Tom was in his study finishing his paperwork when Fenrir ran into the room.

"Harry's in labor. Not good. Too soon." Fenrir said then ran back out with Tom hot on his heels. When they got to the infirmary they saw Severus and Poppy rushing around with Harry laying on the bed pale and shivering. Tom hurried over and grabbed onto his hand.

"It's ok Kitten. It'll be over soon."

"Tom… hurts. Make it stop. Please." Harry whimpered. Poppy came over looking very worried.

"We have to cut him open to get the baby out. If we try to do a normal birth he won't make it. But after this he won't be able to have any more children it would be to dangerous for him. He's having too much trouble with this pregnancy." Tom nodded.

"Just do it. Save my husband. If we want more children we can adopt." Poppy nodded and started setting things up to cut Harry open.

"Tom no please. I want more kids."

"Shhh my love we can adopt. Or I might be persuaded to carry one or two." Tom smiled when Harry gave a small giggle. Poppy nodded at him and carefully cut Harry open. She reached in and pulled out a small wiggling baby.

"Congratulations. You have another son." Poppy left to clean the baby off while Severus closed Harry's stomach.

"You did it Kitten. We have another child. A son." Harry smiled tiredly.

"I want to see him." Harry asked softly. Poppy came over holding the cleaned up baby and Tom helped him sit up. The baby was gently placed in Harry's arms. When the baby opened his eyes Harry laughed.

"The last child and he had to have our eyes." He said looking down into red and green eyes.

"What should we call him?" Tom asked, gently stroking the baby's hair.

"Drystan James Riddle." Tom smiled.

"The children will want to see their new brother." Harry said just before the door was flung open and a swarm of kids came rushing in. Remus came behind them and the kids parted. There was Fenrir, Remus, and Severus's five: Anastasia, Desdemona, Dato, Sonam, and Bao. The newest Weasley bunch consisting of (total) fifteen kids. And Tom and Harry's twelve: Lily, violet, Aurora, Zolin, Adair, Ardal, Layla, Madison, Elizabeth, Cormac, Diarmad, and Donovan. They all crowded around the bed wanting to see the newest arrival.

"Papa he's so small. Smaller then Lizzy." Their oldest daughter , lily said.

"He was just born Lily. He will grow." Tom said as he held his son for all is children to see. Soon the children were taken to dinner and Harry fed Drystan. When the manor was silent again Tom crawled into bed with his husband and held him close.

"I love you Tom. Thank you for giving me everything I ever wanted." Harry said snuggling close.

"It was my pleasure. I don't know what I would do without you and the kids."

"A snake faced harsh dictator?" harry giggled as Tom tickled his sides.

"Perhaps I would. But now I have a family that I love, children and a little minx of a husband." Harry stuck his tongue out with a smile.

"I love you my serpentine kitten." Tom hissed before they both fell asleep.