Hello my dear friends. Hope you're all well. To help with the february blues i come baring gifts. This was just going to be a short little thing, but it kinda got away from me! So prepare youselves for a little ride.

Many, many thanks to EagleGirl6 for the prompt for this. She said she'd love to see Steve and Danny trying to find each other, she mentioned kidnapping and then my muse went into overdrive. So thank you sweetie for this idea!

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Ok, now...on with the show...

The forest shook with the force of the water as it cascaded from the sky. Large droplets set forth from the heavens to bathe the ground below , glistening off of the leaves and trees as if they'd been coated with diamonds. The light caught once, twice and then began to fail as the clouds took up residence above. A heavy foot crashed through a new born puddle, sending the water flying to the side, creating smaller puddles in its wake.

The rain gained momentum as the foot falls lost their rhythm. A tall figure stumbled, regained his footing and continued to run through the dense forest. His eyes forced to take in all that surrounded him, in front and behind despite their need to close, to give in and put an end to consciousness.

He'd been running for what felt like an eternity. In reality it had been forty minutes. Forty minutes since the needle had pierced his skin and released its venom. The drugs in his system being spurred on by the speed of his heart beats. The will and determination to fight the effects ebbing away with every step forward.

He just needed a safe place. A hidden place. A place to stop.

He fell through dense fern , his foot caught on a root and he went down. His hands reacted slower than his rate of descent and he hit the ground hard. A bolt of pain shot through his skull but disappeared into the wave of peace and warmth that crashed over him, losing him to the undertow.

His last word, a plea for help spoken on an exhale, was lost amongst the wind and rain who's symphony enveloped the forest.



Detective Chin Ho Kelly knew from his first meeting with Detective Danny Williams that he was far from a patient man. Danny was forthright, outspoken and wore his heart on his sleeve. Despite the knowledge that his friend lacked patience, he was still surprised, and a little taken aback, with the fact the man seemed to have moved from impatience, to something unnameable.

Danny was shaking. His whole body vibrated with such force that Chin was sure he was electrifying the air. Chin sighed, he felt the frustration too, along with a slight sense of panic anytime his eyes drifted towards the picture on the screen. The picture that had been sent three hours ago.

The picture of Steve , beaten and tied to a chair, yet somehow still managing to look menacing despite the gun held to his temple.

Danny's impatience had been ignited with a nitrous oxide injection of anger. It was the anger that was currently winning against the impatience.

"I'm going to kill the son of a bitch."

"Danny." Chin tried to halt the volcano before it erupted.

"I'm going to kill him, then kill his goons. I can't believe this is happening. Please someone punch me cos i must be dreaming!"

"Danny. We need to make a decision."

"Decision?" The angry detective spun round to face the other man. "DECISION? Chin what decision can we make? The Governor won't go for a swap. We go to her saying Steve's been kidnapped and will be killed unless we release Roberto Cortez she's gonna say 'oh so sorry boys but the US Government can't release a known murderer'. And you know what Chin? SHE'S RIGHT! " Danny's blood pressure rose with his voice. His face red with the emotions boiling up within. "It won't matter that it's Steve they have and Steve who's life is on the line." Danny sat down dejectedly.

Chin took a tentative step forward.

"We need to decide, Danny. And we need to do it now."

Danny looked up, fear evident in his eyes.

"But if we go at them too hard we risk forcing their hand."

Chin nodded as he sat down next to Danny. "But if we do nothing its the same outcome. It's been three hours since Cortez's brother sent that picture, we can guess at least a further hour on top of that since they grabbed him. Our best chance is to narrow down where he's being held."

"I know, i just... you know?"

"Yeah brah, i do."

Kono came in, a purpose in her step and a gleam of hope in her heart. She kept her eyes away from the picture of Steve beaten and bound that haunted the screen.

"Please tell me you found something." Danny rubbed his face as he spoke. The adrenaline from the anger he'd embraced earlier had abandoned him with nothing but a dull headache for his troubles.

"Cortez owns land by the coast."

"We know that, Cuz."

"Yeah, but did you know he also owns land just south of Mauna Kea off a small out of the way road?"

Both Chin and Danny looked up and focused on their rookie.

"His girlfriend just rolled on him. Apparently the threat of going to jail as an accessory to murder was enough to convince her to spill. That and the fact he wouldn't leave his wife. Maria said there's a little house hidden away that he uses when he needs to hide away , or when he needs to hide someone."

Chin stood, pride evident in his eyes, he placed both his hands on her shoulders.

"Very nice work ,Cuz."

Danny stood up, new found energy began to pour through his veins as hope was renewed.

"Well rookie, seems you're a scary interrogator even if the suspect doesn't have a puppy to threaten."

"Well I'm learning from the best. Let's go get our boss back."


Is it really gonna be that easy...?