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A/N: Very short. o3o Shonen-ai... sort of? Hopefully IC! I tried my hardest. :o

"A wonderful day to sit a spell outside, eh, Masa?" I said to my companion.

The taller man jumped slightly at the sound of his name. Then a quiet "un" sound slipped out of his mouth in agreement. I watched him for a moment. His giant eyes were dimmed by fatigue. I smiled and laid back in the grass.

"If you're tired, why not take a nap?"

"I can't do that," Masa argued. "A bodyguard musn't let his guard down around his employer." He finished with a yawn.

I chuckled and closed my eyes. "It's fine. No one is around and we're in broad daylight. Sleep."

The fidgety samurai sighed in defeat and slowly laid himself down next to me in the grass. I watched, quite amused, as he fought to keep his eyes open. They closed once or twice and I'd thought he finally fell asleep just to be surprised when they opened again.

"No... sleeping..." he mumbled. Then his eyes fell closed. I waited to see if they'd open again but then a faint snore was heard which caused me to smile.

"Such a fool. One should know to sleep when sleep is needed."

I continued to watch him sleep [like a creeper] for a while more. The sound of his quiet breath and the site of his chest moving slowly, peacefully up and down was very assuaging. It was like listening to a cat purr. It calmed my nerves.

I sat up and gently placed my head on his chest wanting to hear his heart better. Who would see, right? Besides, it was very pleasing to see the great swordsman, Akitsu Masanosuke, in such a state; sleeping and looking more useless than when conscious. What a rarity.

I heard a gasp and then a chuckle. I looked up to see Otake smiling at me. I suppose the sudden noise must have caused Masa to wake up because when I looked back down, his frog-like eyes were staring at me with an almost horrified look to them. I hadn't really noticed how close I'd gotten to his face until I felt his breath on my nose. I chuckled and decided to play it cool by kissing him on the nose and sitting back up. Otake laughed out loud and Masa's face turned a newly invented shade of red. He looked as if he could've died right then of embarrassment.

"Ah, Otake. it seems you've caught us. Now, let's go grab some sake, huh?"

"Sure, sure. I'll keep quiet... if you buy, that is." She winked and we walked off towards town together.

As far as I know, Masa had fainted. But at least he'll get some rest now.

Kinda sucks, sorry. ;P I absolutely love this anime. Edo era shows are truly the best~ Hopefully next time I write for Five leaves, it'll be a lemon! :D -is shot- The only reason I didn't turn this story into a lemon was because there aren't any Five leaves fics in English that are rated below M yet. xD Not that I mind... -is shot again-

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