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_"The Dream"

Two years has passed since the treacherous 'ghost with the most' was seen terrorizing the Deetz family. It's been two long years since she's… seen him…

He he he…

Lydia stirred in her sleep, as she tried to block the what, could have been horrible images of her father splattered like a water balloon all over her living room floor…


Every time she thought about him, she could feel him. Sense him. Like he was near…

No. That's silly! He's on Saturn. He was eaten by a sandworm for crying out loud! There was no way he was coming back… he just couldn't. He wouldn't.

Lydia tossed and turned once more, until she found a position that suited her enough to pass out.

We've come for your daughter, chuck!

No, put him down!

You asked for it! AHAHAHAHA!

No! NO! STOP! Why do you keep doing this?

Leave me alone!

Never! You're MINE!

I'll never belong to you!

Lydia ran around the corner of the stairs, when a slithery tail coiled up around her foot, causing her to fall flat on her face. She couldn't bare to look at the horrible mess that was painted all over her floor.

Come to big papa!

Lydia's fingernails clawed at the carpet as she was being dragged down the hallway and into her room.

No! No! NO!

Lydia's screams meant nothing to the malevolent poltergeist that was now taking hold of her against her will. He enjoyed every minute of it, disgustingly.




Lydia could hear her step mother's blood curdling cries from upstairs. She knew her father's death had to be a gruesome sight.

Let me go! Let me go you bastard!


NO! YOU'RE MINE! You OWE me! You KNOW you owe me! You'll never escape, babes! HAHAHAHAHA!

The ghost's cackling burned in her ears with pain. But nothing could be more painful than the sound of Delia's cries. Lydia wanted to get away. But with every excruciating second she laid there with agony, it was more second she wished she was closer to death.

Come on babes, show big daddy whatcha got!

Stop it! Please!




"NO!" Lydia screamed out loud, as she sat straight up in her bed. Her right hand clutched her chest, prepared to catch her heart about to burst out of her, as her left hand felt the cool drips of sweat coming off her forehead profusely.

Charles burst open her bedroom door, Delia quickly running up behind him, to check on their daughter. Her sudden screams awoke from their sleep. Charles, who claimed to be a lightweight, and Delia, who, well, didn't wake up for anything.

"Lydia, honey, are you ok?" Charles asked his daughter, unsure if he should step closer or not. Lydia took a pause, and a minute to respond.

"Um, yea. Dad, I'm fine. I-I'm sorry. I thought I… I saw a spider…" she lied through her teeth.

Whadaya talkin about babes, you love spiders!

Lydia quickly shuddered with an involuntary shiver.

Charles gave Lydia a confused look as he looked to his wife and laughed.

"Really Sweethear? Since when do you not like spiders?" him and Delia turned to leave when Lydia let out a small "eep"

"Wha-what did you say?" Lydia asked nervously. Her father just turned back around, confused once more.

"I said, sine when have you been afraid of spiders? I thought you loved them."

Lydia had to hold back her shrieks.

"You said that twice. I mean, you said that once already before I had asked you." Lydia said, sweating even more now.

"Um, no. No, I didn't. Are you sure you're okay?" Charles asked, now questioning his child's sanity.

"But just a second ago, didn't you-"

"Lydia dear, I think you were just having a bad…dream." Delia said, trying her best to sound comforting.

"I'll make you and appointment with your therapist tomorrow."

I'm not crazy…she thought. I'm not insane… I'm not!

What's wrong with a little insanity? Come on kid, that's what you love best about me…

"No, I hate you!" Lydia screamed once more, forgetting her parents were present.

Charles and Delia stood there, not understanding what Lydia was going through. She must be having a breakdown. Or worse. She could have been…possessed.

"Lydia, sweetheart." Delia said, stepping forward in front of Charles, and into Lydia's bedroom.

"Why don't I call Otho tomorrow." She said nervously trying to help with a smile.

"For what?" Lydia said, sitting up more, a little offended by her step mother.

"Lydia dear, I'm not going to lie. I feel you could be, well…helpless. And Otho can help."

"No way! I hate that stupid, pretentious, overweight freak! He doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, and frankly, I just don't trust him." Lydia spoke her mind, which never happens usually.

Delia just stood there frozen, surprised her step daughter had spoken back to her that way. Especially about some one as great and talented as Otho.

"Otho, is a wonderful, human being and I think—."

"Otho is rude and obnoxious, ok? And he's not coming near me. And I don't know what all the fuss is about anyway because I'm fine!"

Ya got that right, toots! You are fine! You're fine, and you're mine! Hahahaha!

Lydia closed her eyes, ignoring the horrible, yet familiar voice in her head.

"I'm fine, I'm just tired." She lied again.

"I just need to get a goodnights sleep." She added, hoping this time they would take a hint and leave.

"Honey, please. One phone call and Otho will—."

"Ok, sweetheart, perhaps you need some rest too." Charles said reaching forward to pull his wife back through Lydia's bedroom door. As he began to shut the door, he waved to her goodnight and wished her a good nights sleep. She nodded as she watched her father close the door.

She sat in silence, still sitting straight up in her bed.

"He's not coming back…" she said aloud to herself.

"He's not coming back….he's not coming back."

Lydia got up from her bed, and opened her bedroom door. She walked out in to the dark hallway, closing the door behind her softly. She crept her way silently up the stairs, up to the attic door. She knew the only two people, or close enough, that could help her resided behind that door.

She leaned in close to the door, tapped three times, and whispered both of her ghostly god-parents names.

"Barbara. Adam. Its Lydia. I…I need you." She pleaded with a soft tear running down her face.

The click of the attic door turned and Barbara greeted Lydia from the other side.

"Hey, pumpkin. What's wrong?" Barbara asked motherly. She motioned for her god daughter to come in. Adam, who was working on his model, turned to say hello as well.

"You guys, sit, please. I need to talk to you." She said sadly.

Barbara grabbed Adam's attention, and pulled him over to the dusty covered couch.

"I don't know how to tell you this, but…I'm…having some problems." She stuttered, afraid to utter the truth.

"Lydia, honey what are you talking about?" Barb asked confused.

"I-I, think… I think… he's back."