The Shadows of the Past part 30

"Epilogue…..or Prologue?"

The trip back to Earth seemed so long. Apparently, after the fall of the Creator, the entire space colony began to fall apart and turn into a giant scrap of metal. The humans gathered their fallen comrades as a way of trying to give them a proper burial when they returned. Jeff had examined Lucas's body thoroughly to, but there was no way around it. The simple fact was that they are all dead.

Lucas is dead.

They handled it as best as they possibly could in all honesty. They had decided that in Fuel's case that they would omit the fact that he was actually Gigicise, Lucas's eldest brother. Save Lighter a bit more heartache then needed. It was so hard to come to terms with it all, but Claus was taking it so much harder than everyone else it seemed. He sealed himself off in his room talking to no one and speaking with no one. Ness and Ninten were on a similar level as him, the only difference being they didn't tune people out. However, their cheery spirits were gone showing the deep scars that were left. They were upset more so at themselves for the happening. Lucas was recklessly selfless, they knew that. They knew he would give his life for them without batting an eye, but they promised themselves they would never ever give him the option. They felt like failures despite the battle being won. Their very spirits were crushed but they allowed the others to console them at least. They didn't hurt alone and they knew that, but it was so obvious to see something had broken inside of them. They all tried their hardest to find a way of moving on despite how impossible it would seem. Duster was so out of it that he usually silent footsteps sounded like lead in the halls. Kumatora firey personality and vigor gave way to a defenseless shell of a girl she fought so hard to never show. They felt utterly horrible to allow their comrade fall without them. Kumatora even briefly suggested suicide to Duster! However, both knew that would only cause more pain for everyone, and basically spit on the sacrifice Lucas made for them. Ana and Paula were just as devastated seeing the boy as a product of how good things can come from bad sometimes. They were so proud of Lucas and his accomplishments and wished to see what other things he might accomplish. It was unfair that it ended like this when he just started making his own life, and making peace with his demons. The girls mostly help to console Ness and Ninten, but to be honest they weren't really sure who was consoling who in this situation since they were the ones crying on their respective boyfriend's shoulder. Teddy was surprised how he felt so bad for Lucas. Teddy however held no deep mourning knowing that Lucas did what he thought was right. He was happy, and the sacrifice wasn't in vain. That's what's important...but no matter how many times he thought that he couldn't help getting a headache trying not to think of missing the sweet innocent Lucas. Loid didn't like these emotions he was feeling, they were new and undesired. He decided to tinker on something, repair something, work on a project, or anything! Anything but these feelings...anything but the hurt. Nefarious and Star sat together in Nefarious' room. Star wanted to be with him at the moment and Nefarious didn't have a problem. They too felt bad for what happened... Nefarious curses the soft spot Ness inherited to him. However, he knew he was only kidding himself. He genuinely liked Lucas and wished he didn't have to die this way. Poo respected Lucas as a true warrior. He found himself alone in a meditative state calming his mind and searching for an answer to find of a way of pushing past this. The fact was he was never trained for this, and to be perfectly honest the thought never crossed his mind that he would ever lose a friend. In retrospect it is a rather ignorant and foolish thought to think that in all these battles they've fought that the possibility of death was real. It just seemed so...foreign. He didn't like foreign things too much. He found himself for the first time in his life unable to concentration on what he was doing.

After a few days they returned to Earth using the giant flagship of Gigicise. At first the citizens of Tazmilly were almost in shock to see the ship thinking they were under attack. While in space they had no idea just how much time had past while flying through the void. Apparently they had been gone for about 3 months which only felt like a few weeks to them. There was great celebration initially...till everyone saw the down cast of faces. Flint was the first brave enough to ask.

"What's wrong, what happened?" he asked looking everyone over. No one answered him, but after a quick glance of faces he noticed two missing. He felt a lump in his throat as a cold sweat hit his brow. He swallowed harshly then asked. "Where is Lucas?"

"And where is Fuel?" Lighter added clearly angered by the lack of answers and not wanting to jump to conclusions. He looked to the ship. "FUEL GET OUT HERE! You had me worried sick!" No one came out and this made Lighter angrier. "FUEL!"

"Lighter..." Claus began shakily a hard lump in his throat.

"Please..." Lighter said quietly. "Please tell me anything...then what your about to tell me. Tell me he's asleep, goofing off, causing trouble...but please...don't tell me what you're about to tell me..." Claus said nothing else as he turned to look at the sand on the beach. Noting his silence Lighter began to shake. This was a hard sight to watch, a man who lost his wife...and now his son.

"Where is Lucas?" Flint asked since his question wasn't answered either.

"He's gone..." Nefarious said being the bearer of bad news. "This's permanent..."

To say this rocked Flint's world was an understatement. Just when he thought he could live with most of his family again...he was back to having only one son again. It felt like some cosmic force saying he couldn't have his children! Flint fell to his knees not prepared for the emotional punch. Claus walked over to hug the man tightly knowing they both needed it more then they'd claim. In only half a day they prepared a funeral to honor the dead, to honor the heroes who gave everything to save them. It was somewhat startling how many had shown up to the event, but the shy boy had interacted with everyone in the village. Everyone knew what he had done for them. Even the giant Leder made his presence known in the back of the crowd who seemed to be shedding silent tears. They had decided to bury him right next to his mom. So many tears were shed at the occasion especially by those who knew him best. Claus decided that he would give the eulogy for his lost brother.

"Lucas…was the best at whatever he put his mind into doing. I can't really tell anyone about who he used to be, but I can tell you what he was to me. When we were little, Lucas was known as the weaker twin, the weirdo, and always filled the role of second best. I heard that so much, that I at first began to think it a little myself. But when I see him sad, when he's upset…I don't know what it was but he just always seemed so much stronger than what everyone thought. He had more humanity in his little finger then most people had in their entire bodies. I saw it…I guess in a way I've always seen it and never understood why no one else did, why he didn't. Lucas was gifted with tremendous power, so much power that he actually could've destroyed this planet if he wanted to. I think I finally understand him…which sucks because of where we are right now for me to finally get it. He had so much power because he didn't want it. He never wanted power, but because of that he knew when to use it. He hated violence, but that meant he knew when it was necessary. His only flaw was he didn't know how to use it to protect what mattered to him. I guess it's how the universe balances out. The ones who don't desire power, are the ones who know how to use it I guess," Claus tears began to pour out his eyes showing he was struggling to continue. "But he was more than that, more than just some weapon to be used to take over the universe. He was living proof that you can do great things no matter where you come from. He showed me how to be strong, showed all of us really. He even helped us realize our potential, with the amount of faith he had for us he helped us grow stronger. I really wish we weren't here right now, but since I missed mom's funeral there was no way I was going to miss yours too bro. I love you Lucas, we love you Lucas, and I hope wherever you ended up your happy,"

In the crowd Dr. Andonuts was with Jeff. He tapped the boy on the shoulder drawing his attention then handed him what appeared to be a flash drive. Jeff looked at him questioningly. "I can't afford to have something like this on file for the Pigmask to use. Last thing any of us want is someone like Lucas working for them," Jeff nods in understanding at the notion. However, he found it hard to have such information under his control. He had taken vital information from Lucas's body in order to preserve them from falling in the wrong hands, as Lucas had requested of him before he died. Jeff in all honesty was scared…he literally had the most powerful being in the universe bottled up and preserved. Jeff shook his head to rid himself of his nervousness then reached to take the drive. "Be careful with that my boy," he said.

Jeff nods in understanding. He looked toward Ness to see such a sorrowed look on him, one he had never ever seen before. Telling him about the information he was just handed or any of them, seems like a move he shouldn't make. He was hurting, everyone was hurting, last thing he or the others wanted was to be tempted to peel through the data to find a way of reviving Lucas. This would have to stay his secret. Ness couldn't stand watching, or listening anymore obviously as he stepped through the crowd to leave. Jeff noticed Paula and Poo close behind him, and looking around a bit more he saw Ninten, Loid, Ana, and Teddy were already ahead of them. Jeff hurried after his group to rejoin them.

"Let's go home…" Ness muttered.

"You don't wanna say goodbye?" Jeff questioned.

"No," he said simply and gave no other reason. Jeff supposed he didn't need one. Ninten half-heartedly opened a time portal and they all jumped in. Jeff wondered if their adventures would end now...

20 years later

Location: Unknown

Time Period: Ness's aka The Golden Age

In an office covered with papers on the floor and desk, filing cabinets, and other random items. A man was sitting behind the desk writing something down on his notepad and then moving to type on his computer with his fingers flashing over the keyboard. There was a loud banging noise that sounded like someone was punching the door. "By all means, come in," responded the blond man.

In came a heavily decorated man clad in a navy military uniform. The man was built like a soldier with big muscles and stern jaw with his military haircut. He wore a very displeased face as he quickly walk toward the man who sat down behind the desk who also neglected to look at him. "I guess your too good to stand and salute,"

"Well I'm not exactly a soldier, and it's already been stated that you have limited command over me,"

"Given, that you hold up your end of the bargain, which you have not Andonuts!" the man growled slamming his hands on the desk that rattled a few of the blond's things. The blond man placed his hand on a few things to keep them from falling over.

"How so?" the man stated raising an eyebrow as he pushed up his glasses.

"Nothing has been effective. Sure, we have some really neat toys on controlling and corralling PSI users, but nothing to combat them,"

"You mean, nothing that can kill them," Andonuts corrected.

"Well everyone knows that they can heal themselves!"

"To a certain extent General,"

"Does it really matter Professor what the weapons are used for,"

"Yes it does sir," Professor Andonuts said with a hint of annoyance. "You want to create something that can handle the bad PSI users fine, but I'm not make something so you can lock up the good ones too. Specifically three of them,"

"They are the most powerful PSI users on the planet, especially Ness. Do you think we'd be able to stop him if we needed to,"

"He wouldn't turn,"

"That's what everyone thought until that day 15 years ago,"

"That was an evil version of him,"

"There's never been a clear discrimination between the two,"

"He has his own country, with a figure head and everything,"

"Little prick also has diplomatic immunity…"

"So what are you trying to create? A new team, or a new weapon?"

"All these papers, all these idea, and we don't have time to syphon through what may work and what wont," The General growled scanning over the papers. He saw a lot of new designs, old designs being improved, old records of military operations, new cases that needed to be worked, and other miscellaneous things. Suddenly, something caught his eye. He saw what appeared to be a flash drive. He picked it up fiddling with it. The man's office was covered with papers all over the place, so why would the man have something digital around. "What's on this?"

Professor Andonuts glanced up, but then seemingly paled as he shifted around patting his pockets. "T-T-That's my-my… book!"

"Your book?" the general questioned. He scanned the object to see how much memory it has. "You need Five Terabytes of space to write a book?"

"It's…a manual?"


"Why does my personal life suddenly interest you General?" the blond decided to play offensive.

"It doesn't but you can't bullshit a bullshiter professor," The general stepped around the desk then inserted the flash drive into the computer. Before Andonuts could do anything it was already too late. The file was being opened and looked through by the General. And though it was a bunch of jargon he couldn't fully understand he knew a blueprint when he saw one. A blueprint of something…no maybe of someone. The General stood up from behind the monitor then walked toward to the door without the drive. He turned his head simply to the blond. "Jeff Andonuts, I want one," he said simply then left.

Jeff stared at the door then back at his monitor. "I guess history has a way of repeating itself…"