Poke'mon Card Battle

Poke'mon Card battle

By The Ultimate Being

One day Goten was trading poke'mon cards with his friends. Trunks, in search of a better deck, watched him from a distance. While he was watching he saw Goten pull out a holographic, first edition, Charizard. His eyes grew with jealousy and excitement. Lucky little ass, he thought, I gotta get that card! Suddenly he flew over to Goten and grabbed the card out of Goten's hand. " Ha, ha," he taunted as flew out of sight.

Shocked from what just happened, Goten was suddenly filled with rage. "Boy, you got jipped," said the boy he was trading with.

"No shit, huh," Goten replied pissed. Suddenly Goten flew after Trunks, filled with rage. "I'm gonna get that asshole," he mumbled.

Trunks had just landed and was gazing at the card," I'm gonna be rich when I sell this baby!" Out of nowhere a foot planted itself on the back of Trunk's head. " Now give me my card back!" Goten shouted.

"Never, " shouted Trunks as he answered with a huge ki blast. "KAMEHAMEHA," Goten yelled. The huge blast easily absorbed the ki blast and headed on.

"Shoot, he really is pissed, " Trunks mumbled as he luckily dodged the blast.

Goten fired another huge blast and hit Trunks square on. The card was dropped, Goten went full speed for it and watched as Bulma caught it. " I swear you two are really pissing me off making me buy you two these over-priced pieces of shit. Also I found you two practically killing each other for this stupid card, well not anymore."

Both of them watched as she ripped the card in half," NOOOOOOOOOO," they both cried in unison.

As she walked away tears filled Goten's eyes filled with tears.

"You'll pay for this you asshole," Goten shouted as he went Super Saiyin.

"Same to you," Trunks said as he did too.

They both rushed at each other punches and kicks so fast no one could see them.

A ways away Vegita and Goku sensed their power. "Lets go see what that is Kakkarott," Vegita said.

"Alright lead the way," he replied.

Minutes later they could see Goten and Trunks fighting

"What the hell are the fighting for, they don't look like they're training," Goku said.

"Beats me"

After that they flew down, Goku grabbed Goten, Vegita grabbed Trunks. "What the hell is goin' on here," Vegita shouted.

"Trunks stole my card."

"No, I didn't he let me have it then tried to take it away."

"That's not true."

"Yes it is, you liar.

"That's not tru…"

"God-dammit I can't handle that both of you give me all of those Poke'crap cards, NOW!"

As they gave Vegita their cards he tossed them up in the air. "BAKUHASTUHA," he yelled as the cards exploded in air. "Ha, that takes care of that, well se you Vegita," Goku said as both of them flew off with Goten and Trunks in hand.