"I was thinking we'd try the Zyngide next! Marvelous race! They invented Cacti you know?" The Doctor said, leaping around the console of the TARDIS frantically.

"What? They invented cacti? Cacti wasn't invented… it was grown!" Replies Donna, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

"Ha! That's what they wanted you to think! See, Cacti was based off of the form of… wellll.. Lets say the Zyngide's 'idols' the Vinvocci! Met a few of them once. They were alright, hardly role-models…"

The Doctor realised Donna had been unusually quiet during his conversation, and turned to see where she was.

It turned out, she'd been completely ignoring the Doctors completely necessary (or so he thought, ) rant on the Zyngide and how they came up with the idea for the appearance of a cactus, and had been reading an article from her magazine.

When she noticed he'd stopped talking and was looking directly at her, she closed her magazine and placed it on the captains chair, next to where she was sitting.

"Oh sorry, you done?" she said hiding her smile.

"One day, you'll wished you've listened to me.. I mean, say you're threatened to be put to death unless we answer a question about the origin of a cactus, and I'm doing something completely clever and technical meanwhile… what will you do then, Donna Noble?"

"Well, I reckon it's highly unlikely that whilst aliens are trying to take over the world they'll be threatnin' me, of all people, with pub quizzes…"

"It's a big universe, Donna, all sorts can happen."

"So, you keep telling' me! Now where're we goin', space man?"

As Donna spoke, the TARDIS lunged forward causing her to fall backward and luckily land on the captains chair.

The Doctor, however, was far unluckier and landed flat on his bum.

The turbulence subsided, and as the Doctor pulled himself up, rubbing his rear end, Donna let out a roar of laughter.

"My pain funny, Donna?" He said in mock-upset.

"Yep!" She yelped, bursting into laughter again, ignoring the Doctors pout.

"So where are we then, Time-boy? Or should I say when?"

"Well," The Doctor said, closing the TARDIS door behind him and breathing in a lungful of oxygen, "We're on a planet, I can tell you that much."

"You mean… you don't know?" Donna replied, in an annoyed tone.

The Doctor just looked at her innocently as he defended himself.

"Whole of time and space and you expect me to know everything, just like that," he pulled his hand out of his coat pocket and clicked his fingers, "Just give me some time, it'll come to me."

Donna was already admiring the view, her fiery red hair was violently thrashing around her face due to the wind.

"Looks like Earth." Donna observed, trying to push the hair away from her face.

"Yeah, but how could I not recognise this place… looks like London. But there must've been something completely different for me not to have recognised it. Even the TARDIS landed here accidentally.

I don't get it… why didn't-" The Doctor was stopped in his track as he looked up to the sky.

Zeppelins, Filling the sky. This was to familiar… it couldn't have been.. Could it?

"No. That's not fair. I closed the rift. This can't be." The Doctor mumbled hysterically.

"Doctor? What is it? Where are we?" She edged closer to him, trying not to show her confusion at the sight of his worried expression.

"Donna, I don't know how, but we're in a parallel universe."

After turning to look at her, he raced back into the TARDIS, flinging his coat on the coral pillar near the door.

She raced after him. "But, what's so bad about that? I've seen it in all the films, it's just like Earth on opposite day!"

The Doctor was bounding crazily around the console and pressing ,what looked like to Donna anyway, random buttons.

"Because last time I was here, or rather appeared to be here, I lost someone."

"Rose." Donna said sadly and sympathetically, as she saw the sadness in the Doctors lonely, ancient eyes.