Disclaimer: As usual, I have -7% of the rights to Harry Potter. :)

Prompt: Puppet

Character: Ariana Dumbledore

you can feel it p u l l i n g at you,

tugging at your wrists, ankles, at your very



it's always there, buried deep within you

fighting you, pushing you,

so hard to resist. it pulses, beating heavy within you

just beneath the surface.


and it leaks out through the cracks in your vacant smile,

making you cry softly by yourself.

because the flower in your room, it

blooms much too soon; and then it blackens, withers, d i e s .


and one day albus is reading to you

and you feel it press itself against your flaws

and then the words disappear from the page,

gone f o r e v e r .


it scares you, scares you.

but you don't know how to stop it.

it's leading you to the end of the road,

and maybe to the end of everything.

it's controlling you,

holding you under the water

as it takes over your lonely little world.


and you can see it, baby, the e n d .

there it is, just ahead,

but you can't slow down,

can't warn them.


because you, ariana, you are not your own.

you are just a puppet,

your flickering shadow dancing on the wall

as this thing inside you pulls the strings.


and there is nothing you can do.