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Dave Karofsky was not right in the head.

This was only the general census of others though; Dave thought himself perfectly justified in his behaviour. The ever burning fury building up in his chest at not being able to get his hands on Hummel was beginning to show and his hands had actually started to become itchy from the lack of contact. Sure, he had still encountered him in the school halls and sure, he had still slammed him into the lockers or shoved him as hard as he could whenever he had the opportunity, but the problem was he didn't always have the opportunity and the bigger problem was that these actions were now not enough to sate his ever growing appetite. Pushing Hummel around, tripping him up or knocking his books to the floor once pleased him. Now it only served to temporarily feed his rage and it angered him that he wanted to do so much more but couldn't.

These days Hummel rarely left anybody's side. Or maybe they didn't leave his. Four faggots had been almost battered to death in what looked like a string of hate crimes sweeping the local area and it seemed that nobody was prepared to take any chances in leaving Hummel alone. Dave had been watching him for weeks. Fiercely independent Kurt, whose eyes had always shone bright was now beginning to retract into himself, sparkling blue becoming defeated and beaten into a lifeless, dull submission. Hummel had always stood alone. Both through choice, because he was that narcissistic and wanted the whole world to look at him and through no choice of his own - because he was the only person in the entire school to love his perverted lifestyle.

Now, it was like he was almost being stifled by someone having to be around him twenty four seven. Fiercely independent Kurt, who had always been the most vocal and worked so hard to change everybody else rather than changing himself, was now being told that he wasn't safe because of what he was. And Hummel couldn't break the shackles this time because if he did, he might end up dead. Maybe it was beginning to sink into his ugly skull that he was wrong, and had been wrong the entire time. Even if it had, it would be too late now. He had infiltrated Dave's mind to the point of no return. If Dave didn't fix this little obsession soon, there'd be no telling what would happen.

And there was no let up for Dave. Every minute of his day was spent thinking of Hummel and when he closed his eyes at night, he was all he ever dreamed about. He was haunting him, taunting him, always in reach and yet never available for Dave's indulgencies. He wanted to tear him from limb to limb with his bare hands, to tear his flesh and taint him ugly. He could practically feel Hummel's skin and blood embedded underneath his fingernails and it spurned him to tear him more, to hurt him more. The itching in his hands had started to come back.

It was the most vicious cycle - and one that lasted for an unbearably long time. Days rolled into weeks and weeks into months. And soon months had flown past and it had got to the point where Dave had started to hear voices. He wasn't worried - it wasn't voices in the psychotic sense; it was just Hummel all the time, in his mind. Speaking to him in that simpering, girly voice that made him sick to his stomach. Relayed words of conversations they'd had in the past. All too vivid images in Dave's mind where Hummel had infected him - had made him have all these thoughts and put them in his head in the first place. Brushing past too close to him in the hallways, coming into school when he was sick and passing on his gay germs, and those times where Dave had him pinned against a locker, feeding threats and insults into Hummel's ear, leaning in close to deliver them and Hummel's fear smelling so fucking good that Dave would get hard and then have to drive a fist into the smaller boy's gut for leading him on like that.

And for every month that passed, the voices grew louder and more determined every time Dave would lay eyes on Hummel and whichever one of his glee freaks was accompanying him that day. Hummel would sometimes catch his eye and look down to the floor as he'd correctly taught him, but then Dave would hear him, almost in a sing-song melodic tone. This is what you'll never have. This is what you'll never have. He would look around, to see if anybody else could hear Kurt blatantly challenging his authority like this, but there was never any reaction. Like it was their own little private joke, just him and Hummel, Hummel laughing at him and leaving Dave with no way of doing anything about it. He had smashed things, punched walls, terrorised kids at school and had gotten into more fights in these past months than in his whole life. One particularly nasty fight had landed him a two week suspension, which he was now in the middle of serving.

And if Dave had been slightly unhinged before, whilst he was attending school and still getting his daily Hummel fix, it was nothing compared to being stuck at home, feverishly wondering what Hummel was doing, how he was doing, who he was speaking to, who he was with… And the thought of all his hard work he had put into his dehumanisation of Kurt; how he had beaten and degraded him into a somewhat guilty, ever-flinching cheap imitation of his former self, now becoming undone in his forced absence made his blood boil.

It was Thursday night, four days into the suspension, when Dave finally snapped. He didn't know what he was going to do, but he had some sort of idea what the outcome would be. It wouldn't be enough, it was never enough, but it would bide him some more time for now at least.

He waited until it had just gone eleven and the sky was dark before he got dressed in anonymous clothes. Plain black. No school logos, no distinguishing marks or features to incriminate him. His parents were arguing about something again, but he barely heard them, barely heard anything these days. Nothing but Hummel, always close, ever-taunting.

He drove fast, as always. The faster the speed, the louder the roar of the engine got and it served its purpose by allowing him a small release from his stifling imprisonment; to drown out the voices and laughter of Hummel. A fleeting thought passed through his mind that Hummel might be at the destination he was making his way to, though he didn't allow himself the luxury of fully exploring the idea of such a chance encounter, though it would be absolutely perfect. He wouldn't be surprised if Hummel was an attendee at such a place, it seemed exactly like his sort of thing. But with the mood Dave was in, anything would do right now.

The journey seemed to be over in minutes, though almost half an hour had actually passed. When Dave had parked his car and switched off the engine, he sat there for a while, panting heavily as though he had just completed a marathon. The palms of his hands were clammy against the steering wheel but he still gripped it as tightly as he could regardless, because it was the only thing that was stopping the itching in his hands from coming back. His dick was hard and he hated himself for it yet knew that he would get release. He had to, for the sake of his sanity. It might be all that he needed tonight, to get off and go. But anyhow there was a Hummel waiting for him; a slim young fucking fairy faggot gazing adoringly at him, like he was his fucking boyfriend or something, well… Dave knew then that tonight would be the night that queer number five was to join the gay bashed list.

It seemed so obvious. A park. Surrounded by thick bushes and protective trees. Situated away from houses and public gathering spots. There was only one reason to go to such a place at night and everybody in the surrounding area knew what it was. Dave had become quite the frequent visitor. Frightened to the point of near sickness the first time, he had closed his eyes and stood there with his fists clenched next to his sides when the man had unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock and then proceeded to give him an amazing blowjob that made him cum in minutes. When he was done, he had zipped back up and without a word, had gone back to his car satisfied. Most times it was rewarding. It was only when he encountered the Hummel's of the scene that caused him to go mad. They deserved it. They were so blatant in what they were it disgusted him. And yet, in a bizarre way, he would welcome these boys as much as he would resent and be repulsed by them. He never hid the contempt he held for them from his face and yet it never stopped any of them. Too eager in their love for sucking dick like some horny bitch. Too eager to please him, to look up from their position on their knees and smile up at him, no doubt lost in some dumb fantasy that he would take them home and look after them, be the strong jock boyfriend they could be proud of, and they would be his Hummel, his delicate trophy that he would protect and love. Never once did it cross their puny little minds that what they needed protecting from was him, until it was too late.

He slipped silently from his car and shut the door behind him, before he made his way up the now familiar footpath that led into the eastern side of the notorious park. The sort of park your parents warn you to stay away from at night as anything could happen. Dave knew all too well what could happen. He kept his footsteps light and as quiet as he could, before he settled on a spot he had favoured in the past, that was mostly well hidden by thick shrubbery, but yet had a good vantage point of what was going on in front of him. There were a couple of old men, neither interested in the other, and both trying to peer at him through the dark, trying to glean his age, his build, his dangerousness. There was also a married man, nervously shuffling in a spot near to Dave, blinking a lot behind his owlish glasses and twiddling the gold band on his finger, looking like he was internally trying to decide whether he was going to do this or not. Dave knew that he would. They all did, eventually.

Dave pushed further through the shrubbery, looking to see what else was about. Ultimately it didn't matter who did it, as long as he did what he needed them to, but he still looked. Maybe he was trying to find a Hummel. He had been so furious lately that maybe it was time that he let off some steam and punished the filthy cunt.

A twig snapped from behind him and as Dave turned around to see what made the noise, everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The fist, adorned with a steel knuckleduster, coming towards his chin seemed to move so unhurriedly, that it looked easy to dodge, but Dave was in slow motion too and was struck full force by the weapon. It was the coldness of the steel he felt first, cooling his flushed face, before the actual intensity of the pain was fed to his brain and his chin burned up at the sheer hurt the blow had caused him. He tried to lift his arms to protect himself, but another punch, just above his right eye was driven straight at him, causing him to lose his footing and stumble backwards onto his back. He could feel the warm blood begin to trickle from the cut but he couldn't do anything about it as his assailant crouched over him and began to rain blow after blow with the effective weapon down onto Dave's face. Through the tears and blood, Dave could see the fury and hatred in his attackers eyes and Dave silently begged for mercy with his own, silently trying to put the message across that he was just like him, that he was not one of them and had just came here because he needed to get off and get away.

But mercy was not granted, nor any similarities recognised as the hits kept coming relentlessly. It wasn't until one particularly brutal strike with the knuckleduster, right to Dave's jaw that loosened a couple of his teeth and made his mouth fill up with blood that he coughed and spluttered over himself did the attacker stop, standing above him, breathing heavily, and watching Dave on his back look up at him pathetically. In a spinning daze, Dave could see he was probably about the same height as him, though not as big. He tried to find anything that would put him closer to who this guy was, but he was as inconspicuous in his plain black clothes as he was, and it was too dark to see his face properly. Dave groaned in pain as the guys booted foot roughly kicked him and rolled him onto his stomach before he felt the guys weight drop onto his back. Dave knew what was coming and tried to struggle then, tried his best to shove the guy from on top of him, but the hits to the face had weakened him and upon struggling, a couple more hits of steel to his skull certainly beat him down to whimpered submission.

The attackers hands were pushing down firmly on Dave's shoulders and he felt the coldness of the knuckleduster brushing against his skin, serving as a reminder of what it would do should Dave try and stop this from happening. Dave was numb at this point, but if he wasn't, he probably would have cried. Especially when he felt the hands clawing at his jeans, wrestling them down to his ankles and then following suit with his boxer shorts, before he felt a knee between his legs, forcing itself upwards and driving his legs apart to gain access. It was then that Dave pulled out his final act of desperation and began begging. Incoherent and slurred but authentic begging. He moaned as he choked out and choked on his pleas that not only seemed to fall on deaf ears, but also made the man above him more excited, who viciously grabbed and squeezed his ass with his hands every time he begged just that little bit harder.

There was a rustling, jangling sound and Dave knew that his assailant was starting to unbuckle his belt to take his own jeans off and then, it would be too late. Dave pushed with all his might and managed to throw the guy from on top of him, but in his haste to get away, ended up tripping over his bunched up jeans still around his ankles and before he had time to steady himself, he was struck with more blows to the head, more furious ones this time around - because his attacker had done all that hard work for nothing and it seemed like, for a moment, it might all come undone and leave him hungrier than he was before. Dave sank his head to the floor, too weak to even try to protect himself from any further strikes and it was only until the attacker was convinced he had stopped fighting back that he let up.

Dave let out a bitter sob as he recognised all too well what was going on in this guys mind as he collapsed his weight back onto Dave's back and began driving his knee up between his legs again. He thought he was going to vomit from the disgust, pain and shame he was going through right now. If only he could take it back, he would take back every word, every action, everything he had ever did or said to Kurt, or any of the others, that had hurt them, or frightened them. This was frightening. He felt like pure prey. And he didn't like it one bit.

Dave's felt the guys cock nudge against his virgin ass and tears, silent ones this time, began to cascade down his cheeks. He gritted his teeth, bunched his fists and clenched his ass cheeks as tightly as he could, in the hope that he couldn't gain entrance. But the guy was not considerate, not gentle, and clearly didn't care what sort of damage or pain he was causing to his victim, as Dave felt him shove his cock more and more in, just pushing it and forcing it, almost battering his way into Dave's hole, and wrapping a hand tightly across his mouth as Dave began to scream and yell out in pain. Nobody would come to investigate. They never did.

His vision became hazy as the attacker pushed his cock further in still and when Dave felt the wiry, coarse pubic hair nestling against his ass indicating that the guy was all the way in, he felt vomit rise up through his throat, into his mouth and spurt against the hand of the attacker, who was still holding his mouth shut firmly. He heard him give out a cry of disgust as he removed his hand and wiped it on the back of Dave's sweater, as Dave coughed and gagged and spat up the remaining sick onto the leaves and grass below him. He felt so woozy that he only gave a low groan of discomfort when the attacker pushed his head down into his own pool of vomit and used this new leverage to start to drive his cock in and out of Dave's hole with full force. Each thrust seemed like it was damaging his internal organs and each stroke going in and out burned his insides and made Dave feel like he was going to shit.

The pain was unbearable but the humiliation was the worst. The sound of the guys balls slapping furiously against his ass as he rutted away on top of him like a horned up dog. The moans of ecstasy from the guy that caused Dave to cringe and shut his eyes tightly, trying his best just to escape somewhere in his mind, in some dark, faraway part in the corner of his head where he could just shut down and endure this without actually having to be there to endure it. The obscene sound of flesh on flesh and knowing that there was absolutely nothing he could do about this was tearing his dignity to shreds while the guy was doing the physical equivalent to his ass, ripping him apart and enjoying every minute of his debasement.

The attacker dropped his chest against Dave's back and began to hump him now, almost lazily, and this sickened Dave even more than the previous, more faster fucking. This was almost tender, somewhat loving, as though he wanted this though nothing was further from the truth. He gave out a further series of garbled pleas, but this only made his attacker laugh, before striking him again with the steel weapon wrapped around his hand. The bastard was enjoying his pain and seemed to get off at the sight of how much blood was dripping from the wounds on Dave's face. Not content with that, Dave could feel him start to wriggle around on top of him, slipping his cock from side to side, with the full intention of stretching his hole as much as he could. It seemed he wasn't satisfied with just raping him - he wanted to open him up fully, to leave Dave with a constant reminder of what had happened this night, and what would happen again if he chose to live this dirty lifestyle, though he didn't seem to know that Dave wasn't a part of this at all.

Dave's ass continued to feel like it was on fire and the cock that felt like it was getting shoved right up into his guts still made him want to vomit with every thrust it delivered. He was too weak to yell out when the attacker grabbed a fistful of his hair and wrapped his other hand around Dave's mouth again as the humping got faster and more determined, before he felt the guy tense up on top of him and heard the whispered oh fuck's in his ear as he rammed his cock all the way to the hilt and kept it there, causing Dave to feel the tremors and shudders from his attacker, before he felt a slightly warm flooding in his ass. The attacker collapsed fully onto Dave's back, panting profusely, and the all familiar smell of man sweat emitting from the assailants body that Dave was so used to, having practically spending most of his time in the gym and the locker rooms, now disgusted him and made him want to die as it mingled into his own skin. He felt like he would smell like this forever, that a thousand showers wouldn't get rid of the scent and the shame he felt at this moment.

They seemed to stay in that position for a while before the attacker pulled his cock from him roughly and leapt up in one swift movement before kicking Dave with full force, while Dave did his best to curl up into himself, to protect as much of his body as he could. This only seemed to infuriate the man more, who kept pulling Dave's arms out of the way and then striking him with renewed vigour when left unprotected. It felt like it was never going to end, but eventually did. Dave heard the footfall of the attacker run through the bushes and get fainter by the second. He tried to lift his head up, but was in too much pain. He tried to call out for someone, anyone to help, but couldn't. If death was coming for him, it would be a godsend at this moment.

He wasn't sure how long the ordeal had lasted, but the fact that some of the blood from the first couple of blows had now dried and crusted onto his face told him that it wasn't exactly a short ordeal. He tried to gather up the strength to move, but couldn't, and instead concentrated on his breathing the best that he could, injured head and broken body resting against the bed of cold leaves as he shut his eyes, to try and stop the world from swaying.

It was over. Though he couldn't shake off the feeling that for him, things had only just begun.

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