prompt: end

characters: all

a/n: final chapter :'( i'll miss this one. but check out Of Nargles and Beautiful Girls if you want to see more of my poetry. Or silent screams and empty dreams if you want a freeverse collection about Lily Evans. I have a drabble collection with freeverse about the Slytherins - Breathing Firewhiskey. (hehe, like my self-advertisement?)

of course we had to end,
eventually. every last one of us -
but baby, don't be s a d ;
don't m i s s us.

we made this world for you -
we give it to you for safekeeping.
so never forget us.
any of us.

albus, who learned from his mistakes.
tom, who was not afraid.
harry, who would have fought no matter what.

every girl, every boy
who gave their lives to create something beautiful.

(within the beauty is tragedy -
blood, tears, life&death&pain.
but like pandora's box,
it holds hope as well.)

just look at
(minerva, neville, nymphadora, remus,
fred, bellatrix, ariana, merope, padma, xenophilius,
gabrielle, daphne, draco, sirius, petunia,
peter, colin, rubeus, argus, griphook, severus,
firenze, winky, barty, percy, viktor.)

(look at every hufflepuff, ravenclaw, slytherin, and gryffindor -
and when you see them, see them all the same.)

look at these kings and queens,
the heroes who gave it all up for you,
for love&hate&friendship&disgust,
so you could have the chance to taste smiles and tears.

they spend their days and nights
for you. their hearts beat for you,
they breathe so that you can breathe too.

yes, some of them gave up their breath;
but don't be sorry. live for them,
live for the ones who cannot live for themselves.
do for them what they did for you,

these kings and queens of tragedy.
these kings and queens of tragedy.