WOW: Drift. More Sam, Dean and snowy stuff for our friend Wolfpack Pride on her special day. This time the Impala joins in with the fun and frolics.

If looks could kill ... well, Sam wouldn't be a very healthy boy at all.

Disclaimer: Own nothing except for an addled mind, a laptop, and drippy red nose *snif*


Sam cringed, and reflected nervously on Dean's extensive repertoire of expressions.

His favourite was the smiling, crinkle-eyed, "you're my pain-in-the-ass little brother but I love you, in a manly, shoulder-punching sorta way."

Then the narrow-eyed, "Sammy, you're pissin' me off," a menacing sideways glance from under one lowered brow.

The "Sam, I forbid you to endanger your ass," was impossibly wide eyes, knotted brows, and a hint of furious panic in the voice.

But the "Sam, you've half-buried the Impala in a massive snowdrift because you're too friggin' useless to drive on an icy road," was one Sam sincerely hoped he'd never see again.