"What has brought you here Mr. Potter? To your most hated enemy?" Lord Voldemort hissed. He took a good look at the boy and was surprised at what he saw. There were dark circles and bags under the once bright eyes that now looked dead. He was thinner and pale. For some reason this did not sit well with him.

"Kill me." Potter rasped out. Voldemort looked at him, startled.

"What did you say, Potter?" he exclaimed.

"Kill me. End it, please." Potter- no Harry- rasped. This wasn't the Potter he knew. He was a lost and scared little boy. This was Harry not Potter. Voldemort stood up and walked over to were Harry was kneeling. He reached out a gentle hand and carded his fingers through the messy nest of hair. Harry shivered slightly.

"Why do you wish do die, Harry? What have they done that has made you so desperate as to have come to me?"

"They want me to be what I'm not. They want a Savior, a puppet, someone to do their dirty work for them." Harry rasped out.

"You do not want that? All the fame and glory?"

"I want a home, someone to care for me for me not the bloody Boy-Who-Lived. I want a family. For once... I want to be protected as I protected others. I want to be cherished and loved." Harry said with tears flowing down his cheeks. Voldemort nodded and banished the ropes around Harry's arms and legs then pulled him up.

"I can give you what you most desire, Harry. I can give you everything you ever desired if you become mine. Become my Consort, Rule by my side, Harry." Voldemort whispered in his ear. Harry stood there looking surprised for a moment.

"What would you want of me in payment?" Harry asked nervously.

"Your complete devotion. You will be mine and only mine. You will have equal say in everything. You will be my Prince of Darkness and later my Queen." Voldemort said.

"And in return?"

"I will be yours. I will give you the world, anything and everything you could possibly desire or want. I will look to you for advise and I would expect you to be at meetings." Voldemort swiped his tongue along Harry's neck. "And in time I would expect you to give me an Hair." Harry whimpered softly.

"Yesssss" he hissed out. Voldemort smiled and carefully led Harry to his bedchamber. He stood there for a moment stroking Harry's hair. Harry gave a soft purr like sound. Voldemort raised an Eyebrow at this and Harry blushed.

"A small side affect of my anamagus transformation."

"May I see?" Harry nodded and stepped back and closed his eyes. Suddenly where Harry was stood a small black kitten with a small patch of reddish fur in the shape of a lightning bolt on it's forehead.

"Beautiful." Voldemort hissed.

"I'm a kitten. I'm cute not beautiful." the cat meowed only it sounded like hissing.

"You can talk? Or well hiss as a kitten?" Voldemort was a little stunned then smiled and picked up the little fur ball and brought him over to the bed.

"You are beautiful my little Serpentine Kitten." he hissed out and slowly disrobed. "Change back Kitten, I want to see you."

"I... I can't." Harry hissed sounding frantic. Voldemort picked up the shaking kitten and held him to his chest.

"It's alright, Kitten. Just relax." He soothed.

"What's happening to me, Tom?" Harry hissed then started shaking worse. "I'm sorry. "I'm sorry."

"Whats wrong Kitten? What are you sorry for?"

"I called you Tom."

"I don't mind, Kitten. It sounds so much better when you say it. I want to hear you scream my name out as I pound into you. I want to hear you scream that your mine as I cum inside you." Tom hissed. Harry meowed and burrowed close to Tom's chest. There was a knock on the door and Harry slipped close to Tom's chest as he hastily put on a robe and opened the door.

"What do you want, Lucius?"

"My Lord some of the men have captured a few of Potter's friends sneaking in the manor. What would you like done with them?"

"Tour..." Tom stopped and barely held back a moan as his Kitten's tongue started to lap at his nipples. "Take them to the dungeons and leave them. No one is allowed to hurt them." Tom managed to get out. Lucius nodded and left. After the door shut, Tom let out a small moan.

"Kitten, why must you torture me so?" he moaned out. Harry poked his head out of the shirt with an innocent look.

"Don't give me that look. Come its time for sleep." Tom placed Harry on the bed and took off his robe and laid down. Harry snuggled close and soon was asleep. Tom lay there for a while stroking the soft fur.

"You are mine, Kitten. I will protect you with everything I am." he whispered before sleep took him.