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The Bakers dozen meets a baker's dozen when a family with thirteen children moves in across the street and chaos is insured. The kids hit it off immediately with a great friendship and a chance of romance but what will the kids do when they learn that their parentshave hated each other since grade school?

Chapter 1

Wednesday Swords sat crammed in between her older brother, Jackson who had and encyclopedia open on his lap with the corners digging into Wednesday's leg, and her younger sister Suzy who was sneezing every few seconds.

It was an unpleasant SIX HOURS for Wednesday who had used up all the patience she had earned in seven years and was considering murder at the end. The twelve children ran out of the van once they arrived at their new house in Midland.

The Swords oldest child, Tyler who no longer lived with them but had promised to help the family unpack stood waiting on the front porch. Greetings were exchanged before backpacks, suitcases, and duffel bags were snatched up and the kids were wrestling over rooms.

Once Wednesday managed to get a room she unpacked, used the restroom, and went outside. She hit the ground running, needing to burn off the energy she had built up over the time spent in the car.

She ran up the street and started walking back. She saw that there was a house about the same size as her families with bikes, skates, and sports equipment scattered across the yard. It was either a large family or VERY messy and spoiled kids.

Suddenly something knocked her to the ground. The knees of her pants tore as she skidded across the ground and her knees were just as shredded as her pants. Wednesday bit her lip to keep from crying out.

"I'm so sorry!" a boy's voice said. "My brother pushed me and my skates kept rolling."

Wednesday looked up to see a blond haired boy about her age on roller skates wearing hockey gear. An older boy skated over.

"It's OK," Wednesday said. She wiped furiously at her eyes to wipe away the tears that were building there.

"Do you want to come over to our house? Our mom can help clean up your knees," the older boy offered.

"Um… Sure," Wednesday said. She knew that this would slow the process of unpacking at her house which would get on her parents' nerves a lot.

The two boys lead her to the large house that she had seen before with equipment scattered across the yard.

"Mom this is… uh…" the blond haired boy started to say but then remembered he hadn't asked her name.

"Wednesday," she said.

"Jake pushed me while I was skating and I knocked her down," the younger boy explained.

"Nice to meet you Wednesday, I'm Kate Baker. I'm guessing you've meet Mike and Jake," the woman said. Wednesday mentally listed the names. Jake was the older, Mike was her age, and Baker was their last name.

Mrs. Baker cleaned and bandaged her knees and found a pair of Mike's jeans for her to wear which were only slightly baggy. Once Wednesday was patched up the three went back outside. They kicked off their shoes and started jumping on the trampoline.

"So Wednesday, you got any brothers and sisters?" Mike asked after a little while.

"Yeah, I'm the third youngest of thirteen. What about you?" she said, ready for them to be surprised.

"Other than us there're ten other Bakers so you beat us by one," Jake said. Wednesday smiled, glad that her family wasn't the only big family on the street.

"Well actually there's 14 of us but, Tyler doesn't really count because he doesn't live with us and he's a grown-up. He's twenty three," Wednesday said after thinking a little.

"Nora doesn't live with us. She's got an apartment but sometimes she visits," Mike said.

Several hours later Wednesday heard one of her older sisters, Hannah, yelling for her to come home. The dark haired girl jumped off the trampoline and jammed her feet into her sneakers.

"I'll see you around," she said to the two boys.

"Yeah, you can come over some time if you want to," Mike offered.

Wednesday smiled. "That'd be great."


"Where were you Wednesday?" Mrs. Sword asked her daughter as the two set the table for dinner.

"I meet the neighbors. Jake pushed Mike while he was on skates and Mike couldn't stop and knocked me down so they took me to their house and their mom took care of my scratches and then we just played," she said in full awareness that her mom wasn't listening to half of what she said.

"Oh. That's nice," the woman said, while trying to stop the twins, Suzy and Anna, from fighting over whose hair brush was whose.

At nine o'clock Wednesday went into her bedroom and put on a tee shirt and sleep shorts for P.J.s. She took the gauze pads off her knees and examined the cuts. They were no longer bleeding but still stung a lot.

"What happened to your knees," one of her older brothers, Billy asked.

"One of the neighbors shoved the other one and he was on skates so he couldn't stop and accidently knocked me down," she said.

Billy mentally laughed at the way Wednesday spoke. She her voice was still childish but she had a slightly larger than normal vocabulary which made her sound a little bit funny.

"I didn't see you come home," he said.

"That's because I didn't. They're mom cleaned me up and let me borrow a pair of jeans from Mike and then I played over there the rest of the time," Wednesday explained.

Billy nodded. "Be careful." Billy was sixteen and very protective over all of his siblings, even Tyler and Jessie who were older than him.

"Aren't I always?" Wednesday said. Billy gave her a look that said, 'Do you really want me to answer that?'

The seven year old laughed before curling under the covers on her bed. "Goodnight Billy."

"Night Wednesday," he said. Billy turned off the lights and left the door cracked open.

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