WOW: Drift. For Wolfpack Pride's birthday, have a fab day hun x

Winchesters versus snow - lots of it.

Disclaimer: Don't own them, wouldn't let them out of my sight if I did.


A wall of white.

Crashing, plunging; scything down everything in it's path.

Trees, animals, buildings, and two brothers heading down the mountainside after a successful hunt.

Ruddy-faced and wet-nosed; talking of enjoying the delights of apres-ski, only without the skis.

Tumbling, thundering madness.

Brothers apart.


Darkness lifts; Sam blinks;

White blindness.

Sore eyes focus.

No Dean.

Twinkling ice cold crystals rip and burn skin tearing apart the deep drifts.

Searching, shouting, stumbling.

Then he sees it.

A boot.

Bleeding, freezing hands work harder.

A leg.

A brother.

A dazed blink.


A potent force of nature.

No match for separated Winchesters.