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~Recap of Last Time~

Teams Seven had finally entered the Land of Waves and were on route to bring Tazuna home. As the team of Konoha ninja and the old bridge builder were journeying to his home they were attacked by another member of Gato's haired men. The man turned out to be former Mist Jounin and Assassin Zabuza Momochi. Kakashi immediately took on a frontal defensive move to protect his comrades revealing he was a user of the Sharingan, but as his battle with Zabuza started Zabuza was able to catch the silver haired Jounin off guard and imprisoned him inside a prism of water. Seeing as he couldn't free himself Kakashi ordered his team to run, but Zabuza got to them first and started to fight Naruko and Sasuke dealing them both a beating. Tazuna couldn't watch anymore tried to offer himself over so he could spare Team seven anymore abuse, but Zabuza turned his offer down and went to finish them off, but Naruko got back up fighting. Thanks to her Futon: Shinkuha Naruko dispelled Zabuza's water clone. With the clone taken care of Team seven stands together ready to take Zabuza down so they can free their sensei.

~End of Recap~

Zabuza stood beside the captured Kakashi glaring at the three Genins across from him. "So you brats think you can take me on now because you got lucky and destroyed my clone. Sorry brats, but I can make more of them to handle you pest" he growled creating another water clone.

Naruko stood in between her teammates cracking her knuckles as she glared at Zabuza. "Don't look down on Team seven ya smug bastard. The three of us are going to show you what teamwork is all about" she said as Sasuke and Hinata took up their offensive stances.

"Then let's see what you brats can do" Zabuza taunted as he formed a hand sign making the fog come in thicker obscuring everything in sight.

As the fog rolled in Team seven pressed close together in a tight three man circle. Sasuke was on guard listening for the slightest change in movement while Naruko stood close to Hinata believing Zabuza would aim for her. Hinata on the other hand was focusing on locating Zabuza's chakra signature finding that the clone's chakra to differ from his creators. Once she detected the clone she moved out of the pack with her teammates on her heels as she raced towards Tazuna with Zabuza's clone coming out of the mist to strike down the unguarded man.

"Jūkenpō!" Hinata yelled out deflecting the sword as it was in mid swing sending Zabuza back while Naruko and Sasuke tried to pull a combo punch and kick only to hit nothing as the clone dodged their attack.

"Well, Kakashi I must give you some credit for these brats. There not half bad, but there still not good enough to beat me" the ex-Mist ninja taunted watching the Genins reform their three man formation.

"Don't underestimate my team Zabuza. You might not live to regret it if you do" Kakashi countered watching his students work as a formidable team.

Naruko watched the water clone sneak back into the mist and she started to form a plan in her head. "Guys lend me your ear for a sec" she whispered getting her teammates attention. "The only way we're going to get Nii-chan out of that prism is if we attack the real Zabuza so we need to destroy the clone."

"That's pretty obvious dobe which is easier said than done. You got rid of the first clone by accident when you caught Zabuza off guard. I don't think we'll get that lucky and do it again" Sasuke says keeping up his guard.

"I know that teme, but I think we can catch him off guard again. The problem is I need a diversion and for the diversion I'm going to need one of you to back me up, but that would leave only one of us to guard the old man" she tells them.

"Naru-chan I can guard Tazuna-san while you and Sasuke-kun free Kakashi-sensei. With my Byakugan I'll be able to detect him. It also works to our advantage because I'll be able to alert you two to his position" Hinata said volunteering herself to stay behind and protect Tazuna.

"Hina-chan are you sure? I don't want to put you at risk" Naruko tells her concerned for her safety.

Hinata gave them a reassuring smile full of confidence and trust. "I'm sure. I won't let you guys down."

Naruko returned the gesture before turning towards Sasuke. "You heard her teme you're with me so keep up" she orders.

Sasuke meet Hinata's gaze and held it searching for any signs of uncertainty in her face, but found none just strong resolve. Nodding towards her he faced Naruko putting up his smug neutral face. "Hn don't order me around dobe. I'm not your Nara lackey."

"Shika isn't lackey teme! Whatever let's just go save Nii-chan already" Naruko said running into the mist with Sasuke behind her leaving Hinata to approach Tazuna's side taking up her gentle fist fighting stance.

Zabuza's water clone watched the Genins break apart leaving the Hyuga girl to guard the old bridge builder. "Foolish brats leaving the old man to be guarded by their weakest member what a newbie tactic. Looks like the first one to fall at my hand will be them." He thought cruelly clenching his Kubikiribōchō tightly preparing to jump out and strike Hinata and Tazuna down viciously.

Hinata kept her position near Tazuna watching Naruko and Sasuke disappear into the fog before she moved her eyes around the clearing searching for the clone's individual chakra signature. As she was looking around she picked up another strong chakra signature in the distance that did look like it belonged to Zabuza or his clone. "Is that another assassin? Or could it be someone after Zabuza?" she asked herself watching the chakra signature disappear before she was back on guard as the clone's chakra flared up.

Zabuza appeared behind Hinata staying in the range of the Byakugan's blind spot. "Too bad for you I know about the Hyuga's blind spot! I guess your eyes aren't all seeing after all, now it's time for you two to die!" he yelled bringing Kubikiribōchō down to kill Hinata.

Hinata froze up unable to react fast enough to block the giant sword and saw it coming down on her, but before the sword could touch her Tazuna knocked her to the ground barely missing getting sliced by the sword.

"That's not going to save you this time!" Zabuza yelled swinging his sword around ready to bring it down on the two at once, but his arm was sliced opened by a well-aimed kunai to the arm wielding his Kubikiribōchō.

"Don't you dare touch her you bastard!" Sasuke yelled being the one to throw the Kunai while Naruko was at his side gathering up her chakra.

"What the teme said! You're fighting us now so let's see what you got! Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruko yelled summoning up about twenty to thirty clones.

"That's another Jutsu I wasn't expecting a brat like you to know, but your measly clones stand no chance against my one clone" Zabuza taunted from where he stood.

"We'll see about that. Let's get him!" Naruko shouted charging at the real Zabuza to gain the clones attention.

"Foolish girl" the ex-assassin hissed allowing his clone to protect him as the blond and her clones all attacked his clone at once before they were all blown away in one swing of his sword causing the real Naruko to fly.

Before she hit the ground Sasuke caught her setting her back on her feet. "Baka I thought we agreed you weren't going to charge in recklessly anymore!"

Naruko smirked whipping the blood away from her busted lip. "Oh where's the fun in that? Anyway that got him away from Hinata and the old man so we can go ahead with our plan."

Zabuza was getting aggravated with these brats especially with Naruko. "Girl I think it's time I show you brats how serious this situation you're in is. It's time I showed you all why I'm labeled the demon of the bloody Mist" he said smiling his demonic looking smile.

Zabuza clone placed his copy of Kubikiribōchō on his back before he started performing multiple hand signs. Kakashi immediately recognized the hand signs and began to panic knowing his students were in danger.

"Everyone run! Zabuza is planning to blow you all away with his waterfall technique!" he yelled.

Naruko and Sasuke braced themselves with Naruko using her shadow clone jutsu again while Sasuke stood to the side preparing his own attack. Zabuza paying the two Genins no mind continued to perform the multiple hands to release his technique reaching the last sign to unleash the devastating attack.

"You brats are finished! Prepare to die! Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu" Zabuza's clone yelled making the water rise up from the lake behind the real Zabuza and Kakashi, making it look like a gigantic waterfall before the wave fell over the Jounins heading straight for Naruko and Sasuke.

"Hey Teme you ready yet?!" Naruko yelled getting a little scared as the wave was getting closer to them.

Sasuke keep a cool head as he continued to prepare for their counter attack. "Quit worrying dobe I'm ready. Are you?" he called back taking in a deep breath of air as before taking high leap into the air. "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" he yelled releasing a giant fireball towards the oncoming wave.

"I was waiting for you to get ready you jerk! Fūton: Shinkūa!" Naruko yelled releasing her unpredictable wind technique.

The powerful wind blast fused with the giant fireball causing the flames to expand and become stronger. The wind enhanced fireball collided with the giant wave producing a thick stream of steam to spill over the battlefield. The two attacks fought to overpower one another, but ended in a deadlock causing them to explode into a burst of steam that covered and shook the field.

"Naru-chan! Sasuke-kun!" Hinata yelled out when she saw her teammates get covered in the steam along with Kakashi and the two Zabuzas.

As the seam cleared out of view you could see the clone trying to cut Sasuke in half with the other fighting off his attack with an enlarged Shuriken. Naruko came in kicking the clone in the gut sending him skidding back as Sasuke took a stance holding the shuriken to his side. Jumping high into the air Sasuke twisted around in about a 180 degree spin before tossing the four bladed shuriken at Zabuza. The water clone was preparing to defend itself but the Shuriken soared right by it and headed towards the real Zabuza.

"Interesting. Seeing as you couldn't beat my clone you aim for the real me. Clever plan brats, but…" Zabuza started saying as the shuriken closed in on him caching it with his free hand. "You seemed to underestimate my abilities!"

Sasuke landed back on the ground smirking at him. "Actually I think that's our line" he replied smugly as his hidden shuriken came out of the shadow's flying towards Zabuza.

"The Kage Shuriken no Jutsu! Seems like my students are just full of surprises" Kakashi thought fondly as Zabuza was again caught off guard by his team.

Hinata was smiling happily thinking Sasuke finally got the upper hand Zabuza, but her joy was short lived as Zabuza hopped over the shuriken. "Oh no!"

Zabuza growled as he hopped over the shadowed shuriken getting pissed off for being made a fool of and for having his strength and skills looked down upon. "I told you your silly tricks won't work on me! Now die!" he yelled swirling the Shuriken in his free hand.

Just as Zabuza was about to send the shuriken at Sasuke a loud poofing sounded signaling the release of a transformation. Quickly turning his head around Zabuza stared into the playful and smug blue eyes of a grinning Naruko.

"Eat this!" she yelled throwing a kunai straight at the arm encased in the water prism concealing Kakashi.

Seeing no way to stop the kunai, Zabuza unconsciously pulled his arm out of the water prism dispelling the jutsu freeing Kakashi from his prison.

"Yes it worked!" Naruko cheered still in midair before gulping in fright as Zabuza turned towards her with an angry demonic glare as blood dripped from the cut on his cheek.

"Time to die you little bitch!" he yelled hitting his breaking point with the little three man Genin team as went to take Naruko out with the same shuriken that caused him to release Kakashi.

Kakashi who was dripping wet, but finally free stopped the shuriken in its tracks before Zabuza could throw it causing his hand to bleed from the force and power used that went into the throw. "Sorry Zabuza, but it looks like I won't be last to fight anymore. Now let's finish our fight!" he demanded glaring up at the mist demon with his Sharingan eye.

"Well, I'll be damn. The brat actually pulled it off" Tazuna mumbled stumped by the kids performance.

"Amazing teamwork Naru-chan and Sasuke-kun" Hinata called out proud of her friends for working so well together.

Naruko fell into the water, but soon came back to the surface showing off her face splitting grin. Sasuke just stood indifferently though you could see a small proud smile on his face.

"Your plan was very impressive Naruko and the teamwork all three of you showed was incredible. You all have shown tremendous growth and I'm very proud of you all" Kakashi praised his team still holding Zabuza back.

Naruko gave a happy giggle from the water. "Thanks sensei. When Sasuke and I were covered up by the steam I was able to hide when I transformed into the Fuuma shuriken. I had a theory this guy would use another water base attack against us. So when we broke off from Hina-chan I told Sasuke my theory and we waited for him to attack so we could combine our best jutsus together. Separate our attacks wouldn't stand a chance against him, but once we combined them it was easy for Sasuke to use his Fuuma shuriken, shadow windmill attack. In the process of freeing nii-chan we destroyed his water clone again making our plan a total success!"

"Don't brag Dobe. It was just luck you're plan worked out or did you get that tactic from the Nara too" Sasuke teased.

Naruko huffed and splashed around in the water. "Damn you teme! All my good ideas aren't because of Shika! I happened to think of that plan all by myself!" she shouted before blushing a tad bit. "Okay maybe I used a little bit of Shika's tactic, but most of the plan was mine!"

"Whatever you say dobe whatever you say" Sasuke mumbled moving back to guard Tazuna with Hinata who was smiling at him.

"Sasuke-kun and Naru-chan have became such a good team. I just hope I'll be able to keep up with them. No! No doubts, I will get strong so I can help them!" Hinata thought determinedly.

Zabuza took a moment to calm down before he let out a humorless chuckle. "It seems I lost my concentration and canceled my water prison."

"No. You didn't cancel out your technique.. my students forced you into canceling it out. Seems you really did underestimate us" Kakashi retorted smugly keeping his sharingan eye locked on Zabuza.

Zabuza gritted his teeth harshly as he tried to fight down his growing anger and irritation knowing the silver haired Jounin was right. Growling furiously Zabuza clasped the shuriken into one blade and tried to cut off Kakashi's hand, but Kakashi fought back and soon knocked the shuriken out of the way.

Soon both Jounin jumped away from one another were Zabuza began to form hand signs calling the name of each sign as he performed it. Kakashi never once taking his eye off of Zabuza was able to use his sharingan to copy his jutsu and once they both touched the water he began to perform the same signs at lightening speed. Staring each other down both as they continued to dish out the hand signs until they both landed on the final bird sign at the same time. When they showed the last hand seal the water bubble around them gushing into the air in a twining and twisting vortexes taking the forms of dragons.

"Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu!"

The two dragons clashed with one another causing the lake to overflow and rage out of control. Naruko who was still trapped in the lake was tossed everywhere while Sasuke, Hinata and Tazuna were hit with the aftershock waves. Coming back to the surface Naruko took in a gulp of fresh air watching in amazement as Kakashi blocked Zabuza's Kubikiribōchō with a kunai.

"Nii-chan's amazing!" Naruko thought watching her older brother fight with the ex-Kirigakure Jounin.

Sasuke shook off the aftermath waves and looked at Kakashi with a curious stare. "To copy all those hand seals so fast...can the power of the Sharingan be that powerful?"

Zabuza pushed down on his sword aiming to cut Kakashi's head off, but the silver haired Jounin pushed back knocking the assassin off his balance leading him to get a kick into his side. Grunting Zabuza grabbed Kakashi's leg lifting him into the air before tossing him away. Flipping through the air landed back onto the water ready to continue the battle.

"Impossible! How can this be happening?! The Sharingan allows for the owner to copy the jutsu after they are used, but this guy matched me perfectly and executed the Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu at the same time as me!" Zabuza thought angrily glaring at Kakashi. "You think you're so strong don't you. Well, you're not strong when you copy other people's jutsus!"

Kakashi ignored Zabuza's taunt leaving the assassin to make the next move, never taking his eyes off from him. Zabuza was starting to feel his composure start to crack so he decided he needed to end this fight soon. Dashing over the water to reposition himself in front of Kakashi who mimicked his movements perfectly until they were both standing tall with their arms raised into the air and hand seal formed in front of them.

"Incredible..Kakashi-sensei is mimicking his moves perfectly. Is that how the Sharingan is supposed to work Sasuke-kun?" Hinata asked.

"The Sharingan is an eye technique used to copy the movement and jutsu of an enemy , but its only supposed to do that after you have seen it, but Kakashi... he's able to complete the techniques and hand seals before Zabuza has the time to complete them" Sasuke tells her.

Hinata sensed a surge of chakra and looked towards the source, but couldn't see anything. "Was the same chakra signature from before?" she wondered before focusing back on her sensei and the battle.

The person Hinata had sensed was the same individual that has been watching the battle from the start. They stood motionless on the tree watching the battle with growing interest. The mysterious stranger watched as the two Jounin faced each other down and how Zabuza was losing his cool.

"How is he doing that. Every move I make its almost as if he's..."

"predicting everyone of them perfectly."

Zabuza growled in surprise as he formed the tiger seal. "What?! did he just read what I was about to say in my mind? No Impossible! He's just messing with me. Trying to get me to lose my focus."

The assassin tried to reclaim his composure feeling shaken up by Kakashi's mind game, but he couldn't refocus because he was staring into his eyes becoming more unnerved by them.

"Those eyes of his must see my thoughts as well as my movements. What unnerving eyes he has." Kakashi said making sure his gaze was locked on Zabuza who flinched at his taunt.

Thought the assassin was sweating and was very unsettled by Kakashi's words and demeanor he refused to show it. "You think you're so clever don't you Kakashi. You're nothing, but a cheap imitation. A copycat with no real strength!"

"There's no way a stupid monkey like you is going to beat me!/There's no way a stupid monkey like you is going to beat me!" Zabuza and Kakashi said together at the exact same time.

"You're finished Kakashi! I'm going to make sure you can never open that copycatting mouth of yours again!" Zabuza shouted completely losing it now.

He started performing the many seals he needed to complete his jutsu, but as he was finishing up he began to see a silhouette forming behind Kakashi. As he watched the silhouette become clearer he saw that it was himself standing behind Kakashi and he freaked failing to complete the hand seals for his technique. Kakashi on the other hand did complete the seals and was ready to unleash the attack.

"Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu!" he called out as the three black commas in his sharingan eye began spinning around in a fast circle.

"Wha...What?!" Zabuza demanded watching as the water rippled and burst up forming a fast spinning vortex of water in front of Kakashi. "My jutsu! How did he know I was going to use it!"

The vortex became faster and stronger and soon shot out at Zabuza like a torpedo. Too stunned by the sudden change of events the ex-Kirigakure Jounin was trapped inside the raging water, being tossed and thrown around. Naruko who was still in the water soon found herself being tossed around too.

Sasuke and his group braced themselves as they got hit with some of the raging waves as it tore through the forest with Zabuza tapped in the middle of it.

Naruko tried to fight against the current so she could stay above the water's surface, but her exhausted and battered body couldn't fight very long with the waves and was quickly dragged under. She could feel her lungs about to give out on her so she clasped her hands over mouth desperate to keep the oxygen in her lungs in long enough for her to get back to the surface, but found it to be futile as she lost her breath. She reached desperately for the surface, but soon blacked out due to loss of oxygen.

In her hazy and unconscious state Naruko failed to see the figure diving into the water to save her. The figure swam quickly to Naruko grabbing her arm and bringing her back to the surface where they laid her on the shore. Once on land the figure bent over Naruko barely breathing form and began to perform CPR. When they were administrating the second breath, Naruko came back to consciousness, but her vision was bleary and obscured so she couldn't see who was helping her as she coughed and puked up the water in her system. When her rescuer was sure she would be okay left her side immediately before she could see them.

The Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu was slowly calming down as Zabuza smacked into the a great tree pinned against it by the dying jutsu. As the jutsu was ending you could hear the familiar sound of shuriken and kunai flying through the air before the echoing thumps followed by the pained grunts.

"Your finished Zabuza." Kakashi said calmly on the branch above the pinned and wounded Zabuza.

Zabuza had his head hung down in defeat before turning to look up at Kakashi with furious and searing eyes. "How did you did do it? Can you see into the future?"

Kakashi held his gaze for a brief moment before he answered. "Yes. Your going to die by my hand Zabuza."

As he made this proclamation two senbon needles flew through the air connecting into Zabuza neck spurting out blood before he fell motionless to the ground. Kakashi along with the others were surprised by this action and looked in the direction of where the needles came from. Standing atop a tree branch was a ninja wearing a Kirigakure anbu mask.

"You were mostly right Copycat Kakashi, but it seems that Zabuza died by my hand not yours" said the stranger.

Naruko crawled to her knees in a stunned stupor glancing up at the masked ninja before turning her gaze to the fallen assassin meeting his widen open and unseeing eyes before looking back at the anbu ninja gritting her teeth as she shook with repressed anger.

Kakashi jumped down from the tree landing next to Zabuza where he crouched down near him. He placed to two fingers on his neck searching for a pulse. The others sat with baited breath to hear what the Jounin had to say.

"He's dead" he informed everyone before looking up to the Anbu ninja who gave him a slight bow.

"Thank you for all you hard work. I was waiting for my chance to kill Zabuza. I've been tailing him for some time now and he's always managed to get away, but thanks to all of you I was finally able to stop him."

"From that mask I can assume your a member of the Kirigakure Anbu squad" Kakashi said. 'This is no ordinary kid. From the way he talks and by his height I say he's no older than Sasuke, but yet he's an Anbu ninja"

"I see you are very informed. Yes I'm a member of my village Anbu squad and it was my mission to hunt down and kill Zabuza to protect the secrets of my village. That was my job and with your help I was able to complete it."

Naruko felt her anger boiling inside her and felt the need to release it. Getting to her feet she ran over to where the anbu ninja stood and glared up at him before turning to look at Zabuza lifeless eyes and for a moment saw her Grandmother laying there making her angrier than before turning back to glare at the stoic mist ninja.

The mist ninja found Naruko's sudden anger to be of interest so he stared down at her watching her face turn to one of complete outrage as she glare up at him with her blazing blue eyes.

"Who the hell are you?!" she screamed catching everyone by surprise by her angry outburst. "Who are you?!" she demanded again panting from the exertion she was putting on her weakened body.

"Calm down Naruko. He's not our enemy" Kakashi tells her softly knowing she was at her limit.

Naruko turned and face him with straight out hostility making him flinch in surprise never seeing her act this way towards him. "That isn't the point here! Zabuza was killed. He was so strong, he was almost as strong as you and could have killed us all, but this guy...This guy just killed him so easily! He doesn't look that older than us, but he killed Zabuza as if he were a fly! We were made to look like fools! I... I can't accept this!" she yelled her voice cracking in reserved desperation.

Kakashi walked over to her placing a hand on her head softly patting it to calm her down knowing how hard she was taking this. "Naruko this is apart of the ninja world. Ninjas come in many forms and ages. Some you will beat others you will find out to be stronger than you stronger than me even, but that's the reality you have to face" he tells her.

Naruko gritted her teeth and looked away as the mist ninja vanished and reappeared by Zabuza. Carefully they picked his body off the ground and putting him on his back.

"Your battle has ended for now. Now it is time for me to dispose of the corpse that hold so many secrets. Again thank you for your help" he said moving his gaze over everyone stopping and staring at Naruko. "I hope we meet again."

With that the mysterious Anbu disappeared taking Zabuza with him. Sighing tiredly Kakashi recovered his Sharingan eye as soon as they were gone.

Naruko stared at the spot the two mist ninja's just were clenching and gritting her teeth together out of pent up aggregation before letting out an angry screech punching the tree and breaking the bark of it. "Kuso!Kuso!Kuso! Kusoooo!" she yelled repeatedly punching the tree denting it from the force of her blows.

Hinata bit her lip feeling sorrow build up for her friend as she beat herself up. "Naru-chan" she whispered sympathetically as she slumped to her knees clenching the tree in a vice grip as her body shook.

"Naruko let this be a lesson for you to grow from. You failed this time, but that means you train harder and make up your failure by succeeding the next time" Kakashi tells her making her grunt out a response. "Come on we still have a mission to complete. We need to get Tazuna-san home remember."

Tazuna gave out a loud laugh as he readjusted his bag and hat. "Everyone sorry for all the trouble, but can you get me home now? Once were at my house you all can rest and take it easy for a little while my daughter whips us up a hot and delicious meal" he tells them hoping to lift the children's spirits.

"Hear that everyone a delicious meal is waiting for us. So cheer up and lets go" Kakashi tells them as he starts to walk off with everyone following behind him.

After taking a few steps Kakashi became very dizzy and light headed before his vision started shaking until he collapsed to the ground. Naruko and the others looked horrified and raced to the fallen Jounin's side.

"Nii-chan! Nii-chan are you okay?! Speak to me!" Naruko demanded shaking his still form getting no response from him making her freak out more until she heard the soft sounds of his breathing making her sigh in relief. "He passed out from exhaustion" she whispered before collapsing herself from both physical and mental exhaustion.

Sasuke sighed before looking at Tazuna. "I'll carry the dobe if you can carry him."

"I can managed that. It's surprising to see her so worn out when all I seen her be is hyper and full of energy" Tazuna chuckled lifting Kakashi on his back while Sasuke picked Naruko up feeling how cold she was.

"Hinata can you get a blanket a out for her. She's soaked to the bone and freezing" he tells her setting the girl down to remove her dripping jacket as Hinata brought out a blanket and wrapped it around Naruko shivering form and helped Sasuke put her back on his back. "Thanks Hinata."

The Hyuga heiress blushed a tad bit smiling softly at him. "Yo..Your welcome Sa..Sasuke-kun."

As soon as everyone was situated they began to head out again with Naruko curling into Sasuke's back softly mumbling something out in her sleep. "Arigato Hina-chan, Aniki."

Sasuke let a soft smile grace his face upon hearing Naruko call him brother. He would tease her about when she woke up, but he rather not and let it be something he keeps to himself.


Deeper inside the woods the masked Anbu placed the body of Zabuza on the ground taking the needles out of his neck allowing the blood to flow from his neck before placing concealing ointment on the puncture holes. A few moments later Zabuza eyes came back to focus and he stared up at the Anbu giving him a small satisfied grin.

"I see you managed to foll Kakashi and the rest with your performance. Well done."

The boy took off his mask revealing a pale, but smiling face. "Anything for you Zabuza-san. It's my purpose to serve you after all" the boy said happily.

"Well said Haku. Now let's get back to Gato. We have to make a new plan of attack for Kakashi and his little brats and Haku I want you to take care of that little blond pest" he growled out getting to his feet clasping his paralyzed arm. "I will have Kakashi's head for the defeat and humiliation he has caused me."

"Your wish is my command Zabuza-san" Haku vowed hiding the pleased smile at having the job of taking care of Naruko. "It's going to be a pleasure getting to know her. I wonder if I'll get to kiss her for real next time? Her lips were very soft" he thought smiling to himself.

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Magic: Whatever Lazy-chan im just good like that, sooo drinks for everybody! *goes back to dancing*

Everybody: Yeaaaaaaaa!

Random: *Watches Kushina, Jiraiya and Tsunade have a drinking contest with Zoro and Nami from Onepiece* Should we stop them? I think they all passed the fifty mark

Lazyfox and Minato: Do you wanna die a painful death?

Random: Ahhhh Good point. Oh Sasuke~ Look their playing our song~ How about a dance *giggling devilishly dragging Sasuke to the dance floor*

Minato: Since my wife is currently busy drinking wanna dance?

Lazyfox: *Giggles happily* Love too~ One second though. Ahem well if this is how you celebrate an anniversary I don't want to find another way to :) Thank you all so very much for the continued support and I hope to bring you all more awesome and fun filling chapters in the future. That's everything I have to say so until next time...

Everyone: JAA-NEE!

Lazyfox and Minato hit the dance with the others partying and dancing the night away