E/O Challenge word = drift 100 words exact Spoilers: through season six "Unforgiven" Sam POV

Disclaimer: The supernatural characters are not mine


Sam screamed

Awash in a sea of fire and pain.


Nothing to cling to.

No hope of salvation.

Nothing but pain.

And two completely pissed archangels

More pain, fire eating away at his flesh.

His face, his arms, his legs, everywhere.

Just when he would finish burning to a crisp, he was whole once again with new fires starting to drift across his body.

Suddenly a new sensation.

A tender touch to his brow and a fearful whisper of 'Sammy'


Dean, but he shouldn't be in Hell. He was with Lisa, now.


Mentally Sam reached for Dean.


Well? What do you think? Dean as Sam's anchor point?