A/N: I do not own Glee nor the characters within. This is a collection of 100 word Pezberry drabbles that got away from me and screamed and wiggled out of my grip (okay, not anymore – some were intended as drabbles from the beginning). So they're more than 100 words, but prolly not gonna be more than 1,000 (yes, in my head scraps are bigger than pieces). So it doesn't really make sense to post them all separately (though realistically I'd prolly get more reviews doing it that way - however, that's not why I write, so *shrug*). Again, these are going to be random, many different genres, and in different universes unless stated. Also, I'm not sure how often this one will be updated.

I feel like I'm in a land of perpetual Pezberry drabbledom. Honestly, it's the only thing I'm capable of writing currently, as I'm fighting against a medication that strips me of the will to write, and of inspiration. But I don't want to stop writing. I want to fight through this. And I know that if I keep at it, I can get myself to a place where I can get back to my normal ease.

Santana loved the snow. Scooping up some of the newly fallen fluff, perfect for packing, she readied, aimed, and threw.

Karofsky, who had Rachel cornered on the other side of the quad, jerked from the impact of the snowball that smacked into the back of his head. Whirling around, he looked for the perpetrator, but since Santana was calmly talking to Brittany, he passed her over. Then, as soon as he turned back to Rachel, Santana pitched another perfect hit. Again, he spun around, and again Santana was talking to Brittany.

After repeating this cycle a couple more times, the jock finally got tired of being beaned in the head, and Santana watched in satisfaction as he stalked off, leaving Rachel alone. What didn't make her happy, however, was that Rachel was now striding purposefully towards her.

"Are you a member of the softball team?" Rachel called out as she stopped five feet in front of Santana, "Because you probably should be."

Santana coolly met Rachel's gaze. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Smurf. Are you talking crazy again? Should probably go and find some meds for that. So…" she made a shooing motion with her hand, "Git."

Instead of getting annoyed like she had hoped, Rachel closed her eyes and smiled, shaking her head to herself. She then opened her eyes, gave Santana a warm look, and walked away, throwing, "Thank you anyways, Santana," over her shoulder.

Santana growled, crossing her arms, glaring at Rachel's back.

"S?" Brittany asked, moving in close behind her.

"Oh, it's nothing, B." Shaking her head, Santana drew the blonde away, leading her inside before the bell could ring, "Just the midget being her usual pathetic self. That's all. Now, did you get your books from your locker yet?"