Later that night, after receiving a very strange phone call, Giles rushed over to the costume shop to find his former friend Ethan lying on the floor of the store, his entire body wrapped in steel bars and also gagged, next to a small mound of rubble from a destroyed Janus bust, with Xander in his Superman costume gleefully bouncing spitballs off the infuriated shopkeeper's forehead. Ethan was discreetly picked up by some Council operatives, never to be seen again, and those who'd bought costumes from him lost not only whatever abilities these outfits gave them, but also the memories of a very strange Halloween night. Which included the Scooby Gang, to varying degrees.

However, Angel was an unique case. The wish magic done by Strawberry Shortcake was permanent, causing that vampire to remain in his human form. Unfortunately, whatever assistance Angel was able to provide the Scoobies in helping safeguard the Hellmouth didn't carry over at all with Liam, who proved to be the same jerk he'd been centuries before, a cowardly lecher who mooched off anyone in his vicinity.

After being loudly dumped by Buffy, who'd finally understood the difference between an 'unattainable, tormented romance between the Slayer and a really-sexy dark stranger who just happens to be a vampire' and 'underage high school student and creepy pedophile stalker', having his ass thoroughly kicked by Xander on a regular basis, and being utterly terrified of encountering again those three Sunnydale demons eager to get their clawed hands upon his bruised yet still absolutely fine rear, Liam hurriedly left town, aided by an exasperated Giles setting up a fake identity for him and a modicum of cash.

After drifting around Los Angeles for a few years, with a sideline in being a gigolo, Liam's most recent conquest, an infatuated television executive, used her influence that eventually resulted in Liam Ryan becoming a wildly popular judge for a reality television show, what with his truly charming brogue and his ability to deliver the most vicious comments about the contestants appearing before him.

Oh, the specific television show?

'American Idol.'