Chapter 3: Perchance to Dream

This had to be one of the best dreams she'd ever had, Brennan thought, not finding it odd in the least that she was evaluating a dream while in the midst of it. She'd had some amazing dreams while in the Maluku Islands, most involving Booth. But this dream had those beaten by miles. This dream was so much more tangible than those had ever been. The weight of his body on hers, the feel of his warm hands on her bare skin, the hardness of him pressing insistently against her.

Pressing, pulling back, pressing again.

Seeking an entrance that was somehow being denied.

That wasn't how the dream was supposed to go.

With great reluctance, Brennan slowly rose to the surface of consciousness. As the dream haze evaporated, she realized that Booth was in fact very real and lying on top of her. Unlike her, still a bit foggy but with her head rapidly clearing, he was definitey more asleep than awake. Awake, he would never be caressing her like this. She stiffled a groan as one large hand reached under her t-shirt to caress her breast. The arousal that had begun while she'd been dozing increased exponentially now. She felt his warm lips trailing kisses down her neck, heard his soft moans in her ear.

And his hips, his hips! He was nestled between her thighs, his hips moving in a primal rhythm against her. Her yoga pants and his boxer shorts provided only a thin barrier between them. Brennan could feel his scalding heat as he thrust against her, his moans increasing in volume with each push. She fought the urge to join her cries with his, to meet his thrusts with her own. She noticed a wetness pooling between her legs.

If she didn't stop him now, she'd never be able to. She lifted a hand to his shoulder and gently pushed. All she needed was a little distance and surely her senses would return to her.

She found though that he was too intent on the task at hand to pull back even an inch. Or, perhaps she wasn't really trying as hard as she should. She dropped her hand, telling herself she needed to regroup, but really wondering if she'd ever truly have the stength, mental or physical, to move him. This was the culmination of so many fantasies. Of course, in most of those he'd been awake, staring hungrily into her eyes, calling out her name.

Her name.

It occurred to her in that moment that as wonderful as it felt to have Booth, even a semi-conscious Booth, indulging in very arousing foreplay with her, she needed with a desperation that she couldn't totally rationalize, to know that Booth understood whom he was with, even acknowledging that he would not be with her at all if he was halfway in his right mind. She just wanted drunken Booth, fantasizing Booth, to visualize her as the object of his desire. She'd seen those strange looks he'd been casting her way in the past few weeks. Was it impossible to think that he might still wonder how it would be with her? She certainly did.

She turned her head and whispered Booth's name into his ear. It was a longshot, as distracted and inebriated as he was, but she hoped if she said his name, he'd respond by saying hers.

"Ah, Baby, so good." He moved his hands under her hips and pulled her thighs further apart, giving himself greater access to her core. He thrust harder and she could feel the material of her yoga pants, saturated now, stretching inside of her.

"Oh, Booth," she groaned, her resolve fading. No longer fully in control of herself, her hands slid as if of their own accord to edge her yoga pants down her legs as far as she could. Once past her knees, she bent one leg and then the other to push them off. Her movements enflamed Booth even more. His tempo increased and his breathing became shorter, his voice husky.

"Bones, yes, Bones."

Those words, those simple words, set Brennan on fire. With desperate movements, she reached between their bodies and freed Booth from his shorts. He was so hot and so hard she didn't know if she'd could hold out much longer. Frantic to feel him inside her, she adjusted her position and rocked her hips just as he was once again thrusting forward. They moaned their pleasure in unison. Everything happened very quickly after that. It wasn't elegant or romantic, just a primal need met to perfection. She wrapped her legs around him as he pulled her even closer, moving himself as deep as he could within her. A few powerful thrusts and they both came in a wild explosion, panting, moaning, grunting unintelligible words.

Booth collapsed on top her, breathing heavily but otherwise not moving a muscle. Brennan inhaled deeply, content for the moment to revel in the aftermath of what had just occurred. She turned her head and kissed Booth behind the ear.

He didn't respond. Not even a twitch. He was completely out now.

Emboldened by his lack of awareness, she ran her fingers through his hair. She didn't think he'd remember any of this in the morning, which, she rationalized, was the only acceptable excuse for her behavior. He was too hurt, too angry, to embark down this path so soon. But at some level he'd been seeking comfort and she'd been more than willing to give him what he'd been seeking. Especially knowing that he'd been seeking it from her and her alone.

"It was a dream, Booth. A lovely dream," she whispered trying to convince him and herself at the same time.

With reluctance but a reborn sense of purpose, Brennan wiggled and slid until she maneuvered her body out from under his. She would leave him now to perpetuate the fallacy that nothing had happened between them. If they had any chance of a future together, he first needed to heal.

The blanket had been kicked to the bottom of the bed. Brennan groped blindly beneath it to find her yoga pants.

After pulling on her pants, Brennan adjusted Booth's boxers and then pulled the blanket up over him.

Before leaving the room, Brennan studied her partner's face, faintly illuminated by the dim light from the window. She thought she could be imagining it, but the muscles around his eyes seemed less strained, his lips curled slightly in contentment.

She smiled, feeling more hopeful, and definitely more satisfied, than she had in months.

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