Characters: Falis
: The blackness cries vengeance.
: None
Author's Note
: I don't think I'll be doing much on this fandom, if only because (for the moment) I can't think of too much material to go with. I might do another oneshot or so, but not much more than that.
: I don't own Murder Princess.

Your heart swims in revenge
And black despair turned to hatred
On the sea of his blood

Spill, spill, that's all you will do
Your heart falling to pieces
In the blackness that roars before you

Blackness is in you now
Blackness at what they have done
Your hands touch the yawning void
And you know the darkest, most desperate desire of your heart

You will see their blood spilled
For what they took from you
Nothing else will ever hope to heal you
Nothing else as a balm to your screaming heart

The blackness cries 'Vengeance'
And you are no longer child
But wraith of darkness
Warrior, with an ancient sword

You will see them devoured
Swallowed by their sins
You are Destroyer now
And you will make them pay

No one can stop you now
You will never be powerless again