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"W-we should do this somewhere else..."

"Nn...where?" Kanou felt a little bit of pride well in his chest when he heard that his voice was far more stable than Yukimura's.
"Uhh... H-home..."

"..." He went quiet at this, trying to pull in the reigns to fully understand that request. "But... What about this?"

As the question reached the other's ears, the hypnotist wiggled his fingers in the enclosed space created by the "wet" underwear, eliciting a shudder and a gasp.

"I-I have a gym uniform!"

"...Okay, then. Go change."

"Won't you come with me...?"

"I need to take care of something..." Kanou looked off to the side, slowly retracting his hand, before leaning close to press a soft, loving kiss to Yukimura's lips. "...Scream if you need anything."


And then he scurried off, weak-kneed and clinging to the walls, sending back a glance that said "I'll be quick" before he disappeared behind a corner.

That's when Kanou allowed himself to slump against the wall, his breaths labored and his arms and legs shaking with the restraint he imposed on himself. He had tried to appear strong, utterly dominant, for the boy, but having a... well...

A fucking raging boner, as he heard his classmates say (but he himself felt that the word just sounded...distasteful).

Having your penis hard enough to cut steel—and having your brain telling you to find some 'steel' to cut—kind of threw "strength" and "control" out the window.

But now that Yukimura was gone, he could let himself go, and recollect his "strength" to appear matured again. So, he just had to hurry to make sure he had time...

And that thought lead to the unbuttoning of his pants, to allow access to the throbbing of his groin, which he took advantage of. A gentle stroke from his hand was delightfully pleasurable, causing another, and another, and another, with each and every one of them making him tense a little more, or making his muscles spasm. His head rolled back against the brace of the wall, as he found his hand stroking his erection a bit harder, which helped induce the lusty fog that had his hips bucking and his reason chained.

"...Nngh..." His jaw clenched, teeth grinding, as more moans tried to escape the cage of his throat. They found ways out, nonetheless, and began to mingle with the panted variations of "Yukimura" that were born with from his perverted thoughts.

"...Ah!" Just like that.

When his thumb ran over the tiny slit, and his mind forced the image of Yukimura doing the same (but with his tongue), his body locked stiff, arching over the focal point of his orgasm.

The product of his indulgence splattered over his hands, pooling in his lap, and Kanou couldn't help but think, Wow...that's kind of...disgusting.

And now he had to change...

"Well, that's fine... I can just say we stayed to run some laps together." Was murmured, dizzy enough to not try to stand up. He'd just...rest a little...

…Today was pretty busy, so it's okay to be a little sleepy, right? He wasn't just some wussy virgin... No, he had reason...right? Kanou tried to convince himself that that was the reason he had climaxed so fast as his eyes slid closed—that the reason wasn't that he usually didn't touch himself, or that he never went near girls until recently... Surely, he—"K-Kanou..."

Startled, his eyes snapped open. "Y-Yukimura!"

The expression on the elder male's face hit him weird. He was hit even harder when he uttered a quiet, "We should go home...now..."

Fully awake again, he nodded, "I'll change, too."

/ / / / /

"N-nah...!" Yukimura's back created a beautiful curve as an even more beautiful, but strained, moan echoed off the walls.

"You're so loud..."

"Ah! Ahh!"His muscles twitched under that pale skin, and Kanou couldn't help but stare with half-lidded eyes at the movement as his fingers pressed into the other more.

"Does it feel good...?"

"There...! There!" Mindless. The older male was mindlessly calling out as his fingertips pressed harshly at that spot he was talking about, rubbing and prodding though the now severe jerks concerned him slightly. Was that supposed to happen?

Ah, shit. He didn't care. His eyes squeezed shut at the sounds that quenched his worry but fed the fire. Leaning forward to rest his forehead against the space between Yukimura's shoulder blades, he pressed affectionate kisses on the salty skin—in between the groans he bit back, that is.

Finally, he removed his fingers, gently flipping the elder over and taking one of his hands into his clean one.


"...yes..." It was obvious that he was still basking in the feeling that drove him into bliss, by the way he breathed out the answer, and by how his eyes were unfocused. Not to mention he was still gasping for the air he had moaned out of his lungs too rapidly for their liking.

With the "go" given, he nodded, nuzzling Yukimura's palm as he angled his hips to slowly slide into the welcoming heat, hissing in a breath through his teeth. The one being entered arched again, tossing his head back against the pillow that bounced at the impact. Flailing legs found a place around Kanou's waist as he relentlessly moved until the entire length of his erection was buried.

And then he stilled.

He listened to the small whimpers, either pain or pleading, he didn't know, as he guiltily covered the palm with smooches in attempt to say sorry. But when his tongue slid out to roughly caress the skin, he thrust forward, a delighted yelp rushing out of Yukimura.

At that sound, his control broke. His hips recoiled to slam forward again, and again, to repeat yet again. Yukimura screamed in reply, his body twisting and lifting before falling as his muscles gave.

Kanou couldn't help but be thankful that his house was empty, or else he'd be getting a nagging (he probably still will get one...).

"K-Kanou...!" The moan/gasp/sound made to turn Kanou on caused him to refocus his attention on the golden eyes that peered up at him from behind tears, as his other arm reached up to him. He took the hint and stooped to allow him to cling to his neck, releasing the other's hand, which slipped around his neck, as well.

A guy shouldn't be able to sound that good.

But there Yukimura was, making all sorts of sounds that rang well in every part of the hypnotist, causing his pulse to beat harder as sweat accumulated on both of them, mixing as more thrusts dislodged them from skin.

And the way that Yukimura moved... Every push of his hips was followed by the petite body being forced upward against the bed. Every push of his hips was met with the roll of opposing hips. All of the factors of having sex with Yukimura just made the itch, the urge, in his stomach even more irresistible, which made his hips ram forward all the harder.

"Yukimura..." He panted, his face nuzzling against the exposed neck, while his arms snuggled between Yukimura's back and the bed. "...I-I'm gonna..."

"Mhmm—! I-I am, too...!"

Both hit their orgasm at the same time, approximately, Kanou releasing inside the one who dirtied both of their chests with white fluid. The larger male then felt his body go limp, barely managing to not land on Yukimura, but beside him.

"...I love you," Is what was said after a multiple moments of rest, followed by Kanou pressing the already sleeping Yukimura to his body.

He'd have to shower later, after they woke up, and somehow get him to say those three words back.

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