Yoshimori was confused. As soon as Masamori had appeared Atora and Raizo weren't far behind, next thing he knew Gen had grabbed tightly onto his wrist and was currently dragging him down the halls. Gen and Masamori were talking about needing to get out as fast as possible, and Atora was just looking at him strangely from atop Raizo's back. Why would they need to get away from Eki? Eki's Yoshimori's friend, and if Gen hadn't come back, he would've probably become his lover...is that it? Maybe Gen doesn't think that Eki will back off if Yoshimori asked him to, so he wants to get him away. Yoshimori knew Eki better than that though. Eki might put up a fuss, he might even wish to fight with Gen, but Eki wouldn't hurt him, or anyone else if Yoshimori asked him to. He just knew it.

Gen on the other hand was in near full panic mode. They had no way of knowing where Eki was in the castle until he killed one of Masamori's Shikigami, and so far that hasn't happened in the last several minutes. They had no idea where they were going, and seeing as how the sun had set by now, they could be sure to run into at least some guards. Gen's thoughts were quickly and viciously interrupted by a fist to the face. He flew back the way they had come and would've landed on Yoshimori had he not let go when the fist connected. Looking up he saw Eki Kyuuketsuki standing at the end of the hallway, holding Yoshimori around the waist. He growled, how dare that kidnapper hold Yoshimori like that. Gen didn't waste any time, he got up from where he'd landed and launched himself at Eki.

Eki shoved Yoshimori away from him and into the waiting arms of one of his guards. The rest of the guards would handle the older brother and the woman with her bear, but everyone knew Gen was his prey. He blocked the clawed hand intended to disembowel him, and instead landed a left hook straight to the side of Gen's face. Instead of flying back like he'd expected Gen rolled his head with the punch and sliced his shoulder open with a well placed slash of the other clawed hand. Such as the fight went on, Gen in his anger and possessiveness, seemed to have equaled his strength to that of Eki's own, both trading blows without any sign of slowing down.

Masamori and Atora were quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of guards attacking them. Overall the guards strength wasn't much, however their numbers never seemed to end. It was as if there was a waiting line, of guards just waiting for their comrads to lose so they could have their turn. The line seemed to extend well beyond the end of the hallway, and they only seemed to attack in groups of 10 or 12. They were easy for both of them to take out, it was just a matter of whether or not their stamina will last through all the guards. Masamori looked to Atora as he took out another two in a single Kekkai, only to see a bright flash as Raizo electrocuted and literally dissolved the guards into charred dust. So far it seemed that neither of them were wearing out. Guess all those training sessions back at the village were a good thing for more than making sure they didn't get out of shape, but upped their stamina as well...how did that happen without them noticing? Masamori was pulled out of his musings as a lightning bolt destroyed a would be sneak attack behind Masamori.

"Keep your head in the game Boss!" Atora yelled after dispatching another three guards.

Masamori just smirked and employed his Zekkai, dissolving all who came near him. Like a bowling ball rolled by an expert player, Masamori cloaked in his black flames cleared a path straight down the hallway, dissolving all in his path, some merely losing limbs but it didn't matter as long as they won. Atora followed soon after with Raizo frying the rest with his lightning attacks. They weren't going to wait to see how long their stamina would last. They were going to take out all these guards then help Gen, and get Yoshimori out of this kamiforsaken place.

Yoshimori was not happy. Not happy at all. The guard holding him wouldn't let go and had even gone so far as to restrain Yoshimori's arms behind his back, and wouldn't let go no matter his struggles. The guard didn't seem to understand that he had to stop his childhood friend, and his mate from killing each other. He had underestimated how pissed Eki would be when he found them, and therefore had been surprised with the ferocity that he'd punched Gen with. He had to stop them both from killing each other, or else he'd be without his best friend and his mate, neither of which were a world that he wanted to live in, Afterlife or not.

As Eki was roughly thrown through the wall just ahead of Yoshimori, he'd had enough. Yoshimori wasn't going to sit by while Eki tried to turn Gen into an acidic pile of goo, and while Gen tried to turn Eki into a squeaky toy between his jaws. Yoshimori transformed into Chimera. Startled the guard released him and was thrown to the other end of the hallway, among the charred remains of the guards Masamori and Atora had taken out, by the spiked tail. Roaring in frustration, Yoshimori chased after Gen and Eki as they traveled further and further down the hallways, destroying walls and rooms along their way. Any guard that got in his way was immediately dismissed as a threat and thrown back by the tail, more often than not, with a spike from his tail in their shoulder or stomach. Yoshimori didn't want to kill anyone, but Eki and Gen not killing each other was far more important to him that some measly guards who think they can stop him just because of Eki's orders. He knew of course that the orders were to protect him, but Yoshimori didn't need protecting, if anything the guards needed protecting from him in his frustrated state, as he followed the destruction caused by the two lovestruck idiots...

It didn't take much longer for Masamori and Atora to take out the rest of the guards, the only problem was that they were now to far away from Yoshimori to be there if he needed them. They were to far away to help Gen if he needed it, and they were hopelessly lost. Earlier they had found each other by pure accident and stupid luck, but now they both agreed that it was unlikely they'd find Yoshimori and Gen without some huge explosion to let them know where they are.

Speak of the devil, and he shall destroy a whole wing of a giant castle. As the walls crumbled Masamori and Atora ran down the hallways, making sure they weren't getting further lost by checking out the broken windows every few yards. A loud roar stopped them in their tracks.

"What was THAT!" Yelled Atora

"I don't know but I doubt it spells anything good for us." Masamori answered.

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