Firstly, this is my first fanfic, so don't flame, please. Second, CC is entirely welcome.

Third and final, The Heroes Of Olympus never has, or will happen in this story. The characters are at the camp but that is it.


Red flames shot from the pit, exploding outward with a POP! The wood ignited quickly, burning through the kindling. I glanced at Annabeth over the dancing flames. She scowled slightly, and then looked back down into the fire. Tossing a couple more blocks of wood into the pit, I stepped back, and looked around the pavilion.

'Oh, come on Annabeth. You've said a thousand times before Naiads are flirts. I didn't try to kiss HER, she tried to kiss ME!' I sighed slightly, looking over Annabeth. She simply shot a dirty look at me, and went back to lighting the camp fire. The dusty haze across the valley made the sunset a pinky-orange. The beautiful weather wasn't just by chance. The Golden Fleece on top of Half-Blood Hill protected the camps borders from monsters. And bad weather, so it seemed.

After a few minutes of angry silence, I sighed slightly, and turned away. 'I'll tell Chiron that the pavilion's ready for dinner.' Usually, the Harpies would have sorted out the pavilion for dinner, but the old hags had attacked a camper before curfew recently, and were being kept away from tasks for a while - just until Chiron and Mr D. could get them back under control. I didn't see why the camp used the stupid chickens anyway. I mean, they cleaned up pretty well, true, but the campers still had to get their cabins clean for inspections, which were also run by campers. By the end of the summer, the only time the Harpies actually cleaned the cabins, they were already pretty neat. Anyway, I turned off from Annabeth, to get the conch horn blown.

Ten minutes later, the entire camp was in the pavilion, dining at their parents table. I sat alone, as per usual, being the only son of Poseidon in the camp. At the end of last year, my father had joked about there being more of us. Thank the gods; it really was just a joke. However, over the last year, the camps size had more than doubled. The gods had been claiming tonnes of children, as they had promised to me, and were really giving the satyrs some hard work.

The campers all began to slide off from their seats, carrying quarter or so of their platefuls. They lined up by the camp fire, tossing the remains into the flames. When it was my turn, I closed my eyes, and tipped. 'For Poseidon' I murmured, sharply adding 'And Aphrodite, a little help with Annabeth wouldn't go amiss.'

I trudged backward, sitting beside the fire.

Soon, roughly two hundred kids were sat around the pit, roasting marshmallows. Annabeth sat by my side, but she hadn't really spoken to me that much. I wasn't used to it, I mean; we'd been perfect up until last week, when I decided to take a swim in the Canoe Lake. A naiad had chosen the perfect time to be a flirt – just when Annabeth showed up. Anyway, at my other side, my friend Nico sat, grinning around the camp. The older Apollo kids stood up, brandishing lyres, and with a few good-natured groans, the camp began their nightly sing-song.

Later, as the camp began to disperse off to their cabins, Piper – the new Aphrodite counsellor approached me, grinning. 'You and Annabeth didn't talk much tonight.' She noted. I simply grunted in response. 'You know, a little present wouldn't go amiss for her…' Piper smiled lightly, and strolled off. Great – now the Aphrodite kids are going to gossip, and tell the entire camp about how the two heroes of last year are having relationship problems. Annabeth was going to kill me.

That night, I had a dream. I had just been getting used to having slightly more normal, non end-of-the-world type dreams, when this one cropped up and ruined everything. I was stood in the middle of a park. The only thing near me was a maple tree. On the front of the maple tree, was a marking. Right in the middle of the trunk, a face-like shape poked out from it, barely visible. Around the tree, there was one of those orange fences, and one of those road-works type signs. Beside the tree, a large van was parked, and a couple of men were rummaging through the back. Stood beside the tree, was an old man. There was nothing really notable about him – grey, bushy hair, stubby, wearing a navy turtleneck, and a pair of camo-style trousers. He was holding a clipboard in his hand, and I could just make out what was on it. Across the top, printed in bold, was the header "Mystery Tree" and just underneath, the plans to cut down the tree that had randomly appeared in the picnic area of central park. The disturbing thing was I knew where this three had come from. No one had expected this. I mean, out of all the trees in central park, why the hell would this one get noticed as suddenly just being there? And why would anyone care? All I knew was that forever reason, the tree that had entombed the Titan lord – Hyperion, was due to getting the chop. A workman stepped from the van, a generator in hand. He plunked it down beside the tree, and looked over the man with the clipboard.

'We'll start work tomorrow, boss. This tree is pretty thick. It could take a while to cut down. Seems a bit of a shame though, I mean, why cut down a perfectly healthy tree?' The man with the clipboard shook his head curtly. 'Doesn't fit.' He said curtly. The voice sent a shiver down my spine. I had heard it in a dream once before. It was the man who in a dream last year, had been left alone to watch Atlas while his brother, Hyperion, went out to battle us. I'd learnt about him since then. The man with the clipboard scratched his head. I got a quick glimpse of something stumpy and white – kind of like if Grover had his horns clipped off. I knew they weren't goat horns though… He was the man with the Ram horns. A man who was a Titan, disguised under the veil of The Mist. I'd forgotten about him completely last year – he hadn't even shown for the battle. The gods had told me that he had fled. Krois – The Titan Lord of the South…