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~any sort of Love~

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon for Gakupo as he lounged on the living room sofa leafing through a newspaper. The rest of the family was doing something, somewhere; but in the quiet sunny glow through the curtains, the purple-haired man had attained a brief semblance of peace.

Unsurprisingly, this didn't last long. The quick ta-ta-ta of little feet on the wooden floor interrupted the silence as an unfamiliar pink-haired girl flew into the room. When she noticed the other person occupying the space, she slid to a stop, turned around, and hurriedly ran back to peer at him from around the corner.

"Oh, hello," Gakupo said, setting down the newspaper and approaching the strange little girl. "Who might you be?"

The girl didn't answer, but continued to scrutinize him with her bright blue eyes. After a few moments of confused silence, she ran over to Gakupo and held her arms up to him.

"Wha…?" Gakupo stuttered nervously. The girl frowned and reached up her arms insistently. "Oh, you want me to pick you up?" he deduced. He reached down and lifted the girl into his arms, surprised at how light she was. One of her little fists held onto his dark shirt, while the other one went to her mouth as she looked around the room timidly.

"Hey," Gakupo began, automatically assuming a cooing tone of voice. "Hey, can you speak? What's your name?"

With her knuckles still pressed against her mouth, the girl looked up at him doefully and muttered, in a clear, high voice, "Lu."

"Lu?" he repeated.

"Lu, Lu…" the girl responded.

"Lulu?" he amended. She blinked at him without another sound, which he took to mean "yes." He glanced quizzically at her shyly curious blue eyes, her waist-length pink hair. "You sure look a lot like Luka-san, huh… are you her little sister?" Once again, the girl only stared at him.

Suddenly, Master ran into the room, holding a struggling little brunette. "Oh, Gakupo-san! Thank goodness you found Luka-chan."

Gakupo laughed. "You mean Luka-san's little sister?"

Master's laugh imitated Gakupo's, before he suddenly became serious. "No. That… that is Luka-chan."

Gakupo smiled blankly.

"You see," Master continued, "I wanted to do a loli song with Luka and Meiko," - thus the restless little girl in his arms – "and, well, I went a bit too far."

"You… you shrank Luka-san and Meiko-san," Gakupo stated numbly.


Gakupo looked again at the little girl in his arms. She blinked at him nonchalantly.

The awkward silence was shattered when Kaito ran into the room, breathing heavily. "Did – did you find her?" he panted, his hands on his knees and his head bent over. When he looked up, he noticed the little brunette and his eyes widened. "M-Mei-chan…?"

The girl pushed against Master's chest with a cry of frustration, and he finally set her down. She walked over to stare at the flush-faced blue-haired man.

"My… my girlfriend is a… a toddler…" he said incredulously. "Aha, hahahaha…"

"Oi, noisy man," said the girl in a high-pitched, yet somehow commanding voice. She glared at him. "I want aish cweam!" She pointed to the cup of melting dessert in his hand.

Kaito laughed nervously but complied, scooping up some of the soft cream in the spoon and lowering it to her mouth. She made a happy "om" sound as she bit down on the spoon. "More!" she demanded, and Kaito quickly became accustomed to the sudden change as he continued to feed the girl his ice cream.

Gakupo, however, was still reeling. "Is she going to be like this… forever?"

"No, no, it should wear off in a week or so," replied Master, waving his hand dismissively. Gakupo began to feel a little better.

"Do they still have their memories from before?" he asked.

"Who knows?" said Master with a shrug. "Why don't you ask her?"

Gakupo looked at the little pinkette to find that she was staring at him again thoughtfully. "Do you remember who I am?" he asked her cautiously. A moment passed, then she slowly nodded and the man let out a sigh of relief.

"Would you two mind watching them for a while?" requested Master. "I bought the supplies you should need, they're in the kitchen."

"We don't have to change diapers, do we?" asked Kaito, his face white.

"HEY! I go pee myself!" interjected Meiko, sounding offended.

"Haha, of course you do," he replied, leaning down to her eye level.

Apparently, the girl wasn't convinced. "I show you!" she declared, grabbing his scarf and dragging him towards the bathroom with surprising strength.

"Wa- hey! Ah, Mei-chan, I really don't need to – ow!" Kaito protested, to no avail.

"Thank you both, and good luck!" concluded Master, leaving the room.

Gakupo glanced at the girl in his arms again. She was staring at him with a look of determination, as if she were trying very hard to figure something out.

"Puh-pul," she said finally.

"What?" the confused man said yet again. In response, Luka softly tugged a strand of his hair and repeated the word.

Gakupo laughed. "Yes, I am purple. Good job." The girl gave him a little smile. The adorableness of little Luka had an immediate effect on him, and he smiled warmly back.

"You don't talk much, do you?" he commented. The girl lowered her eyes. Gakupo chuckled. "It's okay; we're all a little shy sometimes." The girl began playing with the buttons on his shirt. "So… what do you wanna do?"

Luka didn't respond. Instead, her stomach made a strange gurgling sound, and she looked down at it curiously.

Gakupo laughed affectionately. "Let's get you some lunch, then."

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