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While Zi is my own original character her characteristics of black hair and the stone piece over her left eye were based off of Midna from LoZ TP

I have most of this story plotted out in my head but I'm not yet sure of an antagonist to have in the story yet, or any possible plot twists or side character pairings, so anything anyone else can come up with would be much appreciated and taken into consideration.

'Finally after a month I'l settled in. Though considering I only got here with torn and shredded pants its surprising that it took this long.' Gen thought as he finally unpacked the last box. The people of this place had all been kind enough when he arrived to give him a few essential things for his new home, like a table and some chairs.

"Hey Gen! You finished unpacking those last few boxes yet?" a young teenage girl wandered into the little hut. She was small, a mere 5' 1" with short black hair and an ancient stone-like piece covering her left eye. She appeared to be about 14 or 15...a small 14 or 15, however was actually much older.

Turning Gen gave the young woman a once over then stated, "Yes, I just finished Zana-sama."

Slowly a grin spread across the young womans face, lighting it up like a candle lights a dark room.

"Oh good! Now I can introduce you to those blundering idiots who're stuck in the past that we call the elders! Now follow me!" with that she turned and strode purposefully towards the door, however before reaching it she turned, the grin was still on her face only this time it was a little more malicious and her eyes were hard.

"And I've told you, call me Zi"

"Sorry" Gen stated shuddering as fear coursed through him, he's only ever received that look from Atora before and just like then, it terrifies him.

Smiling, kindly this time, Zi then proceeded to lead Gen out of his little hut and take him to be introduced to the elders.

"Oh and there's no need to worry about the elders, they're just a bunch of idiots who are stuck in the past and never let me forget it. But that's just what they are, the oldest "Natural Born's" of our village." Zi explained.

'That's right' Gen thought 'I wasn't born here, and I'll never age here passed maybe that of 16 years old, since at 14 my body hadn't fully matured...at least that's what Zana-sa...Zi has told me'

Even though it was over a month ago, Shishio Gen can still remember quite clearly the day he died. Kaguro had stabbed him with those strange swords of his, and sliced through him like butter. Then as he felt himself slowly slip away he had to suffer through both seeing and hearing his long-time secret love cry over his body.

Gen smiled grimly to himself as he remembered that he'd always known he'd take that secret to the grave, the secret of his love for Sumimura Yoshimori.

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