses lens as they slipped down his nose and his jaw dropped. "I think I may've said that wrong…"

"Yeah, might wanna try rephrasing that,"

"I mean, I know with your scientific mind you've been wanting to study my body more thoroughly. You are you father's son after all. So I give you my permission to study it. Like how humans donate their body to science I'm doing that except I'll be alive, and with people I can trust,"

"Seriously?" Jeff questioned on the edge of excitement. Jeff was always curious about Lucas's anatomy, but reserved himself being that Lucas was a living person not some machine he could take apart.

"Yeah, I trust you with my secrets,"

"Wow…that is amazing, what brought this on?" Jeff asked.

"My efforts of trying to regain some humanity," Lucas said with a shrug. Lucas did Jeff the favor of whipping off his person with his tendrils. The smug absorbed into the tendrils and Lucas noted the Carnicise's blissful affection for the taste. "What is this stuff?"

"Experimenting with symbiont's and finding a sort of substitute for ya no living things," Jeff explained.

"Oh, cool, cause Carcicise likes it,"

"Really?" Jeff questioned while rubbing his chin. Then he stuttered muttering chemical and elements he may've used in the concoction. And just like that his mind was wandering as he went back the way he had came. Lucas sighed as he smirked at how he just saved Ness without the cap boy even knowing it.

Lucas jammed his hands in his pocket as he went the opposite way. He decided to head to the kitchen and see who was currently stuffing their faces. As he was walking he was surprised to hear a very familiar melody. He automatically quickened his pace to arrive on a scene in the kitchen. The three PSI girls, Ana, Paula, and Kumatora were sitting having a nice lunch. Although Lucas felt Kumatora seemed out of place because of her tomboy nature, and Ana and Paula's clearly girly dispositions would possibly conflict with that. However that didn't garner all of Lucas's attention as he looked to Ana who had a strange musical device placed to her lips. She played the song, his momma's song, his lullby. He could just picture Maria singing the words.

Take a Meloooody…

Simple as can beee….

Give it some words and…

Sweet Harmony…

Raise your voices all day long now, love grow strong now…

Sing a Melody…of Love…oh….Love….

Lucas shook his head feeling himself start to nod off a bit just remembering the words. It always wow'd him how the song's effect was as strong as ever despite the large amount of time he's heard it. He came from his lurking spot from the hall into the room to gain the attention of the three girls. They all smirked at him all showing a clear knowing look. The table they sat at was like a large cube that hovered off the ground. Strange looking chairs that looked like a swirling liquid given a solid form. The cube has four sides so one was rightfully open which they motioned for him to sit at. Lucas decided to obey being that since humans themselves were complicated, the female human was even more so, and twice as dangerous.

"Wow, it's like playing that song summons you to us or something," Paula stated with a smile. Lucas blushed.

"The emotional power that it holds is somewhat overpowering," Lucas explained.

"Ya know Lucas, I've wondered, what was going through your mind when we first fought back on Earth?" Ana asked putting down the instrument.

"I wasn't exactly in my right state of mind ya know," Lucas said frowning.

"I know, but you could still think, what were you thinking about?"

"I was sad," Lucas stated plainly. "I could never harm Maria in a million years, so going to Earth I had thought there were going to be many people like Maria. Meeting you guys, and Ninten, kinda put me in reserve. That's why I made the offer to save him, I could never hurt Maria, so I couldn't hurt her family either,"

"An offer?" Kumatora asked.

"When I first came to Earth I offered Ninten a chance to save himself. To board my ship and leave his home behind. Looking back on it now, I was pretty selfish to try waning the weight of my sin,"

"And when you heard the song?" Ana asked.

"Well…my mind began to clear, the evil part of my heart, and the good part began a conflict on my insides. I wasn't lying when I said that song hurt. The song gave the real me strength, enough to fight back for control….I ended up losing anyway…"

"But the song woke you up, you were willing to fight against this evil inside you,"

"The pod I was forced to stay in amplified the evil, so I could never truly defeat it as long as I was inside it. I doubt that evil is truly gone honestly…"

"You left Earth and returned all the people you took," Ana said with a smile. "I think you won in a different way,"

"Wow, so you were fighting with them the entire time," Paula observed. But then she frowned as her eyes began to tear up a bit. "Just thinking about…you…as Giygas…" She began shaking as if she was naked in the middle of a snow storm.

"I understand…" Lucas said looking down.

"The madness you released onto our world, the evil you forced onto people, and the lives you negatively affected. It was awful…"

"That was an experiment…" Lucas stated shaking himself. "Imagine…being in some place dark…the feeling of thousands of needles piercing every inch of your body. They stab deeper and deeper into your flesh, and you're restrained, unable to move. Listening to the endless screams of agony all around you, and relieving your worst most fearful memories over and over again. Sometimes worst then what you remembered. Half the time I couldn't even tell when I was screaming. They tried to push my anguish to extreme levels thinking that my emotions were my strength. They tore me apart…it hurt so much…" Lucas cried.

"A world of pure agony…" Ana moaned.

"I guess everyone involved were victims of Giygas…" Paula said.

"Yeah, we were…"

"But your safe now," Kumatora stated firmly. "Thanks to you we have a fighting chance,"

"…I ruined your life Kumatora…" Lucas said looking down.

"What does that mean?"

"I ruined Nowhere Island. I brought upon the ruination that came with Porky. The entire time I was there, I was battling myself, and because of that I ignored so much of what went on,"

"I don't even know what happened to your parents Kuma…" Lucas said sadly.

Kumatora was quiet as her eyes gaze off to the side in brief thought. Indeed, she was upset that she knew little about her past, and though Lucas never stated it, she had a feeling the Magypsies were simply illusion created by Lucas's brother Gigrahell. She had no real family to speak of and nothing to really fight for. Kumatora sighed. "You can't blame all the world's troubles on yourself Lucas,"


"Bad things happen, they happen to good people. Weather we want them too or not. There's always a chance that we could've done something to change the outcome, or there is a chance that there isn't anything we can do. The only choice we have is to keep moving forward and hope for the best. Dwelling in our past mistakes just means we didn't learn from them and are probably doomed to repeat it," Kumatora explained. Lucas was awe stricken at Kumatora careful word choice and clear wisdom in her words. He'd…never heard her speak such a way. Like, EVER!


"When you live in a castle full of ghost, you pick up a few things. Some of those things being how precious life really is and what's really important. You made mistakes, we all do, and sometimes you pay for em. You made the bed now lie in it,"


"Besides, I have a family now, and I'm gonna do my darnest to keep them safe!"

"Right, so will I!" Lucas exclaimed Kumatora's energy rubbing off on him.

"Kumatora's energy is so contagious, she's what inspired us to become stronger ourselves," Ana explained.

"Still, I heard that Paula here went toe to toe with you Lucas," Kumatora said with a smile.

"Clearly human woman have quite a large reserve of power," Lucas said while scratching his head.

"Well that's one way of putting it," Paula said.

"Ya know, some guys even think girls are just downright inferior to males," Ana stated.

"I think that would just be that males prefer they be the dominant creatures. I remember one planet where the woman were in total control of the planet…it was…quite nice,"

"Surprise, surprise," the girls muttered.

"But oddly enough during set intervals of a month, there would be mass chaos and the males would have to protect themselves. Quite devastating, when violence broke out on that planet, it was quite…insane for lack of a better word," At this the three girls sat quietly looking at Lucas. Lucas caught their stares and returned a clueless one of his own. "What?"

"Weather human or alien, men are just so clueless," Ana stated with a shake of her head. At this the three girls stood up having finished their meal long ago, and had other things to do. Lucas waved them farewell for now as he continued to sit. He had then noticed that Ana left the odd instrument behind. He picked it up then looked it over. Lucas squints his eyes knowing that he has seen the device before but cannot place it.

"Didn't expect you to be here," came a voice behind him. Lucas turned his head to see Duster. Lucas smirked, the only human he knew that could sneak up on him without him even noticing.

"Hey Duster," Lucas greeted cheerfully.

"How ya doin buddy?" Duster stated heading over to the cabinets to find something quick to eat.

"Good, I've been feeling a lot better lately,"

"Good to hear, especially since without you at 100% the rest of us won't stand a chance,"

"I'm not that big a deal ya know,"

"I beg to differ," Duster said sitting down across from Lucas. "Without you here things would be so much harder,"

"Maybe…but without you guys I wouldn't be who I am, or be able to do what I do for you guys,"

"Good point," Duster said rubbing his chin. "It's very hard to give you a compliment, ya know that?"

"Well I don't wanna get a big head, figuratively speaking,"

"I suppose I can understand that. You've learned a lot on this little journey, and I've gotta say I've learned from you too,"

"Thank you Duster, that means a lot,"

"But what will you do when you face your Father?" Lucas's heart rose into his throat as he suddenly lost the ability to speak. That was a fair question wasn't it? What was he planning to do when he faced his Father. A fight would be suicide, and words would most likely be wasted on someone like him. So what options did he have? "Don't know huh?" Lucas nods. "I can relate," Lucas smiles as he nods again. "Words would be wasted on him, and fighting him would get you nowhere too. So what options do you have? Well, actions speak louder than words," Lucas shrunk back a bit. "And by actions I mean showing what you've accomplished, show him you're not the same person you used to be. Show him that you've evolved beyond his expectations, that you have your own way of doing things. That you're not a kid anymore,"

Lucas's eyes grew wide with awe. He supposed that this was Duster's specialty, dealing with difficult father's. Lucas knew for a fact that his dad was not one that was pleased easily. Lucas knew that better now than ever thanks to burrowing deep into Wess's subconscious. Even then Lucas was having a tough time. A persistent man through and through, but Lucas also saw that Wess respected Duster greatly for his courage and was greatly awe struck with how strong he has grown despite his permanent injury. Lucas's smiled, "You're right Duster. Technically, I am still a kid to all the other Immortal Soldiers and Father,"

"How does that work when you guys can live thousands of year?"

"Well my eldest brother was probably around…50,000 years old. I am about….maybe 5,000…so that's a clear age difference,"

"Wow…you're an old man,"

Lucas laughs, "Maybe by your standards, I can tell your starting to slip into that old age,"


"Yeah, now you have to try and sneak up on people," Lucas said standing up. He took his eyes off Duster for a second and looked back to see him gone. Lucas gaped at the vacant seat.

"You only think I'm trying," came Duster's voice behind him. Lucas turned sharply to Duster enjoying his snack with mild amusement. He messed with Lucas hair as he stalked off. Lucas gave Duster a look to his back before his face contorts into a smile. He swivels around to see Nefarious leaning on the counter looking at him.

"Oh, hey Nefarious,"

"What are you up to?"

"What do you mean?" Lucas asked.

"You may be convincing everyone to being totally new to the human thing but you and I know that isn't totally true. You know humans inside and out,"


"You're hiding something, from everyone, a secret that I think is very relevant to what is going on,"

Lucas' eyes widened a bit. Then they shifted to the floor. "I…just have to think some things over is all…"

"Think things over?"

"I'm not saying I have a secret, and even if I did I would have a good reason to keep it,"]

"Well what is your reason?" Nefarious asked with crossed arms.

"…I want no regrets…telling you would probably kill morale, and that's the one thing we need…"

"Wait…" Nefarious said thinking for a moment, and then his eyes widened a bit. "Are you saying that you might-,"

"There is no chance it won't if I continue this course of action. It's a simple fact,"


"Please, keep quiet what you have. I'd really appreciate it,"

Nefarious sighed annoyed that Ness's soft spot for Lucas has carried over to him now. "Fine,"

"Thank you," Lucas said with a slight bow. He turns to walk away from the kitchen area leaving Nefarious in quite a position. Lucas sighed placing a hand on his chest. "Humanity was always the easiest concept for me to learn…so why am I struggling with it now of all times?" Lucas began to approach one of the common areas that was a quaint little spot. It was deemed the common area because this sector was in the center of the ship and served a small hub. As Lucas got closer he could hear the room was not empty.

"Just get the stuff out!" cried an annoyed voice.

"J-Just stay calm alright, give me a minute," came a slightly jarred voice in return. Lucas stuck his head around the corner to see Loid was assisting Teddy with his messy hair predicament. Lucas knew that Loid knew nothing about hair, but the industrial adhesive was gonna be tricky to get out. Now that Lucas thought out it, that was quite a cruel prank that he now feels bad for. Lucas steps into the room garnering Teddy and Loid's attention. Lucas could tell that Teddy was beyond pissed.

"You like jerk off!" Teddy yelled attempting to strangle Lucas but realized his hands were still inaccessible. So instead he swung his leg to kick Lucas in the chin.

"I see you're upset," Lucas leaning back just enough for the strike to miss. Teddy lose his balance and then fell to the floor.

"Yeah, he's pretty mad," Loid said but with a small smirk and snicker.

"It's your fault this happened!" Teddy exclaimed hopping to his feet. "One minute it's hair gel than you come in, and the next minute is this-this, sticky stuff!"

"It's an industrial adhesive," Loid pointed out.

"WHATEVER!" Teddy yelled. "I want it out…" Teddy growled glowering at Lucas.

"Okay, I had no idea Ness would use such a strong substance, I'll help you out," Lucas said sitting Teddy down.

"Ness, but I didn't see him?" Teddy questioned.

"Right, neither did I, faster than the naked eye,"

"So, that's how you two did it," Teddy said with realization.

"The stuff is really strong. From the looks of it, I think only heat could possibly loosen it enough to where you can get your hands free,"

"Well let's use Ana's hairdryer,"

"Well that might work, but that may take hours,"

"Plus, all that heat on my hair could be even more damaging. It' be singe, never the same ever again…" Teddy said as he seemed to be ready to breakdown into tears. Loid rolled his eyes, but looking at Lucas he could tell the brunette felt Teddy's pain. He supposed it must be a hair thing.

"One thing I do take pride in as a human is personal grooming. Although I do miss my blonde hair, this jet black has grown on me. Let me see if I might help you," Lucas said standing. As Teddy sat on the couch Lucas observed Teddy's hair seeing the adhesive had not fully solidified which was good. Lucas raised both his hands then clawed them up. Loid grew nervous while teddy was simply unaware.

"Hey how are you gonna-," Teddy was cut off as he felt Lucas scratching, tearing, and mane the adhesive to shreds. Teddy grits his teeth throughout the entire experience feeling like Lucas was tearing right into his scalp.

"Try moving your hands," Lucas instructed. Teddy pulled hard but they still felt stuck but however he was able to pull them away much farther now. With one quick slash Lucas freed his hands from his head and went to work on the rest. Loid looked around to see that chunks of the solidified adhesive all over the couch and floor. "Alright how's that?" Lucas questioned.

Teddy emotional prepared himself for what he might see. He reached to his left with a hand mirror with his eyes closed he held it up. He heard Loid gasp, which prompted him to see what, had happened to make him gasp as well. "WOW!" he exclaimed. His hair was perfect, perfectly aligned and just the style he likes it in too.

"Yeah, some of the adhesive had hardened, so I tore out that and used what was left to fix your hair the way you like it. This should hold way better then gel. I hope you like it like this, because it may be permanent,"

"Wow, thanks dude, you're a life saver,"

"It is the least I can do after what I've done,"

At this Teddy puts the mirror down to look at Lucas. His face completely neutral. He seemed to be thinking over a response and then finally sighed. "Ya know, you tend to live in the past a lot,"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Just like how it sounds. You live in the past a lot. I know you feel bad for a lot of stuff you've done, so I don't bring it up. Looking toward the future is way more fun ya know,"

"It's hard ya know…to not think about the past,"

"Well the past is what makes us who we are," Loid said in agreement. "But, we can't let that dictate our choices. We can choose ya know, we can choose to be better for it or let ourselves be absorbed by it. You understand that right?"

"How do humans get over their past?" Lucas asked. Considering humans have a much shorter life span they simply don't have the time that he has to come to rest with his demons.

"Well…we just ya know…get over it," Teddy said completely losing Lucas.

"He means that we have a lot less time to work with then you. We don't have the luxury of cross examining such a long history like yours. We have to make due with the time we have. Everyone knows nothing is forever," Loid added.

"Yeah, what he said!" Teddy agreed as if he himself had said it.

"I get it, make due with the time you have. Instead of worrying, just live, right?"

"Right!" Teddy said giving him a thumbs up. "I totally forgive you by the way, so don't worry about it. I don't do special treatment anyway," Teddy said as he walked away. Lucas stared after him before his eyes fell on Loid who simply nods then follows Teddy. Lucas sighed again on another lesson learned from his human friends. However, he noticed something now that the room was silent. A slight heavy breathing sound came from behind him. He turned around to see nothing, but upon searching the room a bit he found someone sleeping in a small crawl space behind the small couch. Upon investigating he sees it is Ninten clutching a pillow tightly.

"Uh Ninten?" Lucas questioned him. This made Ninten stir a bit but he didn't awaken. So Lucas reached down to pinch Ninten's nose. This made Ninten wake up almost immediately realizing his breathing was cut off. He slapped away Lucas hand and reached quite violently knocking the chair over and onto Lucas.

"Whoops," Ninten muttered sleepily. He gave out a yawn as he removed the couch from on top of Lucas. "Oh, Lucas, it's you I thought you were Ness,"

"I thought he would be looking for you," Lucas said sitting up.

"Yeah, well, I'm tired and needed sleep. He's way to energetic so I decided to take a nap here," Ninten said sitting down across from Lucas.

"So you've been asleep this whole time,"

"Kinda hard with Teddy yelling," Ninten said scratching the side of his head.

"You were awake for all that?"

"Somewhat," Ninten answered honestly. Ninten then gave Lucas a curious look. "So, what's up?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you're acting weirder than usual. Why?"

"I wanna be more human because I feel like being an Immortal Soldier isn't enough. I lost to you guys for a reason, and even now I don't understand why. I'm thinking this might help me become even stronger," Ninten gave Lucas a bored look as he flicked him in the head making Lucas flinch back rubbing the spot. "Ouch, what was that for?"

"For acting like your weak. Your strong, a lot stronger then you realize. You lost because you wanted to lose, because that's what you wanted in your heart. You know what a heart is right?"

"Yeah, its part of the cardiovascular system that regulates blood throughout the body and like a large muscle that if exercised properly-,"

"No, not that heart!" Ninten said almost breaking into pure laughter.

"Oh, you mean the spiritual heart, that resides in everyone. That gives us our strength,"

"Yeah, sorta, in your heart you wanted to lose. We just helped you win in the end. You're our friend Lucas, and my bro. What does your heart tell you about that?"

"That this is a safe place…that I can trust you guys…that…it would be awful to never see you again…"

"We'll always look out for ya, I hope you know that," Ninten said leaning back on his hands.

"You say with such passion and vigor I find it hard to believe," Lucas said in a joking manner.

"Well believe it," Ninten said sitting up to reach forward to plant his palm in the center of Lucas's head. "Long as I'm here and still kicking, I won't ever let you be sad again,"

"That's a lot to promise Ninten…"

"I know…" Ninten said removing his hand.

"Well it's time I make a promise to you too," Lucas stated firmly suddenly surprising Ninten. "I wanna be able to protect you. I want to be able to protect everyone. But I can't…I wasn't made to do that…so instead I promise to destroy everyone and everything that threatens my family,"

Ninten couldn't help but smile, "Wow, look who's growing up…"

"Well if you and Ness wont, someone has to," Lucas said standing up. Lucas extend his hand for Ninten to take. Ninten took it and pulled himself to his feet. After a brief look Lucas and Ninten gave each other a fist bump. "Thanks for everything bro,"

Ninten smiled, although he had a hint of confusion in his eyes. However, before any questions could be asked the intercom turned on. "Approaching Destination in ten minutes," Came Star's voice. Lucas nods to Ninten as they both rush off. Ninten was somewhat surprised to see Lucas wearing a confident smile on his face for once.