Summary: Dollie, 'I'm going to miss you,' he says his voice almost a whisper... 'Me too.' Set after Chloe returns but this is a Dollie fic


She can't stand it, seeing them together and she hates it. She hates feeling like she is in high school again and her best friend has just stolen her boyfriend.

Because Oliver was never hers. First Tess and then Chloe, they had a one night stand, he was drunk. Dinah doubts he even remembers it.

She can't bear this torment, she didn't realize until it happened how much she liked him, how much she connected to him.

How well they fit together, he just can't see it.

Three weeks ago...

"Oliver, this isn't you, snap out of it." Dinah hisses at him as he takes another sip of his whiskey. He turns to her, his facial expression blank, yet she knows what he is thinking.

Since the moment she met him she could read him like an open book.

"Everyone leaves Dinah. Tess... my parents... Chloe..." He spits and Dinah's eyes harden, she lifts her hands and cups his face, turning his head so his eyes are level with hers.

"You have us... you have me... you will always have me." She says firmly, she decided long ago that once she found the league, that once she knew what it was like to be a part of something like this she would do it until the day she dies.

Oliver stares at her; this moment almost seems to last forever.

He finally makes a move, and it's totally unexpected, he leans forward and kisses her. His lips are hot, hungry, passionate, she answers back throwing all caution to the wind.

Dinah waits for Chloe to leave The Watchtower before she walks in. When Oliver sees her he smiles a little.

"Hey Dinah, I thought you were on assignment for a few days." He says. Dinah completely forgot about the lie she conceived to get away from the two 'love birds.'

"I- It fell through... I do have news though, I'm leaving, and I'm going back to Star City... for good..." She says coldly, her eyes drop not wanting to see his reaction.

"You're leaving? We'll still be able to reach you through the league?" He asks, she lifts her eyes again.

Breathe, just breathe...

"I'm going to take a break... from everything, I'm burnt out Ollie. I'll be back, I just don't know when yet."

This time Oliver's eyes drop, she can see the disappointment in his sagging shoulders, it almost makes her back out... almost.

She needs time away from the league, away from Oliver and Chloe.

"I'm going to miss you." He says, his voice almost a whisper and she smiles.

"Me too."

Three weeks ago...

Dinah's eyes open slowly, the sun filters through the curtains over their naked forms... she smiles, she finally realized last night she is where she wants to be, where she has always meant to be.

By his side.

Oliver groans as he rolls over, not waking though.

"Chloe? Chloe?" He moans in his sleep.

Suddenly Dinah feels very alone. What is she doing? She knew last night this man is still clearly in love with Chloe. She throws her feet over the edge of the bed and begins to get dressed.

He needs time; time to get over Chloe if that is what he wants. Time to heal just a little bit before she can do anything about her feelings for him.

Fully dressed she heads for the door, she pauses for a moment and looks over her shoulder one last time.

"I'm going to miss you..." She whispers.

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