"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his." ~ George S. Patton

The Rush towards the second hull breach took longer then originally believed. This troubled Shepard because every second they were not on the front lines Cerberus had more room to expand. When the Hull breach was finally in view they stopped.

Shepard swore

Cerberus Troopers were stationed around the old airlock. Shepard could have taken them all out by himself, yet that wasn't what bothered him. Walking casually out in the open was Jelke. The Quarians who were bunkered down there were in cover. Unfortunately they were a bit exposed and Jelke used that to his advantage. Jelke would slowly aim his handgun with one hand and take out the Quarians in cover.

When Jelke passed by an overturned table the Quarian behind it stood up to fire at him up close. Jelke turned and grabbed the Quarian by the neck. From there he began to lift him off the ground so that his face was above his own. Placing his pistol on the center of his visor he fired into it point blank. The Quarian's visor shattered, along with his face. His body slumped and lost all of its prior movement. Satisfied Jelke threw him like a doll he no longer wanted to play with.

Tali could not continue to watch. He was treating her people like animals. Shepard put a hand on her shoulder to steady her. Tali didn't even notice. Taking her handgun out of its holster she charged.

"Tali Wait!" Shepard said as he ran right behind her.

"This platform will stay behind and ensure no Cerberus troopers intervene." Legion was unsure if it was heard in this chaos but kept with its plan.

Firing recklessly Tali advanced on Jelke. His shields however safely absorbed any shots that managed to hit him. Tali soon ran out of thermal clips and threw her pistol to the ground with force. She was now only a few feet from the smiling Jelke. He slowly raised his gun and Tali deployed an attack drone. Jelke kicked the drone like a soccer ball; but not before it took out his shields. At that moment Tali raised her Shotgun out of its holster and to his Chest. She was fast but he was faster and he hit her square in the chest with his arm. the force was enough to push her into the nearby wall.

Jelke's smile increased when he aimed his pistol at Tali. The thought of killing the one weakness that Shepard had filled him with joy. The Illusive Man couldn't help but favor him after this. His thoughts were interrupted when Shepard tackled him to the ground.

The two of them wrestled on the ground for what seem like forever. It was times like these that Jelke wished he had taken Wrestling classes when he was a kid. He was getting hit hard, but he was also doing damaged to Shepard. He would have shot Shepard if he had access to his weapon but it was too much just to keep up the pressure. Jelke elbowed Shepard in the gut and rolled so that he was on top of him. from this position he proceeded to punch Shepard in his face with as much force as he possessed. As his own blood mixed into his eyes, Jelke smiled yet again. The fight had taken a lot of his strength but he was winning.

"Get off my boyfriend!" came a nearby metallic Scream.

Jelke Turned just in time to see Tali, still leaning with her back on the wall. She had her Shotgun in her hand. At first all he felt was the force pushing him off his target and the ringing that began in his ears. Like a sudden storm his entire left arm went limp with agony. Jelke knew the battle was lost. He looked over in time to see Tali leaning over Shepard checking on him. This was his only chance and he knew it.

Examining his belt to make sure it was still functioning he was relived to discover that it was. After pressing a few buttons on his belt he was able to cloak himself. Heading back to his escape ship he cursed the entire Quarian race.

Legion took careful aim at any nearby Cerberus troopers. He was giving Shepard and Tali a bubble of protection so that they could focus their attention on Jelke. When a Cerberus trooper noticed the fight Legion simply took him out with deadly precision.

After seeing Jelke hit Tali into a nearby wall Legion put his sight on Jelke for a moment and then returned to his vigil when Shepard intervened. Legion's sniper found its way back to Jelke in time to see Tali fire her shotgun point blank into his left arm throwing him a few feet off Shepard.

Legion got the crosshairs directly in the center of his head. It would have been a clean shot. Only where Jelke was a moment ago there was now nothing. Legion put away his gun and headed down to help his friends. He knew a cloaking device when he saw it and he needed to keep an eye on the others.

Tali was in a haze of emotions. She was suffering from rage, pain, remorse, and fear for Shepard. She couldn't let Cerberus take away the only one she could ever love.

"Shepard please speak to me!" A wave of relief flooded over her when Shepard rolled over to face her. His face was bruised up badly and yet he was still smiling when he saw her. Up until that moment she had forgotten they were still in danger. After a quick sweep over the battlefield she concluded that Jelke had escaped. The knowledge of his shattered arm allowed her to accept that he got away.

Tali embraced Shepard as she helped him up.

"Kee'lah, I am glad you are ok."

"As am I my dear." Shepard managed to say. "Now please help me up so we can find the Admirals."

"But your face."

"It can wait. It was just a little beat up, nothing serious."

Tali Lifted him onto his feet and gave him another hug, greatful just to have him in her arms.