Lola Ride: CDF? What does this stand for? I'm confuzzled!

Yeah, I've known you for nine months (I really didn't know it had been that long until I went back through and looked at your first review to this story) so I'm pretty comfortable talking about this with you, but some other people might have read this and been offended or something.

And as I was looking through the reviews I saw the one where you asked me if I was out of school and told me that you were home schooled, and I kind of think that's part of the reason you feel so strongly about what we've been discussing, because you haven't been exposed to as many as the things that you could have been. And to be honest, I'm jealous.

I was kind of reminising today and I started thinking, everday I walk down the same hallway that a teenager was lead out of in handcuffs a year ago. Same hallways kids huddled in during the tornadoes. Same hallways that a lot of other stuff that I don't really want to know happens in. And I'm letting that influence me too much. So when I came back from gym I walked around the school, hummed "We're Off to See the Wizard", hugged my best friends, and just kind of enjoyed everything a bit more. Now I'm sort of laughing at myself, having a moment carrying a gym bag full of sweaty gym clothes and stepping over a bunch of crushed eggs, but I was. So then I kind of agreed, there is too much negative on my profile, so I'm going to leave the stories up, but try to balance it out with more positive stories. If you have any, send 'em in.

Also on the one where we talked about what I guessed what you looked like, what do you think I look like? How old? Tall, short, fat, thin, pale, tan? And like you did before you read the little physical desription of me on my profile, if you read it.

IT SNOWED HERE! But it didn't stick. I love winter! The only part I don't like about it is that my lips get chappe and when I play my saxophone they bleed and it hurts. Ohsies wellsies.

I should check them out… Have you ever heard of David Fanning? He came to my school and he's really good, but hardly anyone has ever heard of him. He's better live than he is in videos and stuff. This is a really long authors notey thing. 430 something words.

EVERYONE If this is crap, I really can't help it. I wrote this while I was at home from school, recovering from a migraine.

Sneak Peak of Next Story Which Will Probably Be Up Before Christmas.

Warning so I won't offend anyone: This features Christmas. I'm not trying to offend anyone and I won't put to much religious stuff in, but it's the season, I can't help but write about it.

"It's my turn," Wednesday declared. The Sword family was gathered around a little cardboard box with numbered flaps, an Advent calendar. Every year, the Swords' cousins would send them an Advent calendar which usually arrived around the first of December. Tyler knew that this Christmas was special; it was their first Christmas together since their parents had died.

Using one hand to hold the box up, Wednesday carefully popped the properly dated flap of and pulled out the little piece of candy. Their cousins lived in Germany, so the calendar had some extra novelty with the little foreign candies.

It was a not even two weeks until Christmas and the Swords were just now putting up their Christmas tree. They had been using the same artificial tree since the twins were born, and by some small miracle the tree had survived the fire that had taken most everything else from the family. The older kids pulled down plastic tubs of decorations and ornaments while Tyler and Billy, with some difficulty, got the tree down from the attic.

Once the tree was set up they began putting the ornaments on. The tree was decorated in such a crowded, messy, childish, perfect way that you could only get in a family of fourteen. The angel was left sitting on the coffee stand, not to be put up until Christmas Eve.

The sound of bare feet running came down the stairs and two little bodies flung themselves at the window. "It's snowing!" Anna declared with glee. The twins rounded on their brother.

"Can we go out?" they asked.

"How about this?" Tyler proposed. "You guys run up the stairs and down the hallway, screaming at the top of your lungs that it's snowing and we're all going to go outside and make snow cream and then run into your room and get bundled up while I get some warm clothes on and get the stuff to make the snow cream?"

The two little girls nodded, happily agreeing to the plan and the dashed back up the stairs, shouting all the way. Tyler laughed quietly to himself as he went to the kitchen for milk, sugar, a gigantic bowl, spoons, and vanilla.

A.N. I have never actually had snow cream before, as it rarely snows enough here in the southern US. I just remembered the recipe from a book I read three years ago.

"Everybody ready?" Tyler asked. Counting him, twelve of the fourteen Sword kids were in the living room.

"Don't leave us," Jackson shouted from the top of the stairs where he and Andrew shoving their feet in their boots. He yanked his arms back as he tightened the laces, but accidently caught Andrew in the shoulder, sending him tumbling backwards. Andrew latched onto his twin, and they both went down the stairs, laughing when they finally stopped at the bottom.

They all laughed at the two clumsy boys before they headed out to enjoy the cold weather.