The beginning of the story has to do with Liara and Shepard on the Normandy after the Shadow Broker mission, the collectors are destroyed and Shepard needs to talk about his relationship with Tali.

"Shepard, I am glad for you, I truly am" Liara states as she sits on the edge of Shepard's bed. "you love her, you want to give Tali a home on her home-world."

"Tali means a lot to me its true" Shepard places his hand on liara's shoulder "you know I care for you, but we can never be. Not anymore"

" I saw how Tali looked at you back on the Normandy, the way she idolized you, the way she talked about your accomplishments." She smiled at Shepard the same smile he knew those many years ago but to him felt just like yesterday. "I'm happy for you Shepard,I will always be here to help you."

Shepard just looked at her for a while "you knew she liked me back then? Why didn't you say anything?"

"I didn't want the competition." Another smile "I have had my time with you and I will never forget it, now its time for you to be with someone who is obviously obsessed with you."

Shepard finally let a laugh out, "thank you Liara, please don't be a stranger, I do enjoy your company, so does Tali you should go see her on the way out." He walked to his desk to pour another glass of wine, he offers Liara a drink but she refuses.

"Shepard, I know what you tell your crew to keep moral up, but how are you feeling honestly?" she got off the bed and moved to look straight at him, she knew him too well for him to be able to lie to her now.

" Honestly, I am scared. We defeated the collectors but the reapers are coming. If we are to survive I know I need to unite all the known races into an army to defeat them. It seems so very impossible."

"Don't make me laugh Shepard, your whole career has been doing the impossible, I have faith in you." Moving closer to the door she reaches for her bag on the floor. She takes something out and gets back up. Handing the object to him "Remember, the Shadow Broker now has your back, I wont let you do this blind, I have a mission now and I wont fail you"

Looking at the object Shepard quickly realizes that it is his old dog tags. "these..thank you Liara" he moves toward her and embraces her in a hug. " I know you wont fail me."

After leaving the embrace Liara opens the door to the elevator. "thank you for the wonderful time, I wish you and Tali the best."

"Keep in touch" Said Shepard as he sat on the edge of his bed facing the elevator.

"Don't worry, I will" she says just as the doors close in front of her.

Once within the elevator Liara presses the button for deck four. The elevator starts to descend. Sheppard's right, I should go speak with Tali as well, if I know her at all she may feel like she is stealing him from me. The door opens and Liara steps out. The dull hum of engineering could be heard throughout the floor. entering the door she walks the metal hallway until she reached the second door and stopped. After that pause she finally let out a sign and entered the door. She saw two engineers she had not recognized arguing about one thing or another and as she was distracted Tali Hugged her from behind

"Liara! Its been to long, what can I do for you" she released the embrace and they faced each other

"Its good to see you Tali, I thought I would stop by before leaving"

"Ah yes, how did your talk with Shepard go? If I can intrude." Said Tali realizing how rude she must have been. She began to fumble with her hands

"It went well Tali, I want to say you two make a cute couple." Liara smiled as Tali twirled her fingers around each other

"Ah.. well yes I mean we are, we I mean I would like to say you guys were well I'm happy."

Liara let out a laugh. "Don't worry yourself so much Tali, I mean it, Shepard may seem unstoppable, but even he needs someone to make him happy, and he wants you…trust me I know him enough to see it"

"Well its good to know our commander has a human weakness" Tali and Liara turn to the two engineers.

"Don't interrupt them Kenneth. They are having a moment"

"I didn't mean to interrupt, I just felt that it needed saying"

"Kenneth you're interrupting, please excuse us we will be getting back to work now."

Both Tali and Liara laughed at that "don't worry about it, speaking of which I think I should be heading off, it was great talking to you Tali" Liara gives Tali a hug and starts to head to the door

"Liara! Before you go I wish to tell you something."

"Yes tali?"

Tali smiles, while no one can tell Liara sees Tali's eyes brighten "Thanks, for everything"

"Yes, now do try to keep him out of trouble, well more then normal that is." Said Liara

"Not without me at least." Tali watched as Liara walked away out of sight. Turning back to her console she gets back to work Its good to know Liara approves of us. Oh John what have you done to me. My shining knight in armor. She laughs to herself as Ken and Gabby just look to each other and shrug.

"Did I miss something?" said Ken right before he got an elbow in his gut.

Shepard entered floor 3 and walked over to see joker. He knew that the reapers were coming and he hoped to get to the council in time to arrange the material needed to form an army. He knew that with the council's approval this whole process would go through so much simpler.

"Hey Joker head to the citadel, I need to see the council."

"Yes sir right away." Was the response. Leaving the bridge shepherd bumped into Miranda. She was holding a notebook and had been writing something within it.

"Hello john, care to come with me to my office I need to talk to you about what are plans are to be."

"Yes oh course. EDI please tell anyone who is looking for me that I am in Miranda's office for business."

"Of course" was her automatic response."