Dadi's Revenge

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Words written in italics like 'this' are thoughts

words written like "this" are conversations

In this fic Dadi will punish Arjun and Aorhi for not behaving properly in front of her friend and ruining there photo shoot, with the help of her grandson Raj!





Chapter 14

Arjun took it from him and put in the DVD player making sure to pocket the DVD Arohi had made of Gauri's truth.

At first the camera was shaky then settled a lot shouting could be heard mostly mamaji's then the camera was left , most likely on a high table, with a perfect view of the top of the stairs.

Everyone watched with rapt attention, as Gauri pulled Rashi along with Arohi, trying to stop her, they watched as Gauri fought with Rashi and Arohi. Rashi begging for a second chance on behalf of her brother.

Arjun knew what was coming and he was regretting with every fibre in his body that he had accused Arohi of pushing Rashi. He wanted to turn away but he couldn't.

He could hear thanks to the surround sound speakers loud and clear Gauri calling his family criminal low lifes and cursing at Rashi

Then the deciding moment where Aorhi, stated she had enough and turned away saying that she would talk to Arjun alone and that Rashi should go downstairs.

The wicked expression on Gauri's face as she pushed Rashi down the stairs while Rashi screamed Aorhi's name, Arohi turning around in shock trying to grab on to her and Gauri smiling on.

Rajveer and Arjun swore the worst words they knew.

No one minded.

Arohi screamed and ran for Gauri breaking out of her aunts hold. She wasn't going to let the bitch live.

"You evil witch! I thought it was an accident! You murder!" She slapped Gauri hard then pushed her onto the sofa, before she could do more damage her cha chu took her away.

Arjun watched the shouting start with Gauri screaming back at Aorhi. He couldn't believe it, Gauri had done this? His world was shattered because of girl who was obsessed with him?

DJ caught her old friend as she collapsed.

Arohi struggled harder when she saw that Dadi had fainted. "I'm not going to let you live Gauri! I'm goona kill you with my bare hands then fed you to the dogs! You baizati besharam kaminey! Cha Chu chordo muje!"

She was struggling like wild tiger that was caught, and with one great lurch Aorhi broke free , grabbed the keys for the cuffs from her uncles pocket and ran back to Gauri, whose hands were cuffed.

Rajveer couldn't believe his eyes. Did his niece just take the key from him? First Gauri took his gun now this?

"I want to fight fair with you, of course a cheating lying two timing slutty tramp like you won't know the definition of fair!"

Rajveer watched in sick fascination as Aorhi unlocked Gauri's hands and before she could throw the chains away Gauri was on Arohi. The entire family watched as the two girls fought.

"Arjun's to nice to hit a women so I'll beat the living day lights out of you on his behalf!" She punched Gauri across the face causing her to lip to bleed.

"Don't say his name!" Gauri screeched back. Clawing at Aorhi's face.

"I'll say it a million times! ARJUN ARJUN, ARJUN! ARJUNNN!" Gauri tackled Arohi to the floor.

"NO! you were never meant to have him!"

Aorhi shoved Gauri off and pick her up by her hair. "Yeah Well I DO HAVE HIM, HE's MY HUSBAND. Arjun Arjun ARJUN!" She pushed Gauri but Gauri caught a hold of Aorhi's hair.

"Say his name again if you dare you spoiled brat!"

Arohi held on to the hand that was pulling her hair painfully, but she wouldn't let any tears fall.

"I'll say it a million times!" Then she spit on Gauri's face. Gauri tried to slap Aorhi but Arohi caught her hand. She slapped Gauri again making her stumble.

"Arjun thinks you have a mental problem, but I think your just a plain evil dirty witch!" Gauri got back up and gripped Arohi around the throat with both hands chocking her.

They were both unaware of family members shouting for them to stop.

"Arjun!" Arohi shouted even though saying his name pained her. She tried to scratch Gauri's hands with her nails, but it didn't work, the crazed look in her eyes told her Gauri wasn't feeling the pain. So then Arohi, kicked her in the mid section.

She managed to loosen the hold on her neck and pushed her so roughly that she fell against a side table and broke it and the vase that was on it.

"Arohi enough!" It was Arjun's voice that brought her out of her crazed state.

Aorhi paused for one second and looked at him, keeping a second eye on Gauri.

"No! That was for you, now I still have to make up for Rashi, her child and me! I'm not going to let her go alive today!"

"No Aorhi stop." His voice was calm. He had already grieved for Rashi and her child. Now he just wanted this madness to stop.

"No you are the one that is going to die AORHI!" Everyone watched in slow motion as Gauri made a run for Arohi with a large sharp piece of glass from the broken vase. Arohi's eyes opened wide she was too shocked too move out of the way or do anything.

"Aorhi!" The entire family shouted.

Arjun never moved so fast in his life.

"Aorhi MOVE!" Arjun's voice jarred her and Aorhi screamed as she witnessed with her own eyes, Gauri stab Arjun in the back with the glass Arjun grunted in pain his arms around Aorhi in a protective hold.

Rajveer spurred into action, and again handcuffed Gauri, he pushed her over to his sister, he didn't want to be near the vile women any longer then necessary.

"Oh my god, Arjun no!" Arjun let his hands drop and Aorhi examined his back there was blood dripping down his blue shirt staining it, the jagged glass sticking out of his back making her sick.

"SOMEONE call the doctor!" She yelled. Her Bua and cha chi ran to the phone.

"Arohi, don't panic, I will be fine." It did burn and his head was starting to spin a little from the blood loss. Arjun slowly went down on his knees, the slightest stretching of his back making him hiss in pain. Arohi held on to him trying not to move him too much.

"Tell me what to do, oh my god Arjun there is so much blood! Does it hurt a lot? What am I asking of course it hurts. Don't die! No you can't die from this? Can you? Arjun! Answer me!"

"I'll die first from your talking." He tried to make light of the situation. But even his smile was pained.

"Shut up stupid, no talking, no moving. Why do you always save me? Let me get hurt for once."

"Never." The way he said it made her pause and stare into his eyes. It was like was trying to tell her something, but what?

"The doctor will be hear soon just wait Arjun." She took her dupatta and started wiping up the blood, being extremely careful not to move him or the glass.

Kartar, DJ and Ajrun's dadi rushed over to the young couple.

Arohi's dad stood shell shocked in his spot.

Kartar reached them first.

He knew there was a change in the boy when he had given him the folder containing all the evidence. And now it was proved again in his eyes. All this could have been avoided had Gauri not pushed Rashi down the stairs. A man could have gotten his deserved new start.

Arjun was a confused man, but under all that he was a good self sacrificing man. It was his self sacrificing characteristic that Rudra was taking advantage of.

Kartar knew he was blind for not realizing how much Arjun loved his granddaughter. However, they were in quite a mess. Kartar didn't know how his sons were going to feel about all this. Arjun was rash, he relied on his emotions to guide him, but he was young, one thing was for certain, he would always protect his granddaughter no matter how much "hate" was between them.

"Arjun I am extremely sorry, but grateful you saved my granddaughter." Arjun didn't say anything. "I will make sure Gauri is properly prosecuted for the pain she has caused your family and you. I apologize and I mean it." He quickly motioned to this sons to follow him out.

Arohi didn't even bother to watch as Gauri was taken away by her father, uncles and grandfather.

"Arjun putar ye kya hua? Hai rab why does this innocent child always get hurt?" His Dadi asked. She hated seeing her child in pain.

"This is nothing dadi. Please don't worry. Dadi its best you don't watch this. Take Aorhi with you too."

"Hell no! I'm not going anywhere, if I can take a bullet out of you I can sure as hell watch a piece of glass be taken out! Dadi you and DJ should leave, I can handle this." She turned her eyes back to Ajrun. "I'm not going anywhere, dear husband."

"Pagal lardki, fine stay and watch, but don't complain about it later."

"Complain? Do I ever complain? Your the one who nags!"

DJ and Beeji shared a look. It looked like Arjun and Arohi were fine on there own.

They moved back, continued to watch the two from a distance with Aorhi's mom, chachi and bua.

Aorhi, completely forgot her family when Arjun was around. Given it was a strenuous situation, completely out of the ordinary and the poor guy was bleeding all over there living room carpet. But still Aorhi had come home after so long. Yet she was still wrapped around Arjun.

"Aorhi the doctor is hear, give him space so he can treat Arjun." they were both brought out of there daze by Dadi. Aorhi nodded her head and moved to let the doctor look at Arjun.

"Please Mr. Arjun get ready I am going to take the glass out it will hurt." The doctor advised. Arjun looked straight at Aorhi, who grabbed his hands which were balled into fists resting on his legs. The doctor got into position and let Aorhi know.

"Its best if you think about something else." The doctor advised.


Arjun looked at Aorhi and realized that she was all distraction he needed. When the doctor pulled the glass out.

Arjun didn't make a sound but Arohi let out something between a straggled yell and pained moan, she tightened her hold on his hand it was like she felt the pain.

Arohi felt the tension in Arjun body through is hand and when the doctor had pulled the glass he had jumped a little and inhaled sharpely. Being the the type he was he didn't let a sound escape his lips. Aohi watched as the doctor quickly tried to stop the blood flow. The pile of bloody bandages growing.

She looked back at Arjun, he was still staring at her and Aorhi let her tears fall. She cried for the both of them.

"Dard ho ra hai na?"

"I have had worse princess." He watched her wipe her tears but more fell. "Stop crying or else I'll tell Raj and we will both call you a cry baby."

"Shut up."

"Mr. Arjun, I'm going to apply local anaesthetic it will burn."

"I know, just sew up it quickly."

"Wait what? Stitches?" Aorhi was about to get up and see but Arjun held her hand.

"Stay here." All joking and fun was gone from his tone.

He was in a lot pain.

Aorhi didn't say anything, she just opened up his fists so that she could hold his hands.

When the doctor applied the anaesthetic Arjun tightened his grip on Aorhi's hand. The shit burned more then the stab wound it self!

Arohi kept full eye contact with arjun. Her heart rate was already up there, but holding Arjun's hand and him sitting there staring at her so intensely, she felt her heart race even faster. She grew self consensus.

She probably looked really bad after her fight with Gauri.

The doctor quickly stitched Arjun, a total of 12 stitches.

When he was done, he put all his utensils back in his box and wrote down the prescription.

"I am assuming you are his wife?" Aorhi nodded her head. "Here is the prescription for the painkillers and a salve to apply three times daily. He shouldn't move his upper body for the next three days. He will have to sleep sitting up as well until he feels comfortable enough to lay on his back. Please call or take him to the clinic to take out the stitches and please make sure the cut doesn't get infected. When you bathe him make sure water or soap doesn't get in."

Arohi blushed. She had to bathe him? No way!

"Thank you doctor sab."

"For now I would suggest he get some bed rest and please get the painkillers as soon as possible."

"I will send someone right away."

The doctor got up said bye to the rest of the family and left.

"Bua can you get this prescription for me? I'm going to take Arjun to my old room." Bua rushed to take the prescription from Aorhi.

"No, Aorhi I want to go home."

"You are not going any where young man, Aorhi take him to your room, I will have the medicine sent as soon as possible. Beeji make your grandson understand he is going no where until he rests. He saved my granddaughters life this is the least we can do! I won't accept no for an answer." DJ was firm in her resolve and Beeji couldn't be happier, she made it look like she was considering her offer.

"Well since you insist. Arohi puttar take Arjun upstairs I will join you two in a little while."

"Dadi we can't stay."

"Shut up Arjun." Arohi helped him stand. "If you don't come with me, I'll poke your wound." She threatened, and Arjun realized he didn't want to see if she was bluffing, she was too unpredictable.

"Lead the way wifey." It didn't look like the men of the house were returning anytime soon. There wasn't going to be any more drama, he prayed, for the next little while.

Aorhi's mom watched as they whispered to each other all the way up the stairs.

"We should get him something to eat. I mean he lost a lot of blood, he must be dizzy?"

"Yes babhi, lets make him something." Arohi's chachi looked at Beeji, "Is there something he likes?"

"That boy likes anything and everything. He's not picky when it comes to food."

"Please tell us what he likes." Arohi's mom motioned towards the kitchen.

Chapter 15

Aorhi pushed open the door to her old room, and immediately felt nostalgic.

Arjun noticed the faltering in her steps and the smile on her face.

"You miss your room?"

Arohi led him towards her bed and pulled back the covers.

"Yeah, it makes your room look like a shoe cupboard doesn't it?"

"We can move into a bigger room if you want." He slipped his shoes off, sat down and let Aorhi arrange the pillows behind him.

"Hmm perhaps." She settled her self beside him on the bed.

A few quiet moments passed and Arohi was lost in her thoughts. She thought about the days after she had returned from "Arjun's kidnapping" and had met Cheeku. Gauri had told her so many lies, when she was determined to say no to Cheeku, but after hearing and believing Gauri she had changed her mind. How stupid and gullible she was. She let Gauri poison her mind so easily against Arjun. It made her question her love for him. Was her trust in him so weak? Grudgingly she had to admit she did trust Arjun more, she knew him a little bit better. Of course she would need doctorate in phycology to actually understand him properly, he was so complex in ways that she couldn-

"Pink white and flowers eh?" Arjun needed to talk to her about something, a quiet Arohi wasn't good news.

"Yes so?" Arohi was quick to respond due to experience with Arjun, regardless of her train of thought being broken.

"Very girly."

"Well I'm a girly girl."

"Yeah but this looks like a 10 year old's room."

"Says the guy who is in it."

"My manhood has taken the hit."

They both laughed realizing a how ridiculous there conversation was.

There was another pause, but it was Arohi who broke the ice this time.

"Arjun we need to talk."

"Can we talk when we get home?" He closed his eyes the pain was escalating where it was hard to hide on his face.

Yes they had a lot of talking to do.

"Alright." Arohi pulled the covers to cover them both. She was afraid to broach the topic about there rocky relationship.

She also sat back but instead of closing her eyes she watched him.

What if Gauri hadn't poisoned her mind? Would she have accepted Arjun again? Every time she was ready to even think again about him Gauri was there to stop her. What about the bachelorette party he threw?

Now that Aorhi thought about, it seemed out of character of Arjun to do such a thing for Cheeku of all people. Arjun couldn't stand Cheeku and she could see why. Why do him a favour? Or hold up a north American tradition? It didn't add up. She had to ask him.

"Arjun, just one question then I'll let you sleep." he cracked open one eye.

"Just one question?" She looked nervous.

"Yeah I was wonder-"

"Knock Knock" Arjun opened both his eyes.

Arohi looked disappointed

"Come in Bua!"

Love opened the door and was followed in to the room by all the ladies of the family.

"I got the medicine. And Bahbi made keher!" She brought the tray over and Aorhi accepted it. She took out two capsules and handed them and water over to Arjun.

Arjun was never more grateful for the sight of Arohi's bubbly bua. She had gotten the drugs!

After gulping down the water and meds, Arjun looked at Aorhi's mom. "This was really not necessary I just had breakfast before I came."

"Oh no no, you must be feeling dizzy you lost a lot of blood. This is nothing. Its the least I can do, I hope it tastes good."

"Thank you."

Aorhi watched her mom's nervous interaction with Arjun.

"Hey mama how come you brought just one bowl? I want some too. Fighting that luchi and worked up an appetite."

"Shh Arohi don't talk like that!" Her mother scolded.

Arjun tried to lift the bowl but by mistake used his right hand, and hissed in pain, his right shoulder was the wounded shoulder.

"Oh no putar you can't even eat properly. I know! Arohi beta feed your husband."

Arohi blushed. She was NOT going to feed Arjun with her mom and company present.

"He can eat with his left hand."

"Aorhi! How can you be so heartless?"

Aorhi couldn't believe it Dadi was going to make her feed Arjun in front of everyone. She looked at Arjun. He gave her his puppy dog look. She knew he was faking it. How someone as dangerous and fearless as him could even do such a cute puppy dog face was beyond her. Did he practice in the mirror with those Angelina Jolie lips? Most likely.

Arjun leaned over and whispered.

"Remember your my slave? Are you going to go back on your word?"

Arohi narrowed her eyes at him. Of course how could she forget?

Dadi rolled her eyes. "Fine give it to me I will feed Arjun."

"No no, Dadi I will do it. I am his wife aren't I?" Aorhi took the bowl and spoon and shoved a spoonful none too gently into Arjun's mouth.

"Khao! Good ins't it? Chew, hurry up, chew faster, this stuff doesn't even need to be chewed, hurry and swallow." As soon as Arjun gulped she shoved another spoonful in his mouth.

"Arohi putar! Your going to hurt him slow down."

"Yeah Aorhi I'm not a duck."

She gave him a saccharine smile. "Could have fooled me."

Dadi shook her head at the two. It was best to leave them alone. She knew Aorhi was embarrassed.

"Okay ladies lets go, and leave these two alone."

Aorhi's mom looked alarmed , regardless of what had happened she still didn't want to leave her child alone with Arjun Singahnia.

Love noticed her bahbi's hesitance and so did DJ. DJ grabbed on to Arohi's mom's hand,

"Beta lets go, we are just downstairs, if Aorhi needs anything she will call."

Aorhi's mom looked over at the two on the bed, fighting away while Aorhi was feeding Arjun. Her daughter looked...happy?

"I'm just worried about Arohi, you know how innocent and helpless she is?"

Beeji rolled her eyes. "Its my grandson that's in danger my dear NOT your daughter. That girl is strong enough to be on her own, she has Arjun with her and he would NEVER hurt a hair on her head. You just saw downstairs how he gave his life twice to save her, and he has done it before and will do it again. I don't understand why it is so difficult for you all to comprehend that Arjun would never physically hurt your daughter?"

"Beeji he may not hurt her physically, but he has hurt her emotionally and we don't want that to happen again. She has lost trust in the word love. She may never be able to trust a man with her heart!"

Beeji looked at her friend like she had purple hair.

"You don't think my grandson was hurt emotionally? He left everything so he had to be at the beck and call of the men who was going to marry the love of his life. Not only that he was manipulated by your own, Gauri. He left his family for your granddaughter. His love repeatedly turned him down, treated him like he didn't matter, he took it all, because he thought he could win her lover with his love and honesty. Kher chordo ye purani batin, let the kids decide there own lives, enough people have interfered in there happiness."

DJ nodded her head. The women walked out and closed the door behind them.

Arjun watched out of the corner of his eye as all the women left. He used his left hand to stop Arohi from shoving another spoon down his throat. His voice was serious and deep.

"Araam se Aorhi, like this."

He then turned the spoon around and fed it to her.

Shocked Aorhi opened her mouth and chewed. What else could she do? After she swallowed, Arjun fed her another bite then another. After feeding her two more times, still holding her hand that held the spoon, Arjun fed him self, once twice, three times. Keeping eye contact with her the whole time.

The spoon clicked with the bottom of the ceramic bowel.

Arohi snapped out of her reiver her cheeks were tinted rose.

"Ye-ye tum kya kare ho?" She snatched her hand away from his.

"Feeding my self. You seem to have forgotten." He loved messing with her.

"Well it seems you can feed you self so here." She put the spoon in the bowl.

"Eating with your left hand? That's not good Arohi." He was teasing her and she knew it.

"Ha ha, you care about good? You are evil incarnate!"

"Your married to evil incarnate, what does that make you?"

Her eyes turned sultry. "Darling, I never said I was good."

Arjun looked at her sudden change in mood and burst out in laughter.

Arohi rolled her eyes. She had no idea what he found so damn funny.

He would tell her sooner or later.

"Oh Arohi, that was good. But you know I never knew you had such a dark side to you, I don't think you really do, illogical, impatient, ziddey, abrupt, stubborn, foolish, honest, annoying, illogical, wait I said that already didn't I?"

"Yes, yes you made your point. Hang on a second. You think I'm honest?" She smiled a real smile.

"Yeah stupidly so."

"What? Only you can make some thing good such as honesty, sound bad."

"Okay I'll add stupid to the list, and give you and an example," he took her tap to his good shoulder like a man with out winching, "remember that day Shifali tricked you into coming to your room because I asked her to, she locked you out of it. In this room, over there," he pointed to the spot in front of her door, " I gave you back the ring mamaji had given too me thinking I was your honewala. Although I really was, okay fine bad joke."

Arohi remembered clearly what happened that day. It was the day before her wedding to Cheeku. She had been so confused, she knew she still had feelings for Arjun, yet her family wanted Cheeku and all the decisions her family had ever made for her had kept her safe, not always happy but safe.

Arohi noticed Arjun sounded nostalgic.

"You were wearing this sky blue dress, and your hair was tied at nape of your neck. You were upset I was meeting you in secret, with your whole family downstairs, but you were more upset that you were marrying that loser. Don't make that face at me, we both couldn't stand that kabotar. I asked you if you still loved me."

"I didn't say anything." She looked away from him.

"Exactly, you didn't need to your, expressions gave it all away."

"How do you know what I was feeling? Your no mind reader."

"But I know you Arohi."

"You used to know me, I'm different now, I'm not the same girl who believed in happily ever afters."

"Are you sure? Your room looks like a little princesses room, who still believes in happily ever afters. Hell you even turned my bedroom into a girly one, more girly then this. All you need is a mural of unicorns and a castle with fairies." He motioned towards her white and pink furniture.

"Oh shut up, and sleep."

"I don't want to sleep here , I want to go back home."

"Ughh you sound like a five year old, even Raj sounds more mature," she imitated him , "I don't wanna sleep here I want to go home." Arohi pushed her hair back. "What's wrong with my bed?"

"Its enemy territory."

"Ha! Very funny, you sleep with the enemy every night."

Arjun raised one eyebrow. "Really Aorhi?" He pulled her close being mindful of the tray on his lap. His voice dropped ,noses almost touching, and he had a down right naughty look on his face. "I sleep with my enemy?"

Arohi's eyebrow shot into her hairline. "Chee! Gande badmash lucha admi! You just got stabbed and here you are making passes at me!" She pushed away from him.

"Ouch! Women gently." Arohi suddenly looked worried. She moved the tray away to the night side drawer.

"Well then don't make passes at me." She pulled the blanket up and helped him relax back with the pillow behind him.

"Okay so you would rather I make passes at other women?"

Arohi didn't bother commenting. So Arjun got his phone out and stated texting.

"What are you doing, your supposed to be resting."

"Well since I can't make passes at my wife, I will do it to someone else." He looked up from his phone and winked.

Aorhi yanked the phone out of his hand. "The hell your are! If you don't go to sleep right now I'm going to call Dadi."

"Aorhi give my phone back."

"Try and take it from me." She held it out his reach. Arjun knew Aorhi was doing this because she thought he had limited range of motion in his current injured state. How wrong was she, the painkillers were already doing there job and he really had survived through worse.

Arjun used his left hand and snaked it around her waist and lurched Arohi to him, she fell on his chest, making him bump his back on to the head board, a minor pain really.

"Arjun!" She put on hand on his chest to steady her self and the other hand that still had his iphone went around his back to steady him.

She looked up into his eyes ready to give it to him, but couldn't because that's when her mom and Bua entered the room.

"Arohi we came to give you-" Arohi's bua stopped short because the scene infront of her.

Talk about bad timing. Arohi blushed three different shades of red and quickly untangled her self from Arjun.

Arjun winched at the sudden movement. "Damn women, gently. Your going to be the death of me."

"Sorry didn't mean to interrupt you Aro." Love actually blushed!

"No! I mean no Bua you are not interrupting anything, Arjun was just about to fall asleep and I um, I was feeling a little drowsy as well and , um and was going to sleep and IN MY sleep I moved closer to him, not on purpose you see-" Love cut her off, if Aorhi turned any more red she might just stay red permanently.

"We just came to give this tray of fruits and I got the balm for his back. I also had one of our workers retrieve a shirt from the Singhania house."

Arjun was grateful for the shirt, he had been topless long enough.

"Thank you for my shirt." He elbowed Aorhi.


"Get my shirt."


"I know you like seeing me topless, but I'd rather put a shirt on, I'll display my abs for you later, wifey." Arohi narrowed her eyes at him.

Love giggled, she had a feeling she and Arjun would get along really well one day.

Arohi's mom couldn't believe her ears. What went on in that Singhania house between these two?

"Here take the tray Aorhi I'll take the first one down, we will see you two after your nap." She handed the try over to Aorhi who didn't bother getting up from the bed. She put the food away on the night table drawer and unfolded the mint green short sleave button down shirt. Whoever got the shirt had gotten one made of extremely soft material.

Aorhi looked at the shirt then Arjun, "Are you sure you want to wear it now? I mean its going to brush against your stitches, why not wear it when we leave when you have to. For now your don't really need it."

With out even waiting for his reply Aorhi tossed the shirt to the foot of the bed.

"See Aorhi it would be nice if you waited for my response , before making the decision your self."

"Well it isn't logical for you to wear it now."

"Says the illogical women."

Arohi was stopped from saying anything further because of Love's giggling.

These two were too damn funny a real married couple.

"Your still here?" Aorhi asked. Arjun and Aorhi had thought they had left, but there was her mom and her bua.

"Oh sorry Aorhi, we will leave you two alone." She winked and yanked her bahbi out the door before she could protest.

"DON'T say a word." She lay down on her pillows, her bua just had to wink.

"I wasn't going to say anything Aorhi."

"Yeah sure. Just rest Arjun, for at least an hour then we will go home."

Arjun didn't say anything , there was no point in sleeping he wasn't comfortable here. He didn't need to point out to Aorhi that she had just referred to his house as "home". She would only deny it and take what she said back. He looked at the clock and watched the second had tick. He had a lot of thinking to do anyway. Who knew messing up the photo shoot yesterday would cause Gauri's truth to come out today?

Chapter 16

As soon as the hour was up, Arjun woke Aorhi up. He wanted out, of the Allowahlia house. Who knew when her uncles, grandfather and father would show up. He was a guy, and if some other guy married his daughter like he did Aorhi...well he wouldn't let the asshole live. Not to mentioned that he had kidnapped her , made it look like he almost pushed her off the cliff. Wait now that he looked did look kinda extreme.

Arjun shrugged, oh well what was done was done.

"I'm up, stop shaking me!" She pushed Arjun's hands away and got up.

"I just wanted to point out you are still my slave. So..." He pointed to his shirt at the foot of the bed where Aorhi had tossed it.

Grudgingly Arohi helped him into his shirt. She was his slave after all.

Arjun pocketed the pills.

Yeah add to the list that now I made there payari daughter into my slave. He had to bite his lip not to laugh.

The couple quietly made there way downstairs, where all the ladies were talking.

"Dadi, its time to go home."

"Oh no you must stay for lunch!" Arohi's DJ stood up and so did beeji.

"No Dalljeet another time." Arohi didn't say a word. She simply looked down at there toes. She was confused, couldn't come up with anything. She was leaving her childhood home, and for some reason it didn't feel so bad.

"Aorhi beta can I see speak to you?" When Arohi nodded her head but still stayed close to Arjun her mother had to clarify, "Alone beta."

Arjun got the idea.

"I'll wait for you in the car, come Dadi." Beeji hugged her old friend and left with Arjun, who gave Aorhi one last look over his shoulder.

As soon as the Singhania's were out the door, the four women surrounded Aorhi and gave her big hugs.

"How are you Arohi?" Her mother asked.

"They treat you well, don't they?" That was Dj.

Aorhi pulled back from them all. "I'm fine and they treat me well, dadi is there so I have nothing to worry about."

"What about the divorce?" Her mother asked.

Aorhi looked conflicted. "Mother, I have to find out if Raj is really his son or not."

"When will that happen?"

"I don't know mom, the paternity test should be taken soon."

"Ishh bahbi, Arjun doesn't seem like such a bad guy you know."

"Hai Love what are you saying? He's a criminal and look at how he slandered our family, that is something we can't ignore or erase!" Aorhi's mom looked at DJ for support.

"Okay stop it. Lets just wait for those tests, I'm sure Aorhi will make the right decision. Won't you beta?"

Aorhi smiled a troubled smile, she grabbed her purse from the couch.

"Yes, I will, just give me some more time mama. I will call you later!" With that said she ran out of the house, knowing if she stayed she would have to answer more questions she was unsure about.

Mama did bring up an important issue, is Arjun really Raj's son, if so then what? Of course I will divorce him! How can he leave a women alone to raise a child. Does he still love her? Will he do something like that to me if I let him love me? I have Raj's mom picture thanks to when I looked around his office. Who can I ask about her details or better yet where she lives? I can just meet her and ask why she abandoned her child! Billu should recognize her, he knows everything about Arjun, business wise, he can tell me where Raj's mom lives. But how do I get Billu to talk? First order of business when I get home, get Billu to spill the beans on Arjuns mom's whereabouts.

Aorhi was so engrossed in her thoughts, she didn't say anything to anyone in the car when she got in.

Arjun and his Dadi knew very well what kind of conversation had taken place in there absence. Arjun decided he would keep an eye, more then usual on Aorhi.

When they reached there house, lunch was already set out and since they were the only three present they sat down and had a quiet lunch. Arjun was beginning to get suspicious, it wasn't like Aorhi to not talk. She was the biggest chatter box he knew. He had caught her looking at him with suspicion, curiosity and distaste. If she gave him one more dirty look he would ask her. Arjun took a bite of his food then reach for his water, and looked over at Aorhi over the glass rim.

Ah there it was, the dirty look. He hadn't seen that for 48 hours.

"What is it Aorhi, something on my face?"

"No. I'm not hungry anymore. Excuse me Dadi." Before Dadi could point out that she had barely touched her plate Arohi ran up the stairs.

She knew just the way to get Billu to talk. She would have to get alone, away from Arjun first. Arohi went into the shower, so when Arjun came into the room she wasn't there, but he heard the shower on.

"Pagal larki takes three showers a day." he muttered and changed into comfortable clothing. He took another painkiller and then went to sleep.

When Aorhi came out she noticed Arjun was sleeping.

Perfect! She quietly closed the door behind her and went looking for Billu.

Arjun was woken up an hour later by a phone call regarding work. He was falling behind schedule and his dad's assistant was calling to remind him of the projects that were due in a few days.

Arjun hung up the phone and cursed. Ever since Aorhi had come into the house he had not been about to concentrate on his work, that and he didn't have a secretary to handle the tedious details and keep him up to date. He got up and gently rolled his shudders the pain was still there thanks to Gauri, the evil witch. But he would live, that's what painkillers were for. Plus he was lucky he healed quickly.

Arjun put his black flip flops on, he had to find Billu, ask him to hire a secretary for him as soon as possible.

When Arjun came down the stairs a strange sight greeted him. There was Aorhi and Billu talking. It was strange because other then him and Dadi Aorhi didn't talk to anyone else in his family unless she had a reason. There must be a reason why she was talking to him. What was Aorhi up to now?

"Billu, what are you doing here and why is she saying very good to you?"

"I called him here, and I was saying very good to him because he just told me you broke your leg!"

"Bahi I swear I didn't say anything like that!"

" One minute Don't worry I know her really well."

"Bahbi, bahbi was feeding me milk shakes."

" Oh, so Bahbi gee you were feeding him milkshakes?" Arjun couldn't believe it, what was this girl trying to pull?

"Mhmm, sweet na?"

"Yeah Bahi there was milk, ice cream, and lots of love."

"Lots of love eh?"

Wait a minute she never makes milkshakes for me, she never made anything for me!

"You were feeding him milkshakes? You were drinking milkshakes?"

Arohi couldn't understand why Arjun seemed so shocked. It was such a simple concept.

"So what should I feed him beer like you? Look at this tiny thing, you have stumped his growth, not feeding him properly, you don't take care of him right! You leave all the work on this poor guys shoulders, while staying home and fighting with me."

" What the hell, can you shut up for a minute? Billu I needed to talk to you about something, I need a new secretary, work has been pilling up and this girl fights with me the whole day keeping me occupied. It would be best if you got my old secretary, I miss her a lot these days."

Aorhi's smile left her face. He missed his old secretary did he now? She was sure there was multiple reasons WHY he missed her.

AHHh how cheap!

"Okay bahi,later." Billu left, happy that he wasn't caught between Arjun and Aorhi's cross fire.

Arjun heard Aorhi mumble something, when he asked her about it he didn't understand her response.

"Alright do whatever you want in the house, just don't interfere with my business." With that said Arjun got up and left.

Arohi sat on the couch frustrated. She made up her mind, Arjun was NOT going to hire a new secretary or the old one, over her dead body. He was not going to have an affair again! Why this mattered to her, she didn't examine she had work to do. Such as finding Raj's mom, finding out of his real dad was Arjun or not. Las but not least making sure Arjun didn't hire a secretary!