A/N: Here is a short outtake that didn't make it into Emmett & Edward's trip to Vegas. It is really more of a Smuttake than a Outtake. Really. It's 100% lemon. Hope that's okay with you. ;)

smallandirritating and Conversed pre-read, and dellaterra beta'd. I love those girls.

Vegas Smuttake

Emmett's POV

It's been a fun night of gambling, drinking, and Edward. Somehow though, as Edward and I tumble into the hotel room, I think that this is going to be the best part. I start to fall, but Edward holds me up and begins to unbutton my shirt at the same time. It's the first piece of clothing to go, followed by his shirt and belt, then his pants.

While he strips, I follow him, until I realize that he's led me into the bathroom, and I'm pressing his back against the vanity counter. I notice for the first time that there are mirrors not only in front of us, but also full-length mirrors to the left and the right. Our bodies are reflected over and over, endlessly. Edward's eyes meet mine in the mirror and he blushes a little, like he's planned the whole thing. I raise a brow and he blushes deeper, then bites his lip. I reach forward and run my left hand up and down his side, until my hand is by his hip. Edward presses his hips forward, his erection rubbing against my own. He only has his boxer briefs on, but I have on even more clothing. As quickly as I can, I strip, and as my underwear falls to the ground, I see that Edward's hands are gripping the edge of the counter. His knuckles are white. It looks painful. I wrap my fingers over his and release them, one by one.

"What's wrong?" I ask quietly.

He just shakes his head.

"Tell me."

"Nothing, I swear. I just –" he gulps, looking embarrassed. "Sometimes it seems like you're too good to be true. I just have to hold on. So I know that this is real."

I kiss him so hard that he almost slips. I hold onto his hips, then gently, turn him around. I look up into the mirror and meet his eyes. His breathing is heavy. I bring my mouth up to his ear and nibble on his earlobe.

"Edward, this is… It's very real."

He sighs in relief, as if my words make it true.

"Anyway," I continue, "If it's not real, I'm not about to wake us up." My voice is rough and low. Slowly, he smiles.

His back is pressed against my chest, and my cock is pressed up against his ass. He moves so he can kiss me, instantly invading my mouth with his tongue. While we kiss, I move my hands down his sides to his hips, where I hook my thumbs into the top of his boxers. Slowly, I push then down, until only the tip of his cock is showing. I hold in another groan.

He breaks our kiss to watch us in the mirror. I push them down further, until I can see all of him. I kiss his neck softly, then reach to take him in my hand, loving the feel of soft skin over hard cock. He groans and impatiently pushes his underwear down the rest of the way.

Finally, we're skin to skin, and I push up against him as he pushes back.

We both watch in the mirror as I slide between his cheeks, until neither of us can stand it anymore.

He reaches into his bag on the counter and hands me a bottle of lube. He leans forward, pushing himself up even further against me so that I need to back up. I watch us in the mirror as I finger him, stretching him. He watches us too, resting his elbows on the counter and moaning.

Finally, I can't take it anymore. I need to be inside him. I grab a condom and rip it open, rolling it over my dick and covering myself in more lube. I don't even have to ask if he's ready. I can see it in his eyes. I push forward, both of us watching as I disappear inside of him.

He lets out a deep sigh of relief. I know how he feels.

My hands are at his hips, and I pull back, then forward again. It feels incredible. It looks incredible. The image of us, joined together, reflects back at me in the mirror. It's amazing, watching us – together – over and over again.

I break my gaze away to look up at Edward. His cheek is resting on the counter and his face is flushed. His hair is wild and his eyes are half closed. He looks how I feel: Consumed. I keep moving, my pace getting faster, each thrust deeper. Edward grips the edge of the sink with one hand, while his other slides over the granite. I watch him watching us, and I'm positive that this is the sexiest thing I've ever seen.

I moan, and I watch as he grunts and reaches for his cock. For a moment, I'm jealous. I want to fill him. I want to take him in my hand. I want to make him feel good in every possible way.

I thrust harder, watching in the mirror as I sink into Edward, again and again. I can feel the sweat on my body; I can see the sweat on his. Edward's eyes meet mine in the mirror. I watch his lips as he says something, but I can't hear him. I'm not sure if he's too quiet or if I just can't hear anymore. He says it again. And again. I try to focus on his voice instead of this feeling that has taken over me. I'm so close. So fucking close.

"Emmett!" Edward's voice breaks through my daze. "Fuck!" I realize that's what he's been screaming. Fuck. "I'm coming!"

"Yes, Edward, yes!" I watch as his cock twitches and erupts. I'm already there. It feels so good. So fucking good that I think my head is going to explode.

I collapse on top of him, my cheek pressed against his slick back. His eyes are closed and he's breathing hard. My body goes up and down with each of his breaths. My weight must be crushing him. I should move. I need to move. I can't.

I settle for propping myself up on one arm. Shakily, I lean over and kiss his back, then his neck. "You okay?" My voice is shaking. Shit, I'm shaking. Edward still hasn't moved.

"Come here," I say as I wrap my arms around him and slowly pull him down to the floor with me. He lets me, jelly in my arms. I lean my back against one of the mirrors so that we're facing the other.

"I–" he says, then gasps for breath. "I–"

I pull him closer, tighter.

"Holy shit, Emmett." He moans and rolls his head around so that he's mumbling into the crook of my neck. "You fucked the hell out of me."

I laugh breathlessly and lean my cheek on the top of his head. "And loved every second of it."

"I'm not sure that I can move."

"Me either."

So we don't. We lay there for who knows how long, catching our breath, our eyes locked in the mirror.

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